Digimon World Technique Guide / FAQ v4.70
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: : : : Digimon World Technique Guide / FAQ

Digimon World Technique Guide / FAQ

by SpaceWalker   Updated to v4.70 on
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...|...|__..|....|__|.|\.|.|.|..|.|..|.|__.....|.._.|..|.|.|..\.|__..\'/   | D I G I M O N |    //
...|...|___.|___.|..|.|.\|.|.|__\.|__|.|___....|__|.|__|.|.|__/.|___./,\   |___W O R L D___|   //
....................................................................//.\\      \__...__/      //
...................................................................||...||        ===        //
                                                                    \\ //
             DIGIMON WORLD TECHNIQUE GUIDE - by SpaceWalker          \'/
                             | CONTENTS |                          //..//
                              ----------                          //..//
1. Introduction              [What's up?]                        //..//
2. Version History           [Story so far...]                   \\.//
3. Technique Types           [Type of tech is important]          \'/
4. Learning Techs            [How can you get them?]              /,\
5. Technique Guide           [The meat of the guide]             //.\\
6. Power Levels              [Best to worst, neatly listed]     //...\\
7. Top Ten Techniques        [The best a 'mon can get!]        //.....\\
8. Bosses and Their Techs    [Forward planning!]              //.......\\
9. Learning Chances          [How much of a hassle is it?]   //.........\\
10.Credits                   [Thank you all!]               //.......... \\
11.Legal Disclaimer          [Don't make me use this...]   //.............\\
==========================================================/ \=============/ \
 ______ _________/\_/\/\                                  \./\/\/\|/\/\/\/\./
/_____ V _______ \xxx/ /                                   O===============O
/     \_/       \____ /
> 1. Introduction __/O\  
\________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()____/ \_/

Hello, readers! SpaceWalker here, with my second guide! This time,
I will focus on the many techniques available for your partner in
Digimon World (PSX); how to get them, how strong they are, what they
do, and other points about them you may need to know. I hope anybody
who has trouble getting a particular technique will find this guide
useful, as well as anybody who is thinking about buying this game,
but wants to know more about it first. If you have any queries about
anything in this guide, be sure to PM me on Neoseeker and I will reply.
My guides can be found on Neoseeker and MyCheats, but Neoseeker will
always have the most up-to-date versions of all my guides.

My Other Guides:
+Ratchet and Clank Weapons Guide (PS2)
+Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Weapons Guide (PSP) [unfinished]

Emails I will credit in this guide:
+Helpful Tips - tips for learning techs or beating bosses will be put in
 this guide, and you will be credited.
+Honest Questions - Things I HAVEN'T answered already in this guide.
+Praise for this Guide - I like praise, it feeds my ego  ^_^
+Constructive Criticism - Don't be too harsh, thank you!
+Corrections - I've probably made a few mistakes.
+Additions - Things I have missed out.

Emails I will delete:
+Spam - don't send me emails saying 'you suck, your guides suck, bite me,
 fuck you' etc, i'll just block your address.
+Insulting Criticism - if there's a problem, tell me politely!
+Cheats/Codes/Glitches - I don't use them, and I won't put them in the
 guide, so don't bother.
+Stupid Questions - things I HAVE answered already in this guide)

Don't be afraid to send me e-mails! Happy reading!
 ______ ____________/\_/\/\
/_____ V __________ \xxx/ /
/     \_/          \____ /
> 2. Version History __/O\
\___________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()_______/ \_/

Version 1.00- Started Guide. Set all sections out. Completed Sections
              1-4, and section 6. Made title art.

Version 1.10- Started Section 5. Set out guide and added information for
              Fire and Battle types. Added Chapters section. Completed

Version 1.20- Finished setting out Tech Guide, including Filth type.
              Added information for Air type.

Version 1.30- Added information for Earth and Ice types. Layout redone,
              'coz I thought the original layout was shoddy.

Version 1.40- Added information for Mech type, and the few Filth type
              techs I know. checked up on some information for various
              techs, especially Earth and Ice type techniques. Submitted
              guide to Neoseeker.

Version 2.00- Finished the guide! Filled in all missing Filth Techs, and
              patched up the layout slightly. This is the final version,
              unless people e-mail me with any suggestions. I will, you
              remember, credit you in this guide at the bottom, in the
              CREDITS section (and wherever I edit the guide, of course).

Version 2.05- Okay, okay, so I HAVE updated the 'final' update. Nothing
              special except editing the introduction for new information
              and patching up the looks of the guide.

Version 2.10- A minor update (correcting spelling errors, a nice little
              edit to the 'Learning Techs' section, and some extra 
              artistic stuff) but one I felt was needed. Wow, 700 hits
              on Neoseeker!

Version 2.20- Fixed some wrong info on technique specials. Slightly
              changed guide visuals again. Fixed a spelling error in the
              Fire Techniques section.

Version 2.25- Edited the introduction now that I can FINALLY receive and
              reply to emails. Wow, 1100 hits on Neoseeker - much more
              successful than I thought! Edited some more spelling errors
              both in the guide and in the credits. Minor change to the
              Legal Diclaimer section. Edited the title to make it easier
              to read.

Version 3.00- HUGE update, starting partner digimon who use each tech and
              adding a whole new section, saying which bosses use which
              techs. I also added the technique table as it appears in
              the game. Submitted guide to MyCheats. 1800 hits on

Version 3.20- Okay, I've scrapped the sections on 'partner digimon who
              use this' for the techs, since I am not getting any help
              and I would take far too long on my own. Anyway, I've added
              a lot of info to the boss digimon section, changing this
              guide from a Technique guide to a Technique and Boss guide.

Version 3.40- Well, this update just neatens up the 'bosses' section, as
              well as adding a little bit of info. I haven't had much
              time to play the game very recently, but rest assured it
              will be completed eventually. 2000 hits on Neoseeker!

Version 3.45- Just a minor update, removing the rest of the 'PARTNER
              DIGIMON' sections and adding a little bit of additional
              info for Thunder Bolt. I also changed the heading; I think
              it looks a little better now.

Version 3.50- Another minor update, correction little bits here and there
              such as spelling and a couple of info edits.

Version 3.60- Just small corrections here and there, though I have not
              been able to play the game (and therefore complete the
              bosses section) due to a couple new games on my PS3. Sorry

Version 3.65- A little update; corrections here and there, additions of
              alternative places/digimon from which to learn a couple of
              techs, and a little extra added to the bosses section.

Version 3.90- A new section has been added! I have put in a section of
              the Top Ten Techniques in the game, why they are so great,
              and the best way to get them as early as possible. Some
              small corrections have been made here and there, too, as
              well as some more boss strategies. Big update :D The new
              Top Ten section will be completed quickly.

Version 3.95- Corrected the Contents Section, and a couple of errors.
              Woohoo - 3200 hits on Neoseeker!

Version 4.00- Just added a small section which puts all the techniques in
              order of power. ;) Over 5400 hits on Neoseeker, I'm so
              proud of this beast! <(^_^)> I also added info for some of
              the bosses.

Version 4.10- Added some information I recently found out (see Section 3)
              and removed some incorrect info in the introduction and in
              the main guide. 7600 hits on Neoseeker, too - I honestly
              never expected this guide to be so popular! =D Oh, and...

              <<<<< HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2011 - EVERYBODY! >>>>>

Version 4.50- It's been nearly 2 years since I started this FAQ. Quite a
              while then! Well, I've added some awesome ASCII art to the
              top to replace that ghastly, unreadable crap I made 2 years
              ago. I think it looks great now. <(^_^)> I'm sorry, but I
              don't think this thing wil ever truly be finished. Thank
              you all for reading, and for bringing this beast up to a
              staggering 11,400 hits on Neoseeker, that really is just
              astounding! Oh, and...

              <<<<< HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2012 - EVERYBODY! >>>>>

              <<<<< HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2013 - EVERYBODY! >>>>>

Version 4.55- Damn. 13/05/13. One year, four months since my last update.
              Anyway, thanks to all who are continuging to read the guide
              so long after the game was released. In this brief update I
              have corrected info on a few techniques (especially Counter
              and many Speed stats) and changed the Top Ten into just the
              Top Three (hurrah for lazy victories!). 16,700 hits... damn
              you guys are crazy!

