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Being able to roam around the Digital World at your own pace and will is a definit plus to this Game. You feel more in control, as you can take many different routes, and make choices which will affect your difficulty, rather than the other World Games which have one strait pathway to follow. The backgrounds are good for a PSX Game, and the sounds are fairly decent as well.

Game play is sometimes a little tricky, as you have to pay attention to your characters needs at all times, which can get anoying when trying to race through an area.

Battling is nerve racking if you don't have good stats. Most of it relys on chance. Your Digimon Character/Partner will move on its own time, all you can do is give directions. If you throw a Healing Item at your Partner, and they get knocked out while it is half way there, the Item will not work and you will lose the Battle unless you have Recoveries. The Attacks are pretty awesome to whatch, for the most part. I haven't seen a single Digimon without a neat looking move.

Raising your Characters at the Gyms, with the help of a Strategy Guide, can be quick and fun. To get the best Partners, you will need more than that, though. The downside is that the redundancy can get on the nerves once in a while. In order to have fun and action, you must suffer through hours of training and disapointments.

The Storyline is good, and there are Mini Quests, Games, and more to do besides the basic Game.

I feel that the creators of Digimon World : One did an excellent job of bringing Digimon from the TV Show and Digivices - into an actual Game. A great start, there will be three more World Games, two Arcade Games, and a Racing Game to follow. Digimon Fans should be happy. Check out my other Digimon Reviews.

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