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One of the most unique games you'll play

The good:

+ It's storyline length(for a PS1 game)
+ It's versatility
+ Fulfilling a digimon's needs
+ The medals
+ The replay value

The bad:

+ Repetitive music
+ A number of glitches
+ Most boss fights are very easy


Digimon World is an RPG game that came out for the PS1. As such, it is a rare game today, and if you are trying to find one you're only hope will likely be Ebay. Amazon might have a few too, but as I said, it's a rare game.

So the game is about a boy called Hiro(although you get to choose his name later) who is called forth to the Digimon World to reunite the digimon in File City, and ride the digital world of a great evil.

Hiro comes home from school one day and finds a letter from his mum, who tells him she will be home late today. Shortly after, Hiro hears a strange beeping noise coming fr...


May give Pokemon a run for its money

The good:

-Amazing graphics for the PS1
-Great battle system
-Huge difficulty
-Good storyline
-Exceptional player interaction

The bad:

-Stiff animation
-Quite glitchy in some areas
-Can get repetitive


Digimon World is an RPG style game which is heavily based off the Tamagotchi games; you are a boy whom, after playing Tamagotchi with your friends, comes home to notice that your Tamagotchi is glowing. A Koromon appears on it, and you get sucked into the Tamagotchi. Waking up, you find yourself in Digimon World.

The core doctrine of Digimon World is raising and caring for your Digimon. You need to feed it when it's hungry, give it medicine when it's sick, take it to the bathroom when it needs to let rip, and a plethora of other motherly chores. Depending on the care and love you give to your...


A Vast, Unique and Original Game


Occasionally, a game pops up that completely changes the idea of its genre. And unfortunately, most of these games get overlooked by many of the prolific RPG fans in favour of more mainstream titles. Cue Digimon World.

It opens in classic Digimon fashion. A boy is sucked through a game and wakes up among a load of Digimon, before learning that the Digital World's inhabitants have become feral and he's the only one who can replenish order among Digimon. That's about where the game leaves it to you. Unlike many RPGs, Digimon World doesn't follow a fixed story. While it begins and ends at the s...


Amazing PSX Game

The good:

- Very fun gameplay and battles
- A great storyline
- The game will last for ages, good replay value
- The range of music isn't to bad
- Great graphics for the Playstation
- It is challenging at times
- A good range of playable and enemy Digimon

The bad:

- Some bad glitches, you can avoid them luckily
- There are a few frustrating parts of the game


Digimon World is one of my favourite games to ever come out on the Playstation 1, it has got great replay value, and anyone buying it now could still get great enjoyment out of playing it.


The gameplay for Digimon World is great. You can travel around the digital world, which is fairly large, with your partner Digimon, battling all kinds of Digimon along the way. It is not all easy though, you will need to train your Digimon in the gym and in battles so that it can become strong enough to win battles against some tough Digimon you could encounter. Next to File City is the Green Gym,...


Good Game

The good:

The graphics, gameplay, sound and storyline in this game is just brilliant. It gets you so involved into it. You get addicted and you will never want to stop playing.

The bad:

The glitches are the only bad thing in this game and unforunatley they occur more often than not for my liking. Do not play if you havent got a lot of patience. This game is for the extreme gamer only.


It's a great game to play. The storyline gets you involved and you feel ylike you just want to keep playing and playing. The glitches however, pop up far to many times and by doing something accidentally you could easily start a glitch and the only way to get rid of it is by resetting the PS1. Other than this it is a great game to play and recommend it to most people who like a challenge.


Are You Ready To Play?

The good:

Musics,game skin and arena system are excellent.Best are graphics,of course.

The bad:

Sometimes game becomes complicated,and you don't know what to do.Also,there are a lot of Digimons,and you can only raise 54 of them.And,this game has a lot of bugs and glitches,sometimes they make your game freeze and can spoil your Memory Card.That's the bad point.


Bandai have a very good job at making this gameigimon World.

You can take care of your Digimon-you can sleep it,feed it,and others-and train your Digimon,also you can discover new places with your partner.They are very good.

Also,you can challenge with enemy Digimons,and you can learn new attacks from them.Each place contains different enemies.You will enjoy places:Misty Trees,Freezeland,Beetle Land and more.

At this game,you will face with mini games such as curling,arena and fishing.

There are 54 Digimon that you can raise,and there are 5 digimon stages:Fresh,In-Trainibng,Rookie,Champion and ...

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