              <<<<< HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2014 - EVERYBODY! >>>>>

Version 4.70- Howdy... it's been a long time since I updated this thing.
              Still, when important information arises that could be
              crucial information for my guide, I feel compelled to
              include it, so here I am. Learning Chances is a new section
              of the guide that shows how likely a Digimon is to learn
              any given technique based on its Specialty, so if you are
              having trouble learning something, give it a glance and see
              if this answers why! I've also added / corrected some Boss
              info, though the section is still far from complete (which
              I really am sorry about).
              I also want to personally thank every reader who has used
              this guide. As of now, this FAQ is standing at 22,250 hits
              with a 4.67/5 reader rating, which is truly overwhelming!
              So thank you all, and I hope that, one day, I can construct
              another FAQ that gets even half as much attention. Peace.
 ______ ____________/\_/\/\
/_____ V __________ \xxx/ /
/     \_/          \____ /
> 3. Technique Types __/O\
\___________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()_______/ \_/

There are 7 types of techniques in this game: Fire, Battle (Physical),
Air, Earth, Ice, Mechanical, and Filth. Each type has specific
properties, and so is related to the Specialties of the each digimon
(ie, each Digimon's type). For example, Tyrannomon's Specialties are
fire and battle, so he can only use techniques which are fire type or
battle type. So Tyrannomon cannot use Ice or Earth type techniques, for

Another note: Contrary to popular belief, the type / element of techs you
use CAN make a difference - some types do more damage to some digimon
than other types, and less damage to their own type - though the damage
taken only seems to be affected by a digimon's primary Specialty however
(Greymon's is Fire, Patamon's is Air, etc). So far, I have found that:
- Fire attacks do extra damage to Ice digimon, such as Rockmon, Icemon,
  Gururumon and Hyogamon.
- Air (or at least Electric) attacks do increased damage to Mech digimon,
  such as Guardromon, Giromon and Megadramon.
I suspect this affects all technique types in some way, though I am not
sure what the other 5 types are strong / weak against. However, the other
aspects of techniques (power, range, speed, etc) should be your main
concern, rather than the type of attack you use.
 ______ ___________/\_/\/\
/_____ V _________ \xxx/ /
/     \_/         \____ /
> 4. Learning Techs __/O\
\__________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()______/ \_/

Despite a Digimon's specialties, they will probably not be able to 
learn or use all of the techniques of that type. For example, despite
Tyrannomon's fire and battle specialties, he cannot learn or use all
fire techs or all battle techs. If you press the 'Digimon' option in
the Circle menu, and select 'Techs', you can see which techs are
availble to be learned, which cannot be learned, which have been
learned but cannot be used, and which are available to be used:
[GREY SQUARE] - Available to be learned by current Digimon.
[GREY SQ. WITH ICON] - Availble to be used by current Digimon.
[BLACK SQUARE] - Cannot be learned by current Digimon.
[BLACK SQ. WITH ICON] - Previously learned, cannot be used by current

Techniques can be learned in 5 ways:
[1] Training Brains - training brains at the blackboard in Green Gym is
    an excellent way of learning techniques. You will not learn techs
    this way very often, but it certainly is a great help.
[2] New Digimon - Occassionally your Digimon may digivolve to a
    Digimon which cannot use any of your current technques. If that is
    the case, you will be automatically given a new tech that your new
    Digimon can learn.
[3] Battles - This is the most common way of learning new techs. If an
    opponent uses a technique you can learn during a battle, there is a
    chance you will master that tech. Usually it take a few tries.
  | **NOTE:** Contrary to popular belief, how high your Brains stat is |
  | does NOT affect the chances of learning a technique. The mechanics |
  | are described in more detail in the Learning Chances section.      |
[4] Kabuterimon - One of the Kabuterimon in Beetle Land can teach you 
    the strongest Earth technique, 'Bug'. Bring a Digimon with at least
    500 in all 4 stats (Offense, Defense, Speed, Brains) and he will
    teach it to you, even if your current Digimon cannot master it.
    - NOTE: This works only for the Bug technique.
[5] Seadramon - catching Seadramon the Lake Guardian will give you the
    option for him to teach you a technique. If you select this option
    he will teach you one random move from a small pool of Ice techs. As
    long as you catch him and select this option, he will keep doing
    this until you stop, or until you have mastered all of the available
    Ice techniques. You can do this even if your current Digimon cannot
    master these techniques (eg. if you have a baby digimon with you).
    When I performed this myself, Seadramon taught my Digimon to use
    Aqua Magic, Winter Blast and Giga Freeze before saying he could not
    teach me anymore; I presume, therefore, that either he only teaches
    those three moves, or he will teach three Ice techs chosen by random
    selection when you first gain access to fish up Seadramon.
    - NOTE: This works only for certain Ice techniques.

Of course, you have no obligation to learn any particular technique, but
if you really feel the need to learn a particular tech, just keep at it
and you will get it eventually. If you're lucky you may even get it by
accident while battling a boss or training brains. Good luck!

 _____ V ________ \xxx/ /
/     \_/        \____ /
5. Technique Guide __/O\
\_________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()_____/ \_/

TECHS  |       |CHARGE |CRY    |JAB    |KICK   |       |PUNCH  |DIVE   |

NOTE: My ratings are from 0.5 to 5, with 5 being the best. Here is
      what they mean:
0.5 - Completely useless!
  1 - Terrible
1.5 - Ignore this technique
  2 - Not very good
2.5 - Okay tech, not recommended later in game though...
  3 - Pretty good technique
3.5 - Very good technique
  4 - Fantastic tech, very useful
4.5 - Superb, get this tech ASAP!
  5 - Incredible technique, nigh unbeatable!

NOTE: All stat boosters cannot be interrupted, but you can be hit while
      they are being performed.

NOTE: Many techniques have a special added to them. There are 4 specials
      in the game. These are:

  [1] Paralyse - Digimon will be unable to mvoe or attack for 10
      seconds. During this time there will be pulsing yellow rings
      around the Digimon, along with a timer above its head. This is my
      personal favourite special as it stops the opponent completely,
      rather than simply making them less effective in battle.

  [2] Confusion - Digimon will not obey commands, and will either walk
      around randomly, use the wrong technique, attack when it should
      defend/distance itself, or shoot in the wrong direction. This
      lasts about 10 seconds. During this time, the digimon has red '?'s
      floating above its head.

  [3] Liquid Pixellation - Digimon will become a 2-Dimensional,
      pixellated version of itself, and cannot obey commands (except
      Distance, Change Target and Attack). Only has a weak, pixellated
      'Spit Fire' as its attack, and cannot use its Finisher. Lasts 10

  [4] Poison - Digimon becomes slower and less able to follow the
      'Attack' and 'Defense' commands. Digimon will lose extra HP slowly
      over time. During this this time, it will have a purple, pulsing
      blob over its head. It lasts the entire battle, unless either a
      floppy is used to counteract it, or the target is affected by
      another special.
                 |       |
+---------------+|  _\\  |
| Type 1 - Fire || // \\ |
+---------------+| \\_\/ |
Incinerate your enemies with these red-hot attacks!

Fire is by no means the best technique type in the game, but they can be
very useful in many situations and there are THREE super-powered techs
in this category. Some of them look awesome too!

Power Rating: 155
MP Cost: 81
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3.5/5
Description: Digimon jumps up and a tower of flame bursts out from
  under the opponent, knocking him down.
Digimon who use it: Most types of Agumon (except SnowAgumon) prefer
  this technique. Also, Flarerizamon at the Foot of Mt. Panorama
  love this attack, and Digitamamon uses it for some reason
My Rating: A good attack early on, but later in the game it will
  struggle to match more powerful techs. 100% accurate and quite quick,
  too. The Paralysing effect makes it a great choice against earlier
  bosses and stronger wild digimon, but it's power will make you reach
  for something else in the end. 2.5/5

Power Rating: 444
MP Cost: 183
Range: Long
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon charges from mouth/gun and a beam of fire shoots
  forward, exploding into the opponent on contact.
Digimon who use it: BlueMeramon in the Ice Sanctuary are your best bet.
  Birdramon in Great Canyon and the Saberdramons in Ancient Dino Region
  also use this frequently. Guardromon in Factorial Town spam this move.
My Rating: With fantastic power and fairly high accuracy, this
  technique is very useful throughout the later stages of the game.
  However it is fairly slow and thus can be interrupted easily, and can
  be dodged by more agile opponents at range. 4/5

Power Rating: 66
MP Cost: 30
Range: Long
Special: None
Speed: 4.5/5
Description: The basic fire tech is a quick spit of fire. Humanoid
  digimon shoot it from their hands or guns.
Digimon who use it: Comes free with most fire digimon, but if you have
  not learned it and have somebody who can, fight any Goburimon or
  Agumon and it will come quickly. Meramon and Birdramon also use this
  but by then you will almost certainly have it.
My Rating: Weak, but fast and fairly useful against weaker opponents,
  or for interrupting the slow, strong techniques later in the game.
  However it is inaccurate at long range or against moving opponents.
  Not recommended against bosses or multiple opponents if you can help
  it. 1/5

Power Rating: 210
MP Cost: 171
Range: Wide-Area
Special: None
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: The classic flamethrower-like burst of fire. Sprayed out
  from the mouth/gun of the Digimon.
Digimon who use it: Most mid-level fire digimon use this. Vermilimon,
  tankmon, Toy- and Clear-Agumon, and boss digimon like Greymon all use
  this fairly often. Easy enough to learn.
My Rating: Slow, but effective against groups of weak and medium
  opponents. Very good for at least the first part of the game, and
  great against multiple opponents. A little weak, though. 2.5/5

Power Rating: 279
MP Cost: 132
Range: Long
Special: Confusion
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon charges up and spits/throws a ball of magma
  which chases down the opponent and explodes on contact.
Digimon who use it: The Goburimon in Drill tunnel are the quickest
  way of learning this. Ogremon, and the various Agumon who help him,
  use this a lot, and Greymon spams this technique.
My Rating: A very good attack midgame, 100% accurate but easy to
  interrupt. Doesn't cost too much MP, and decent power too. It seems
  to get blocked pretty often though, in my experience. 2.5/5

Power Rating: 84
MP Cost: 105
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 4/5
Description: Digimon opens mouth/raises gun or arms, the screen
  turns red, then all other Digimon get hurt.
Digimon who use it: Meramon uses this technique occassionally. The
  Agumon in Ogre Fortress and the Darkrizamon in Overdell use this
My Rating: It is very weak, but its sheer usefulness overcomes that
  problem during the early stages of the game. It is very fast for
  an area attack, and can pixellate enemies too. Outclassed by
  midgame, as its power is just too low to beat any notable Digimon.

Power Rating: 488
MP Cost: 264
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 2/5
Description: Looks like Fire Tower, but is far more powerful, a
  little slower, and has a new hit-all-opponents feature.
Digimon who use it: MetalGreymon is the only digimon to use this
  technique, making it your one and only shot to learn it from
  battle (good luck).
My Rating: An excellent attack, very powerful, and hits all opponents
  to boot. Slow to start, but then again most of the better attacks
  are. In my opinion, something called "Infinity Burn" could have
  looked much cooler than just fire tower, though... Oh well. 4/5

Power Rating: 400
MP Cost: 318
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon jumps in the air, raising a pool of lava with his
  hands / horns. Then he slams down and the pool of fire collapses on
  top of all nearby digimon, burning them.
Digimon who use it: Vermillimon in Mt. Infinity spam this attack.
  Also, Meteormon in Ancient Speedy Zone occassionally uses this tech.
  Metalgreymon and Digitamamon will spam this tech, but both of them
  are VERY strong bosses (2 of the strongest in the game) so stick to
  Vermillimon (besides, you can learn other, more difficult techs from
  these bosses much easier if you already have this).
My Rating: Wide area, strong, often patalyses, and hard to interrupt.
  It also looks awesome! My favourite tech in the game (beware that,
  although hard to interrupt, it does take a while to connect). 5/5

                   |        |
+-----------------+|    O   |
| Type 2 - Battle ||  --+-- |
+-----------------+|  __|   |
                   |     \  |
Get up-close-and-personal with these muscle-packed attacks!

These techniques aren't always the most practical attacks, since they
are generally close-range. However, they often allow for some very
fast blows and powerful slams. Stand clear!

Power: 178
MP Cost: 168
Range: Wide-Area
Special: None
Speed: 4/5
Description: Digimon jumps and slams down into the ground, which
  sends boulders flying outwards from the epicentre.
Digimon who use it: Ogremon spams this attack, and Vermillimon in Mt.
  Infinity uses this occassionally.
My Rating: A good early attack due to its speed and wide area, but
  its low power, and the fact it can be dodged, leave a lot to be
  desired. Good early area attack, but Fire-, Air- and Mech- type area
  attacks all outclass it (except Heat Laser) in the long run. Fun to
  use though. 2/5

Power: 0
MP Cost: 66
Range: N/A
Special: None
Speed: N/A
Description: Increases Offense by large amount. While this happens,
  green circles rise up around the Digimon.
Digimon who use it: Rockmon is Mt. Infinity uses this occassionally.
  The Agumons in Ogre Fortress and the MudFrigimon on Mt. Panorama
  Plains use this sometimes.
My Rating: An excellent technique. Very useful and, in my opinion,
  the best stat booster until you get Full Power. -THE- stat booster
  for midgame boss-slaying! 3.5/5

Power: 0
MP Cost: 42
Range: N/A
Special: None
Speed: N/A
Description: Increases all stats by a small amount. While this
  happens, dust and balls of light rise up around the Digimon.
Digimon who use it: There are too many digimon who use this
  technique for me to list them, but the easiest way is from the
  Psychemon in Gear Savanna. Etemon and Devimon both spam it too.
My Rating: Okay early on, but other stat boosters are better than this
  one. Easy to learn though. 2/5

Power: 52
MP Cost: 18
Range: Close
Special: None
Speed: 5/5
Description: Digimon walks up to enemy and quickly punches them.
Digimon who use it: Comes free with most fighting digimon. Otherwise,
  many wild digimon use this. Try fighting Goburimon.
My Rating: Excellent for stopping dangerous attacks, but as the
  weakest attack in the game it leaves a lot of damage to be desired.
  Close range only, but extremely quick - even faster than poison
  claw or spit fire. If you have 500+ brains, equip this as your 3rd
  tech to interrupt enemies before you attack them with powerful
  attacks. Poison Claw and Ice Needle outclass it though. 1.5/5

Power: 193
MP Cost: 99
Range: Close
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon charges up and kicks the opponent with its hind
  legs (one leg for bipedal digimon).
Digimon who use it: Many digimon use this, but I would recommend the
  Tsukaimon in Tropical Jungle. Greymon and Patamon use this one.
My Rating: It's like Megaton Punch, but slightly slower and with half
  the power (and half the MP cost). It can be useful to an extent, but
  stronger, more useful attacks are available even very early on. I
  would only recommend this if you find getting stronger techniques
  unusually difficult. 1.5/5

Power: 285
MP Cost: 165
Range: Close
Special: Confusion
Speed: 5/5
Description: If your Digimon gets hit, he will randomly strike back at
  the attacker, causing a generous helping of damage.
Digimon who use it: Got mine by training brains. Apparently Psychemon
  in Gear Savanna use it sometimes. Confirmation would be appreciated.
My Rating: It's fast, can confuse and has medium power, but since it
  can fail it is not a recommended move unless you don't have a more
  viable option. It packs a decent punch and cannot be blocked or
  interrupted, but it is too reliant on your speed stat to block the
  opponent's move so it can counter back, and can only counter short-
  range attacks. Far too unreliable for any real use. 1/5

Power: 320
MP Cost: 186
Range: Close
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3.5/5
Description: And incredibly useful and widespread technique, this
  powerful attack is an explosive punch. Literally explosive! The
  explosion packs a neat aftershock which damages any opponent who
  blocks this attack.
Digimon who use it: The Gotsumon at Great Canyon spam this attack.
  Drimogemon uses this pretty often in the Drill Tunnel. Heck, even
  the final boss uses this one. You'll have trouble finding a mid-game
  or late-game Battle Digimon who DOESN'T use it, quite frankly.
My Rating: An excellent and very useful attack, easy to learn and good
  power. Surprising speed, too, and many digimon can use it.
  Invaluable for much of the game, but may seem kinda weak by the time
  you get to Mt. Infinity and unlock more devastating techs. Still, you
  should try to learn this ASAP, and use it throughout most of the
  game... it's just that good. 4/5

Power: 500
MP Cost: 258
Range: Long
Special: Confusion
Speed: 2/5
Description: Digimon charges up for a long time (around 1.5 seconds),
  then literally flies forward - fast. The sheer force of the impact on
  an opponent creates a small explosion.
Digimon who use it: There are a lot of Digimon who use this: Gururumon
  and MetalGreymon in Mt. Infinity, Hyogamon in Freezeland, Gotsumon in
  Great Canyon, Tyrannomon in Ancient Dino Region, Mamemon in Mt.
  Panorama Plains, Tekkamon in both Back Dimension and Grey Lords Manor,
  and Warumonzaemon in Toy Town.
My Rating: Very strong, but too slow and the high inaccuracy on moving
  opponents make it kinda annoying to use. Pretty hard to learn too, in
  my experience. Overall good attack, but not the most practical tech.
  Great against bosses though, and really devastating against regular
  opponents if you can pull it off. 4/5

                |  ___   |
+--------------+| |  /__ |
| Type 3 - Air || |_   / |
+--------------+|   | /  |
                |   |/   |
Whip up a storm with these supercharged attacks!

With a variety of powerful and effective attacks, Air techs can
easily turn the tide of any battle when used effectively. Some of the
most powerful Air techs are some of the most effective techs in the
game. In my opinion, the best technique type!*

*(Except for Mech Type, but only some Ultimates can use those.)

Power: 586
MP Cost: 330
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3.5/5
Description: Digimon charges up a small electric bolt between its arms
  for a short time, then shoots the bolt into the sky. After about half a
  second, the bolt strikes the opponent down, with the force of a... well,
  a lightning bolt!
Digimon who use this: Digitamamon, Machinedramon, and WaruMonzaemon
  love using this at a rediculous rate. Unfortunately, however, these
  Digimon are all powerful bosses, so be careful if you try to master
  this tech from one of these Digimon. Soulmon in Grey Lord's Manor
  use it as well, but only on rare occassions.
My Rating: An incredible attack, the 2nd highest power in the game,
  with good speed and 99% accuracy. Paralyses too! An amazing
  technique. The only reason this technique comes second to Ice Statue is
  that Ice Statue is fast enough to interrupt most techs, while this tech
  is not quite up to the job. 5/5

Power: 389
MP Cost: 150
Range: Long
Special: None
Speed: 2/5
Description: Digimon spins around, creating a small whirlwind around
  itself. After a short time, 3 wind blasts shoot out at different
  angles and swoop into and around the target, damaging both the enemy
  and any other Digimon standing near it.
Digimon who use it: The only Digimon to use it often is the Sand
  Yanmamon in Great Canyon, but Airdramon sometimes uses it as well.
My Rating: Good power, and can hit up to 3 enemies at once. Can get
  interrupted pretty often by faster opponents, though. Not very practical
  except against slow bosses, such as Greymon or Giromon, but pretty fun
  to use. 3.5/5

Power: 120
MP Cost: 69
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon charges for a second, then shoots a small charged
  cloud out, which homes towards the enemy (much like Magma bomb). The
  could explodes with electricity when it hits the target.
Digimon who use it: The ModokiBetamon in Native Forest spam this attack
  so you should get this pretty easily.
My Rating: Far too weak to be much use and is fairly low speed, but
  it can paralyse enemies at least, making it pretty useful early on.
  Don't rely on it though. The charging up is actually not too bad - the
  cloud just takes a while to connect while floating towards the target.

Power: 382
MP Cost: 174
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3.5/5
Description: Digimon quickly creates a ball of charged plasma energy and
  shoots it straight at the opponent. The ball is big enough to hit most
  of the enemies who attempt to dodge the attack.
Digimon who use it: The easiest way is by battling the Soulmon in
  Overdell Cemetary and Grey Lords Manor. Kokatorimon and Airdramon both
  love this move.
My Rating: One of my favourite techs, very useful, good power, a low MP
  Cost, and pretty quick. Misses often against moving opponents though,
  but only at great distances. Paralyses, too! Definitely a worthy move
  to learn. A great boss-slayer. 4.5/5

Power: 85
MP Cost: 45
Range: Close
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3.5/5
Description: Digimon walks right next to enemy, electrifies itself,
  and sends its charge to the enemy, often paralysing them.
Digimon who use it: Comes with most air-type digimon. Otherwise, Soulmon
  in Overdell Cemetary and ModokiBetamon in Native Forest attack you with
My Rating: Weak, close-range and much too slow for its intended use. Sure,
  it can paralyse but so can a lot of better moves. There's really not any
  reason to use this attack unless your other move is Sonic Jab. 1/5

Power: 178
MP Cost: 93
Range: Long
Special: None
Speed: 4/5
Description: Digimon jumps and quickly shoots a sharp 'disc' of air at
  the opponent. Mostly too quick to be dodged.
Digimon who use it: Most low-level air-type digimon use this often,
  including Tsukaimon (who is probably your best bet). Patamon, who is
  the toughest rookie-level boss due to the fact that you must fight him
  three times in a row, also uses this often.
My Rating: An excellent early attack, useful against quick enemies
  and moderate power early on. It is weak later on, however, and its
  lack of a special effect is poor. Okay overall, but not something
  you want your life to depend on in tight spots. 2/5

Power: 225
MP Cost: 216
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Confusion
Speed: 2/5
Description: The screen is covered with a colourful swirl which lasts
  way too long, then the swirl vanishes and huge rainbow waves appear
  emanating from the digimon to hit all opponents within a large distance.
Digimon who use it: The Piddomon in Mt. Infinity are the only non-boss to
  use this attack. Airdramon and Piximon use it too, but since they are
  both bosses, you might not be prepared to learn it from them. Good luck
  trying to learn this attack - you are less likely to see this attack for
  the first five minutes in a Piddomon battle than you are to win the
  lottery. Twice in two weeks. Using tickets found in a bin.
My Rating: Okay power, confuses often, and huge area of effect enhances
  the usefulness of this tech. However, its speed isn't anything to sing
  about. It seems pretty weak later in the game, too. Good overall though,
  and fun to use if you can get it going often. 3/5

Power: 366
MP Cost: 255
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Confusion
Speed: 1.5/5
Description: Digimon flies into the air, creates a huge tornado around
  itself, then makes a swirl of wind underneath the tornado. After a few
  moments, the swirl of wind blsts all nearby opponents, causing them to
  fly back and often get confused by the impact.
Digimon who use it: The Sand Yanmon in Great Canyon use this sometimes,
  but not often. Piddomon in Mt. Infinity use this VERY occasionally,
  but this is not a good choice for learning this - stick to the
  SandYanmamon. Airdramon (a boss) uses this on occasion, but you may not
  be prepared for him - he can attack yu=ou unexpectedly, unless you know
  how to avoid triggering him.
My Rating: Horribly slow, but good area of effect and powerful. Useful
  against slow bosses, or multiple opponents with other slow techs. 3/5

                  |  __  __  |
+----------------+| / _\/_ \ |
| Type 4 - Earth || \/ || \/ |
+----------------+|    ||    |
                  |  ======  |
Channel the power of the very earth itself with these weird and
wonderful attacks!

Most of these techs poison or confuse your enemies, but whatever special
they have, you can be sure of a fun battle with these attacks! Although
only two of them have any real power, many of them are useful at different
stages of the game.

Power: 117
MP Cost: 171
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Poison
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon throws out lots of pink poisonous balls of powder
  into the air, which eventually fall and hit all enemies.
Digimon who use it: Most low level plant digimon use this often, such
  as Aruraumon and Red Vegimon (in Tropical Jungle and Native Forest
My Rating: Good poison probability, effective against many opponents
  at once, but too weak to be of much use - useless against single
  opponents. Impossible to interrupt, though you can be easily hit
  while performing it. Good early-game overall though. 2/5

Power: 500
MP Cost: 354
Range: Long
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon throws out lots of little explosive bugs, which
  creep towards the enemy and crawl onto it, before exploding while
  attached to it. If the opponent blocks the first hit, the rest of
  the bugs crawl up his back and explode, effectively giving you two
  chances to hit them in one attack!
Digimon who use it: Tentomon in Beetle Land and Piximon on Tropical
  Jungle beach both use this.
  NOTE: Bring a digimon with 500 Offense, Defense, Speed and Brains,
        and take it to Beetle Land. Talk to the top Kabuterimon in the
        right-hand-side Training Area. He will teach you this attack.
My Rating: An excellent attack, very useful in battles against a
  variety of opponents. Decent speed, and sometimes 2 bugs can both
  do damage to the same opponent from one attack, or give 2 chances to
  hit the opponent in case the first hit is blocked. Can't be
  interrupted, either. The medium speed rating is because it takes a
  few seconds for the bugs to reach the target, especially one who is
  moving away from you. The special only adds to the usefulness of the
  technique, and this technique is one of the most powerful techniques
  in the game! However, in my own experience, it does get blocked
  rather frequently. 4.5/5

Power: 0
MP Cost: 30
Range: N/A
Special: None
Speed: N/A
Description: Raises Offense and Speed by a small amount, and Defense
  by a large amount. While this happens, your digimon is surrounded
  by a ball of ivy and moss (doesn't act as a shield unfortunately).
Digimon who use it: The Weedmon in Great Canyon use this a lot.
My Rating: Personally I don't like this one, because it doesn't
  increase offensive power very much at all. Good if you are a
  defensive kind of player though, and can be very useful if you
  are planning to fight a boss who has strong techniques. 3/5

Power: 58
MP Cost: 96
Range: Long
Special: Poison
Speed: 2/5
Description: Digimon creates a pink cloud of poisonous insects and
  sends it towards the opponent slowly.
Digimon who use it: Yanmamon in Geko Swamp uses this a fair bit, and
  Tentomon in Beetle Land uses this a bit.
My Rating: Terrible attack - pathetic power and pretty slow to boot,
  plus it only successfully poisons opponents about 50% of the time.
  Maybe it was supposed to be 158 power but they made a typo? We may
  yet never know, but I DO know this attack is utterly useless. 0.5/5

Power: 180
MP Cost: 210
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Confusion
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon creates a huge amount of pink vapour, which
  spreads to hit all other Digimon on-screen.
Digimon who use it: Red Vegiemon in Native Forest use this so often
  it's not even funny.
My Rating: A far better version of Insect Plague, only instead of
  poisoning opponents, it confuses them. Okay power, covers most if
  not all of the screen and, although slow to hit, is near-impossible
  to interrupt, and proves to be very useful in a fair amount of
  situations. Easy to learn too. Shame about the high MP cost though.

Power: 62
MP Cost: 51
Range: Close
Special: Poison
Speed: 5/5
Description: Digimon goes near the opponent and performs a slightly
  delayed Sonic Jab-type hit. The jab sometimes poisons the opponent.
How to get it: Basic attack for most plant-type digimon. Otherwise,
  RedVegiemon uses this even more often that Charm Perfume.
My Rating: About as fast as Sonic Jab, but slightly costlier in terms
  of MP, and a bit more powerful. Also poisons sometimes, making it
  pretty useful in battles where you need to interrupt the opponent's
  techs and poison them at the same time. Unfortunately, its very low
  power will make you yearn for something more capable of high damage.
  Good overall though during the early-to-medium stages of the game,
  especially against slower enemy attacks. 2/5

Power: 157
MP Cost: 102
Range: Close
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 4.5/5
Description: Digimon quickly charges up and smashes his fist into the
  opponent, sometimes Pixellating them.
Digimon who use it: Used by most low level insect digimon. Aruraumon
  at the Foot of Mt. Panorama uses this occassionally; however,
  Weedmon in Great Canyon uses this more often, if I am not mistaken.
  Kunemon pretty much spams this tech, making his battle a bit
My Rating: Better power and, in my opinion, better special than
  posion claw, but a bit slower - though it still easily interrupts
  slower attacks. Also, it does seem pretty much usless by the
  later stages of the game. 2.5/5

Power: 310
MP Cost: 147
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon charges, then sends a ton of sharp brambles and
  choking vines towards the opponent, usually knocking them out for
  a bit (Paralysing... possibly tangling them up?).
Digimon who use it: Weedmon in Great Canyon uses this sometimes, and
  seems to be the only Digimon to use it outside of the Arena.
My Rating: Very accurate, and fairly powerful, but it a bit slow to
  start. Paralyses though, making it very useful against the faster
  opponents of the game who would otherwise pose a great threat.
  Pretty good attack. 3.5/5

                |    .   |
+--------------+|   /|   |
| Type 5 - Ice ||  / \\  |
+--------------+| |   || |
                |  \__/  |
Freeze your opponents solid with these ice-cold attacks!

Due to most of these techniques being icy, many of them can paralyse
(freeze) your opponents. There are a couple of water-type techs mixed
in for added variety, but if you ask me, they aren't as useful as the
ice techs. Note that Ice Statue is widely accepted as the game's best
technique overall, so it would be a good idea to get it quickly and
see for yourself!

Power: 264
MP Cost: 120
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 2/5
Description: Digimon breathes in for a fair time, before releasing ice
  breath on the enemy. Personally I don't know why this is classed as
  a long-range attack, given that it doesn't even reach as far as the
  'Distance' command does from the enemy.
Digimon who use it: The Gururumon of Ice Sanctuary and Mt. Infinity
  love using this technique. Also, IceDevimon and Hyogamon like this
  attack. The boss Garurumon loves using this attack every ten seconds
  or so.
My Rating: Not the best technique around, but if you can use it
  without being interrupted it can be pretty useful. Decent power
  and doesn't cost too much MP, but too slow for much use as many
  opponents will simply interrupt it or walk out of range. Overall
  rating: Meh. 2.5/5

Power: 424
MP Cost: 186
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 4.5/5
Description: Digimon quickly sends a stream of ice across the floor
  towards the enemy, which becomes encased in a block of ice. When the
  ice shatters, the target takes heavy damage.
Digimon who use it: IceDevimon from Freezeland and Back Dimension love
  this attack, as do the Rockmon in Mt. Infinity and Back Dimension.
  Garurumon (Boss Digimon, Freezeland) wipes the floor with you with
  this attack if you don't have a pretty strong Digimon.
My Rating: Unbelieveable attack! Incredibly quick, great power, and
  paralyses on top of all that! Looks good too, and knocks opponents
  down for a couple of seconds when the ice shatters, giving you a
  good advantage in multiple-enemy battles. Low MP cost tops the
  bargain! Widely accepted as the best technique in the game. 5/5

Power: 120
MP Cost: 169
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 2/5
Description: Digimon jumps and spins in the air, sending a blizzard of
  damaging ice shards across the screen which hits all opponents.
Digimon who use it: Rockmon in Mt. Infinity uses this often.
My Rating: The whole-screen-hit is a nice feature, and it can also
  paralyse anything it hits pretty often. However it is pretty easy
  to be hit when using this, and its power is just too low for much
  use later in the game. Easy to block this too, and the MP cost is
  just too high for its power and performance. Still good in early
  3-on-1 battles. Slow to hit, but very difficult to interrupt. 2/5

Power: 126
MP Cost: 78
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 4.5/5
Description: Digimon quickly shoots out a sharp icicle at the enemy. The
  icicle shatters on impact, often stunning the target.
Digimon who use it: Most ice digimon use this. Your best bet is the
  Muchomon on Tropical Jungle beach, though.
My Rating: Before you get Ice Statue, this is the perfect substitute early
  on. Pretty weak by the middle stages of the game, but cheap MP cost and
  very quick. Very good range and paralyses too. Extremely useful when
  trying to learn more powerful ice techniques, because it is so quick.

Power: 211
MP Cost: 102
Range: Long
Special: None
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon charges from its mouth, then releases a water bomb
  which slams into the opponent.
Digimon who use it: Surprisingly, some ModokiBetamon from Native
  Forest use this attack. The J-Mojyamon from Tropical Jungle sometimes
  use this, as do MoriShellmon in Misty Trees.
My Rating: Medium-low Power. Medium range. Cheap MP cost, no Special, and
  Medium Speed. In other words - a very average attack. 2.5/5

Power: 0
MP Cost: 36
Range: N/A
Special: None
Speed: N/A
Description: Raises all stats by a moderate amount. While this happens
  little water drops and dust rise up around the Digimon.
Digimon who use it: Gururumon from Mt. Infinity uses this attack a lot,
  as do the MoriShellmon in Misty Trees.
My Rating: This technique is a better version of War Cry - it
  raises all stats a bit more than the latter. There seems to be
  fewer digimon who can use this, though. Decent stat booster, although
  not advised later in the game unless you have no better options (like
  Muscle Charge).

Power: 430
MP Cost: 258
Range: Wide area
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 1/5
Description: Digimon charges energy into it, then sends it into the sky as
  thousands of light sparkles. Then the energy forms an Aura which looks
  like the Northern Lights, but is ice cold. All Digimon then get damaged
  by the cold energy of the Aura.
Digimon who use it: Rockmon in Mt. Infinity crushes you with this if he
  gets the chance. WaruSeadramon in the third battle with Ogremon uses this
  attack for his strongest technique.
My Rating: Achingly slow to use, but if you can get that light show
   going there's no stopping you! The most powerful Ice tech, pretty
   useful against multiple opponents or slow opponents, and it even
   pixellates your enemies! Good attack overall, though its speed prevents
  it from being a top-tier move. 3.5/5

Power: 60
MP Cost: 42
Range: Long
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 4.5/5
Description: Digimon quickly makes a ring of water over an opponent,
  which drops a big water drop on the enemy's head.
How to get it: Arugamon in tropical jungle like this one. It also
  comes with most water digimon.
My Ratig: Pretty accurate and very quick attack, but not the most practical
  since it has ridiculously low power. The range is only medium, but it
  makes up for that by pixellating enemies. I just hate this attack for
  some reason, but you may like it. Undoubtedly useful for interrupting
  slow opponents' techniques at the beginning of the game, but you may
  switch this for Ice Needle, which has just as much speed with more range
  and power, pretty early in the game. 1.5/5

                 |     __     |
                 |  /\|__|/\  |
+---------------+| _\/    \/_ |
| Type 6 - Mech |||_|  ()  |_||
+---------------+|  /\ __ /\  |
                 |  \/|__|\/  |
Upgrade your processing power and put your metal to the test with these
advanced techs!

By far the strongest technique type in the game, most of these attacks have
a trend of being slow but powerful. There are a couple of exceptions to
this rule, though. In my opinion, Mech Techs look the coolest, and are the
most effective type overall.
NOTE: There are no Rookie or Champion Digimon with a Mech Specialty.

Power: 226
MP Cost: 126
Range: Long
Special: None
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon leans back for about a second, then shoots a sparkling
  mechanical arm at the enemy.
Digimon who use it: Guardromon in Factorial Town favours - ummm, spams -
  this technique.
My Rating: For a mech tech, this is quick and weak, and overall, it is a
  very average tech. Very accurate and low MP cost. Reminds me of
  MetalGreymon's Mega Claw attack from the anime. 2.5/5

Power: 573
MP Cost: 330
Range: Wide-Area
Special: None
Speed: 2/5
Description: A complete wipeout move. Digimon raising arms and releases 6
  floating pods in a circle around it; then your Digimon goes into a
  defensive stance while the pods are set off one by one, shooting across
  the area in different directions, creating huge laser beams as they go. The
  sheer energy makes the ground beneath the lasers blow up. Anyone caught in
  this series of explosions gets obliterated!
Digimon who use it: The Guardromon inside Factorial town factory use this
  one, as does MetalMamemon. Machinedramon will often slap you around with
  this too - be careful about this one.
My Rating: One of the most vicious attacks in the game. Phenominally
  powerful, wide area and is almost impossible to interrupt - although you
  can be hit while performing it. The only problems are that it can be dodged
  at long distances and it takes a while to perform, which is a problem in the
  arena where battles are timed. It looks awesome though, and these problems
  are nothing much to worry about. The power, speed and area of effect pretty
  much cancel any need for a special, although I would recommend a fast move
  that can paralyse the opponent first if you plan on using it in single
  battles since you are vulnerable while the move is being performed. Still,
  this doesn't detract from what is essentially a dream move. 5/5

Power: 150
MP Cost: 165
Range: Wide-Area
Special: None
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon raises arm into the air and metal junk comes to it like
  a magnet, before flying in all directions in a circle across the floor.
Digimon who use it: Comes with most Mech Digimon. Otherwise, MetalMamemon
  uses this quite a lot and, I think, some of Factorial Town's Guardromon do
  too (although I am not sure if all of them use it).
My Rating: A good tech to start off with, but since it is the weakest Mech
  tech it will get replaced pretty soon. Decent area range, too, although it
  cannot hit enemies who are very close to you. Difficult to interrupt. Just
  think of it as the gateway of great things to come, since you start with
  it with most mech Digimon. Decent area attack. 2.5/5

Power: 389
MP Cost: 168
Range: Long
Special: None
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon charges some blue homing lasers around itself, before
  sending them towards the opponent with deadly precision. The lasers can
  hit other Digimon while hurtling towards the target enemy, but that won't
  stop the lasers - it's just a bonus! Also, if the target blocks the first
  hit, the lasers will circle around and hit it again (much like Bug).
Digimon who use it: MetalMamemon is the only Digimon who uses this besides
  Arena tournaments, but if you have high brains you should easily learn it.
My Rating: Annoying that there is only one Digimon from which you can learn
  this, but easy to learn if you have high brains. Good power, medium speed,
  looks cool and 100% accurate. An excellent attack. I have to say I was
  disappointed wih the lack of special on an otherwise amazing attack. Quite
  cheap to use too. 4/5

Power: 430
MP Cost: 219
Range: Long
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon releases lots of data (specifically Binary Code) and
  sends it to the target. The code circles around the opponent, then after a
  second, explodes and damages the opponent. While it is travelling towards
  the target, the opponent may escape the data circle if he is moving around
  a lot, but otherwise accurate.
Digimon who use it: Giromon in Factorial Town is the only Digimon who uses
  it outside the arena, so don't miss your chance! Be careful though, since
  he is a boss.
My Rating: Highly accurate, powerful and looks pretty good - but a bit too
  slow for my taste. Still, it's special adds to the awesomness of this tech
  if you can use it without getting interrupted. Very good attack. 4.5/5

Power: 722
MP Cost: 420
Range: Wide-Area
Speed: 1/5
Special: None
Description: Digimon shoots 2 green pulses outwards, which transport all
  Digimon, including yours, into a black formless place with green wireframe
  cubes floating around. After a couple of seconds, the cubes fly towards
  all opponents and redefine the very concept of pain.
Digimon who use it: Giromon and Megadramon both use this technique. Since
  they are both bosses (Megadramon being particularly powerful), you will
  have to be very prepared to fight them with a very high brains stat.
My Rating: The most amazing-looking technique in the game, in my opinion.
  The highest power rating in the game. Full-screen effect. Is there
  anything wrong? Yes. It can be interrupted easily, and you can be attacked
  even once it has started (although it is too late for your opponents). And
  the MP cost is incredibly high. But it is still incredibly useful and
  awesome in multiple-enemy battles. Once you've seen this you can't help
  but love it! And once you have used it, you will agree that this technique
  doesn't need a special. 4.5/5

Power: 0
MP Cost: 99
Range: N/A
Special: None
Speed: N/A
Comments: All stats rise by a large amount. Several gears and green pulses
  swirl around underneath the Digimon while this happens.
How to get it: Machinedramon uses this in Back Dimension a lot, so you can
  have a go every 20 days if you really feel the urge to get it - however I
  always fnd it easy to learn via Training - since it deals no damage, brain
  training can give this up pretty quickly. Tekkamon in Grey Lord's Mansion
  also uses this occassionally.
My Rating: The ultimate stat booster! If you want your digimon to
  swat the strongest enemies like flies in battle, use this.
  Only available to a lucky few Digimon, though. 4/5

Power: 256
MP Cost: 297
Range: Long
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 2/5
Description: Lots of data surrounds both your Digimon and the enemy, along
  with 2 timers. Then the timers count off (which takes about a second), the
  data around you vanishes and the data around the target explodes, damaging
  it pretty nicely.
How to get it: Giromon uses this a lot, and Tekkamon (Grey Lords Manor) spams
  this attack. That's it, though, so don't miss the opportunity!
My Rating: A decent attack early on, especially since you can pixellate
  enemies with it and it is 100% accurate. However it is a sluggish move and
  its MP cost is almost prohibitively high. Outclassed by a lot of other long
  -range moves though.

                  |      _      |
                  | \  _/_| / / |
+----------------+|\  |____\_  /|
| Type 7 - Filth || _/_______|  |
+----------------+||__________\ |
Stink your enemies from there hiding places or splat them with... well, see
for yourself...

Filth is the weakest of the 7 tech types, but since most of them have specials
added and good speed and area effects, they are surprisingly decent. Only 4
Digimon can use Filth Techs: Numemon, Sukamon, Nanimon and Etemon.

Power: 88
MP Cost: 75
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3.5/5
Description: Digimon charges up quickly, then breathes weak clouds of gas on
  the opponent.
Digimon who use it: Any Geremon on File Island. I think Numemon and the
  Platinum Sukamon use this, too.
My Rating: Useful early on, but the low power and range mean bad
  endings in battles later. Still, it can paralyse so it can actually be
  good in the arena or against lower-level Digimon. Decent speed, too - I
  actually almost like it! Almost. 2/5

Power: 122
MP Cost: 96
Range: Long
Special: Poison
Speed: 4/5
Description: Digimon quickly chucks a small pile of poop at the enemy,
  dealing low damage and usually poisoning them.
Digimon who use it: Fight any filth Digimon and this will come pretty
  quickly. Geremons are your best bet, though due to their fairly low HP.
My Rating: Not a good attack, but at least it has good range and an added
  Special. Quick, too. Still not useful though unless you have
  Numemon or Sukamon. 1.5/5

Power: 211
MP Cost: 192
Range: Long
Special: Confusion
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Digimon creates a stack of small poops and throws it at the
Digimon who use it: Geremon and Platinum Sukamon use this quite often.
My Rating: Slow and, for a filth tech, quite strong. Confusion is an
  added bonus. If you have a filth tech, I advise getting this early on
  to survive longer than one digimon day. Later on, not good. 2.5/5

Power: 211
MP Cost: 282
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Confusion
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Same as Big Poop Toss, except when the pile hits an enemy,
  the pieces fly everywhere and hurt other enemies.
Digimon who use it: Geremon uses it occasionally, but Platinum Sukamon is
  your best bet if your filth Digimon is strong enough to fight it.
My Rating: Big Poop Toss, but just a bit better - for an increased MP
  cost of course. Surprisingly useful due to confusion and area, and
  mid-power. 2.5/5

Power: 75
MP Cost: 120
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Poison
Speed: 2.5/5
Description: Big Random Toss, just with a smaller pile of poop.
Digimon who use it: Any filth digimon besides Etemon will use this fairly
My Rating: Crap (pun intended!) - it's just Big Random Toss without the
  power or confusion (I find poison useless and weak by comparison). The
  wide area makes it slightly useful (better than H. Kick anyway). 1/5

Power: 122
MP Cost: 216
Range: Wide Area
Special: Poison
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon makes a pile of poop and throws it at the enemy. The
  pile of poop explodes into lots of small piles which fly outwards in
  all directions.
Digimon who use it: Geremon and Platinum Sukamon use this.
My Rating: Useful filth attack as it can hit and poison all enemies, and
  is pretty quick. Weak though, but that's normal for filth techs.

Power: 53
MP Cost: 24
Range: Short
Special: None
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon... well... farts on his opponent. Nothing else to
  say about this, really, is there? Why it is called a 'kick' I have no
  idea... (I think it should be called 'Fart Attack'!)
Digimon who use it: All filth Digimon come with this (except Etemon, but
  you should have it by then anyway).
My Rating: It's a fart. At close range. Any comments? Just one - it's
  utterly useless. Worst Tech in the game - it's not even fast enough
  to interrupt most other techs (It's sonic jab without the speed)! 0.5/5

Power: 333
MP Cost: 333
Range: Wide-Area
Special: Liquid Pixellation
Speed: 2/5
Description: Lots of large-sized poops fall everywhere before a massive
  pile lands on the target, splatting them and crushing them. The smaller
  poops can hurt other enemies before the actual target gets hit.
Digimon who use it: One of the Platinum sukamon inside the factory uses
  this tech, but he's not always there and he won't just give this tech
  away, it's pretty difficult to learn. You have just as much chance of
  learning it from brains as you do from that guy.
My Rating: Damn good for a Filth Tech! More strength than Megaton Punch
  and it has both Wide-Area and a decent special! Slow, but it's worth it
  for the simple pleasure of seeing your opponents killed by an almighty
  poop! 3.5/5

 _____ V _____ \xxx/ /
/     \_/     \____ /
6. Power Levels __/O\
\______________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()__/ \_/

NOTES - I strongly advise against using anything below #20 in Mount
        Infinity, as they simply will not deal enough damage to be useful
        to you. Anything below #40 should be skipped as soon as you have
        enough options. This is ONLY a list of how powerful they are, but
        you need to look at other stats like speed and MP Cost when you
        make your decisions - this list is NOT my preferences on relative
        usefulness. Obviously, I am not including Stat Boosters in this

RANK NAME                POWER
---- ----                -----

01.  DG Dimension      - 722
02.  Thunder Bolt      - 586
03.  All-Range Beam    - 573
04.  Buster Dive       - 500
    =Bug               - 500
06.  Infinity Burn     - 488
07.  Prominence Beam   - 444
08.  Delete Program    - 430
    =Aurora Freeze     - 430
10.  Ice Statue        - 424
11.  Meltdown          - 400
12.  Pulse Laser       - 389
    =Spinning Shot     - 389
14.  Megalo Spark      - 382
15.  Hurricane         - 366
16.  Ultra Poop Hell   - 333
17.  Megaton Punch     - 320
18.  Green Trap        - 310
19.  Counter           - 285
20.  Magma Bomb        - 279
21.  Giga Freeze       - 264
22.  Reverse Program   - 256
23.  Power Crane       - 226
25.  Confusion Storm   - 225
25.  Water Blitz       - 211
    =Big Random Toss   - 211
    =Big Poop Toss     - 211
28.  Red Inferno       - 210
29.  Dynamite Kick     - 193
30.  Charm Perfume     - 180
31.  Wind Cutter       - 178
    =Tremor            - 178
33.  Danger Sting      - 157
34.  Fire Tower        - 155
35.  Metal Sprinter    - 150 
36.  Ice Needle        - 126
37.  Random Speed Toss - 122
    =Poop Speed Toss   - 122
39.  Winter Blast      - 120
    =Electric Cloud    - 120
41.  Poison Powder     - 117
42.  Odour Spray       -  88
43.  Static Electric   -  85
44.  Heat Laser        -  84
45.  Poop Random Toss  -  75
46.  Spit Fire         -  66
47.  Poison Jab        -  62
48.  Tear Drop         -  60
49.  Insect Plague     -  58
50.  Horizontal Kick   -  53
51.  Sonic Jab         -  52

 _____ V _________ \xxx/ /
/     \_/         \____ /
7. Top 3 Techniques __/O\
\__________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()______/ \_/

This section will delve deeper into the three best, most useful techs in
the game, what makes them so great, and the best way to make sure you get
them ASAP! I will also put the stats of each tech here as well, for extra

Power: 424
MP Cost: 186
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 4.5/5
Description: Digimon quickly sends a stream of ice across the floor
  towards the enemy, which becomes encased in a block of ice. When the
  ice shatters, the target takes heavy damage.

It has a very high power rating which, combined with incredible speed,
make it very useful indeed. It doesn't have any area-effect, but if
your digimon has good speed you can hit 2 or 3 digimon without taking so
much as a hit! Its power also makes it very useful against bosses; what
with it also having the speed to interrupt most boss attacks AND paralyse
them at the same, it might almost feel like you're cheating! Not to
mention its very long range and good accuracy even at moving targets -    
not one aspect of this attack can be faulted (it's even easy to learn)!


MegaSeadramon is your best bet, or a powerful water champion if you can't
get a MegaSeadramon (my preferred champion for this is Whamon). If you
have unlocked Mount Infinity, go and fight the Rockmon throughout - this
is much easier in my experience than fighting the IceDevimon, who are a
lot easier to beat but very stubborn when it comes to giving out their
techniques. Seriously though, whatever you do, you will have to fight a
LOT to get this technique. Good luck... you'll need it.

Power: 586
MP Cost: 330
Range: Long
Special: Paralyse
Speed: 3/5
Description: Digimon charges up a small electric bolt between its arms
  for a short time, then shoots the bolt into the sky. After about half a
  second, the bolt strikes the opponent down, with the force of a... well,
  a lightning bolt!

It's powerful, paralysing, utterly devastating - one of the strongest
techniques available, not to mention the sheer coolness factor of sending
lightning bolts at your foes! It's not super-quick like Ice statue, but it
is still pretty difficult to interrupt it, and it is incredibly difficult
(but not impossible) to dodge it, as the bolt actually homes in from the
sky to the target. The only faults are the difficulty to learn (it will
pretty much cause you to start ripping your hairs out of your skull), and
it is too slow to interrupt most attacks.

Get a Bakemon with high HP and defense (you will NEED these) and enter
the Grey Lord's Manor. In the back, next to the fridge, are 3 Soulmon
(they are always there, day or night) - fight these until you learn it.
Alternatively, another (possibly easier) way is to get a Numemon, go to
Toy Town, use the costume to digivolve into Monzaemon, and train all stats
- especially Defense. Fight the WaruMonzaemon with this Monzaemon and you
should (theoretically) learn this beast of an attack! I say: Stick with the
Soulmon unless, like me, you end up learning it via Brain Training anyway.

Power: 573
MP Cost: 330
Range: Wide-Area
Special: None
Speed: 2/5
Description: A true mob-wipeout tech. Digimon raising arms and releases 6
  floating pods in a circle around it; then your Digimon goes into a
  defensive stance while the pods are set off one by one, shooting across
  the area in different directions, creating huge laser beams as they go.
  The sheer energy makes the ground beneath the lasers blow up. Anyone
  caught in this series of explosions gets obliterated!

The best (but not my favourite) area attack in the game - pretty much as
ridiculously powerful as Thunder Bolt, with an almost infinite range -
there are very few times where the beams will not run off the screen. In
addition to the power, area effect, and ultimate coolness factor (watch
and be amazed), your digimon will go into a defensive stance as soon as
it has released the 6 laser pods. The reason this is THIRD and not at the
top, is simply the time it takes to use, and unlike the top two it is more
easily (not that it's easy, but still) dodged / avoided at range.

There are 3 ways, only one of which is easy. The 2 difficult ways are to
fight Machinedramon or MetalMamemon with high brains, but the problems
are that Machinedramon is tough (he IS the "final boss", after all), and
MetalMamemon is also the only opponent to use Pulse Laser, so you want to
make sure you have this tech BEFORE you fight him. So, the only other way
to learn this besides Brain Training is to repeatedly battle the many
Guardromons which are INSIDE the factory in Factorial Town - the ones that
are inside the Town, but not the Factory itself, do not have this tech.
Be aware that unless your defense is very high, you will need LOTS of
healing floppies, as this is such a powerful attack and the Guardromon
themselves have high offense. I highly recommend MetalGreymon or Andromon
since, in my experience, MegaDramon and Vademon seem to be very unlucky at
learning this Technique, and Giromon and MetalMamemon require much more
training to be as good due to their lower natural stats.

 _____ V _______________ \xxx/ /
/     \_/               \____ /
8. Bosses and Their Techs __/O\
\________________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()___________/ \_/

In this section I will tell you which techniques each Boss Digimon uses,
and the best strategies for fighting them. Bosses are certain enemies who
(1) Join the city
      - OR -
(2) Are one-of-a-kind Digimon (you can only fight that Digimon once).
[NOTE: The Tekkamon mentioned here IS unique, because the Tekkamon in
 Back Dimension do not use Full Power or Reverse Program.]

Here they are; and please remember, all HP numbers are the APPROXIMATE
Max HP, so please don't complain if they are slightly off! And yes,
some bosses do use 4 attacks (the cheating scum).
|| +ROOKIES+ ||

(A) Agumon|
LOCATION: Native Forest, First Screen
HP: 400
DROP: Small Recovery Floppy
Tech 1: Spit Fire
Tech 2: Sonic Jab
INFO: Very easy battle, as both his techs are weak. He will use sonic
      jab rarely, but his spit fire will be used often enough that he
      may interrupt a few of your attacks. Don't worry, he won't deal
      more than 80 damage in one hit, so you can do this with your
      starter rookie no problem (I suggest 100+ speed though since this
      isn't the most exciting battle ever and it can get tedious). The
      little bugger doesn't even drop a chip!

(B) Kunemon|
LOCATION: Kunemon's Bed
HP: 900
DROP: Brain Chip
Tech 1: Mass Morph
Tech 2: Danger Sting
Tech 3: Static Electricity
Tech 4: Electric Cloud
INFO: A little difficult unless you have more than 100 brains (ie. have
      the attack command), and at least 1000 HP. Your rookie can handle
      this fight if you have trained it enough, but be careful since if
      Kunemon uses Mass Morph (which is rare, thankfully), his defense
      will increase a lot. Unfortunately, both of his electric techs can
      paralyse, so you may find yourself unable to move for half of the

(C) Palmon|
LOCATION: Native Forest, Southernmost Screen
HP: 900
DROP: Brain Chip
Tech 1: Poison Claw
Tech 2: Poison Powder
Tech 3: Water Blitz
INFO: Not very difficult, but small recoveries are advised since two of
      her techniques are poisonous. Poision Claw is quick enough that it
      will interrupt many of your attacks, and Poison Powder can deal
      quite a bit of damage to your young rookie. Water Blitz is the main
      threat due to its good speed and power, although she generally will
      favour Poison Claw which works to your advantage. Make sure you have
      more than 1000 HP, 100 speed and, preferably, 100 brains, before you
      start this fight.

(D) Gabumon|
LOCATION: Misty Trees, Clifftop Screen
HP: 2000
DROP: None
Tech 1: Megaton Punch
Tech 2: Sonic Jab
Tech 3: War Cry
INFO: Gabumon's pretty strong for a rookie, and his war cry makes his
      attacks far more dangerous - once he has boosted a couple of times,
      his megaton punch can easily do 400+ damage to your digimon unless
      you have very high defense. Bring med recoveries and a decent
      champion for this fight.

(E) Patamon|
LOCATION: Gear Savanna, one screen right of Factorial Town main gate
HP: 1200 x 3
DROP: MP Floppy (up to three, not guaranteed)
Tech 1: Wind Cutter
Tech 2: Dynamite Kick
Tech 3: Spinning Shot
INFO: You have to fight this battle three times in a row, so Patamon has
      effectively 3600 HP. Since you will be fighting him with a strong
      Champion (you should have by this far into the game) his Wind
      Cutter is nothing, but his Dynamite Kick can paralyse you and his
      Spinning Shot is a powerful tech. Be wary when fighting Patamon,
      and bring a couple of Med Recoveries. If you have high speed you
      should be able to interrupt a couple of Spinning Shots and
      Dynamite Kicks, but don't rely on speed, and use your strongest
      techs to kick him down three times before he can deal any real

(A) Drimogemon|
LOCATION: Drill Tunnel, Residential Area
HP: 1000
DROP: None
Tech 1: Megaton Punch
Tech 3: Dynamite Kick
Tech 2: Sonic Jab
INFO: Not a problem - if you have trained your rookie's speed over 100
      then his Megaton Punch probably won't even hit you (it's way
      slower than Spit Fire or Sonic Jab). If he does hit you, it'll do
      a lot of damage but on the plus side, if you have a Gabumon then
      you have a good chance of learning it. Dynamite Kick is the same
      speed as Megaton Punch but has half the power so try not to worry
      about it. Easy and potentially very useful battle, but no drop
      this time.

(B) Meramon|
LOCATION: Lava Cave, via small sidepath
DROP: Offense Chip
Tech 1: Spit Fire
Tech 2: Heat Laser
Tech 3: Magma Bomb
Tech 4: Dynamite Kick
INFO: This battle isn't overly difficult, although I advise using a
      fire based champion such as Greymon or another Meramon, since
      this is a great chance to learn Heat Laser or Magma Bomb. His
      Heat Laser will be used often and as such you might get yourself
      flattened for an annoying amount of time. Luckily he will rarely
      use his Magma Bomb, but if he does be prepared to take a lot of
      damage. Dynamite Kick might interrupt you if you have rely on
      moves like Magma Bomb to take him out, and it can stun you which
      just sucks for you. An annoying battle to be sure.

(C) Numemon|
LOCATION: Factorial Town Sewers, after Giromon battle
HP: 200
DROP: Brain Chip
Techs 1-7: All filth techs except Ultra Poop Hell
INFO: If you take other people's advice you can fight him with your
      own Numemon to get a new filth tech, but since you will probably
      have a decent Ultimate Digimon when you reach this guy (you
      will have just battled Giromon), expect this battle to last less
      then five seconds; you will most likely slaughter him in just one
      attack. The easiest chip you will ever get.

(D) Greymon|
LOCATION: File City, talk to Jijimon (15+ prosp.) then walk outside
HP: 4500
DROP: Offense Chip
Tech 1: Magma Bomb
Tech 2: Dynamite Kick
Tech 3: Red Inferno
INFO: This guy is one tough cookie. Make sure your champion is fast and
      powerful with decent techs before you talk to Jijimon, then walk
      outside. Let me warn you now: Greymon can dish out some serious
      pain. He's the first really strong boss you fight so it's a good
      challenge - his Magma Bomb can do 500+ damage, and Red Inferno is
      wide area so you can't avoid it, and will do 300+ damage to boot.
      Dynamite Kick will be spammed so prepare to be paralysed a lot,
      and thanks to frequent Magma Bomb attacks, confused a lot, too.
      This is no cakewalk, but hopefully you have your own strong techs
      such as Megaton Punch, which would deal decent damage and could
      paralyse him, giving you a precious few second to get the upper
      hand. Also he is surprisingly fast, and will probably attack you
      several more times per minute than you. It would be good to be
      ready with a Protection Floppy so that you can't be paralysed or
      confused, thus giving you a tactical advantage. A well deserved
      Offense Chip for your troubles.

(E) Ogremon|
LOCATION: 4 battles - Great Canyon, Ogre Fortress, Secret Beach Cave,
                      Drill Tunnel
HP: Great Canyon  - 4000 HP (+ 2 Agumons, both 1100 HP)
    Ogre Fortress - 4000 HP (+ 2 Agumons, both 1100 HP)
    Beach Cave    - 4000 HP (+ Gabumon, 1100 HP; + Waruseadramon, see below)
    Drill Tunnel  - 4000 HP (+ 2 Agumons, bith 1100 HP)
DROP: Great Canyon  - HP Chip
      Ogre Fortress - HP Chip
      Beach Cave    - None
      Drill Tunnel  - HP Chip
Tech 1: Tremor
Tech 2: Sonic Jab
Tech 3: Magma Bomb
*Agumon Tech 1: Spit Fire
*Agumon Tech 2: Fire Tower
*Gabumon Tech 1: Megaton Punch
*Gabumon Tech 2: Sonic Jab
INFO: Ogremon is the only boss you must defeat multiple times. He is
      also the only boss who has flunkies to fight alongside him,
      (aside from the other boss who fights with him of course).
      Battles 1, 2 and 4 are basically identical, so I'll summarise
      them all here as if you only had to fight him once. Battle 3
      is very different, and is summarised below under WaruSeadramon's
      section due to WaruSeadramon being the main boss in that
      particular battle.
      First of all, the Agumons are nothing to worry about. They might
      interrupt a few attacks but if your own wide-area attacks don't
      take them out, Ogremon's will (seriously, Tremor crushes them
      with the quickness). Ogremon is tougher with his high HP stat,
      high Offense stat and of course, the Magma Bomb we all know and
      love, but as long as your Digimons defense stat is high enough
      you should be able to take it and hit back strongly. Sonic Jab
      is laughably weak, but if he uses it a lot you might have some
      trouble pulling off any strong, slow moves (like your own Magma
      Bomb for example). Defeating him in each of the three identical
      battles coughs up another HP Chip, which is really the main perk
      of having multiple battles with him.
Difficulty: 5/10 (Battles 1, 2 and 4).

(F) Birdramon|
LOCATION: Great Canyon Top Area (press Up on elevator)
Tech 1: Prominence Beam
INFO: No, that's not a typo or an error. Birdramon uses one
      move and one move alone, and that is the crazy, stupidly
      overpowered (at that stage of the game) Prominence Beam.
      If you have a fast Digimon with a fast tech you might be
      able to interrupt him often enough to never get hit. If
      not, be prepared to suffer from repeated blows from what
      is undoubtedly the strongest tech you have faced thus far.
      I highly recommend a great speed rating and a spammable
      move such as Wind Cutter or Ice Needle; interrupting his
      attacks is surely the key to victory here.
Difficulty - 7/10

(G) Garurumon|
LOCATION: Freezeland, screen next to Misty Trees
HP: 4800 (2400 in the rematch).
DROP: Battle 1 - Quick Chip
      Battle 2 - MP Chip
Tech 1: Giga Freeze
Tech 2: Ice Statue
Tech 3: Buster Dive
INFO: Hoo boy, this guy is tough! I recommend an Ultimate with high Def
      and Speed, so he can take a hit - otherwise, Ice Statue will just
      annihilate you in the second battle. The first battle isn't too
      tough - he mainly uses Giga Freeze which can be interrupted, but
      in the second battle he will spam Ice statue and Buster Dive -
      both are very tough, both have specials, and you can't use items
      or commands! Thanksfully he only starts at half of his full HP
      in the rematch, which helps a LOT, but you should still be wary.
Difficulty: 7/10

(H) Ninjamon|
LOCATION: Digimon Bridge, after 35+ prosperity
HP: 3600
Tech 1: Magma Bomb
Tech 3: Buster Dive
Tech 4: Charm Perfume
INFO: Not as tough as Garurumon, but, like Greymon, his attacks seem
      to be stronger than you can make them - his Magma Bomb is quite
      damaging, unless you have ridiculously-high Def and Speed - you
      will need to interrupt Magma Bomb and Buster Dive, or face the
      consequences for your ineptitude. Buster Dive is deadly but you
      should be able to interrupt it most of the time. If you have an
      Ultimate, however, this battle becomes much, much easier, so do
      that if you aren't desperate for the prosperity points.
Difficulty: 4/10

(I) Kokatorimon|
LOCATION: Misty Trees, screen with frozen Digimon, early morning.
HP: 4200
DROP: Off Chip
Tech 1: War Cry
Tech 2: Megalo Spark
Tech 3: Dynamite Kick
INFO: This bird will wreck your shit. War Cry boosts his offense,
      defense and speed to the extent that he will probably deal at
      least 900 damage per hit with Megalo Spark, which can also stun
      you. A lot. Pray he uses Dynamite Kick a lot instead, and use
      a Protection Floppy to prevent paralysis. A stat booster (other
      than Muscle Charge) of your own would be a good idea to cushion
      the blows with your engorged defense stat. Certainly one of the
      most surprisingly difficult battle in the game.
Difficulty - 8/10

(J) Airdramon|
LOCATION: File City, 50+ prosperity
HP: 5500
DROP: Off Chip
Tech 1: Confusion Storm
Tech 2: Megalo Spark
Tech 3: Hurricane
INFO: VERY dangerous - he's one of the most powerful champions (way
      more powerful than Greymon) with some really strong attacks.
      The problem is, he's so fast and strong he will most likely
      hurt you a lot faster than you hurt him - the one good thing
      about this is he has three great techs to learn (all of them
      have at least decent power and two are wide area). Be very
      cautious of Megalo Spark, though - it's his fastest, most
      powerful attack and can paralyse you (although it CAN be
      dodged at range). Expect a long, and drawn out, but rewarding
Difficulty - 7/10

(K) Devimon|
LOCATION: Mt Infinity, 6th Floor
HP: 6500
Tech 1: War Cry
Tech 2: Megalo Spark
Tech 3: Giga Freeze
Tech 4: Dynamite Kick
INFO: After he pumps his stats with War Cry, Devimon will
      absolutely go to town on your feeble ass, which is
      exactly what you would expect from such a famous and
      notorious Digimon. Megalo Spark is absolutely a tech
      to be feared and respected, especially coming off
      Devimon's bloated stats. Beware that ALL of Devimon's
      techs can Stun you, so a Protection Floppy is highly
      recommended for this match.
Difficulty - 8/10
(A) Meteormon|
LOCATION: Ancient Speedy Region, hidden area left of skeleton.
HP: 4000
Tech 1: Magma Bomb
Tech 2: Megaton Punch
Tech 3: Meltdown
Difficulty - 5/10

(B) Giromon|
LOCATION: Factorial Town, Computer Room (deep in factory)
Tech 1: Reverse Program
Tech 2: Delete Program
Tech 3: DG Dimension
Difficulty - 6/10

(C) Piximon|
LOCATION: Tropical Jungle, beach screen, random
Tech 1: Confusion Storm
Tech 2: Bug
Tech 3: Danger Sting
Difficulty: 7/10

(D) Mamemon|
LOCATION: Mt Panorama Plains, random
Tech 1: Full Power
Tech 2: Megaton Punch
Tech 3: Buster Dive
Difficulty: 8/10

(E) MetalMamemon|
LOCATION: Factorial Town, first screen after docks, random
Tech 1: Metal Sprinter
Tech 2: All Range Beam
Tech 3: Pulse Laser
Difficulty: 6/10

(F) Tekkamon|
LOCATION: Grey Lord's Mansion, Underground Lab.
Tech 1: Full Power
Tech 2: Buster Dive
Tech 3: Reverse Program
Difficulty: 5/10

(G) SkullGreymon|
LOCATION: Grey Lord's Mansion, Underground Lab, furthest screen
Tech 1: Buster Dive
Tech 2: War Cry
Tech 3: Dynamite kick

(H) Etemon|
LOCATION: Native Forest, screen with door in giant tree
HP: 6000
Tech 1: Buster Dive
Tech 2: War Cry
Tech 3: Dynamite Kick

(I) WaruMonzaemon|
LOCATION: Toy Town, last room of mansion
Tech 1: Megalo Spark
Tech 2: Thunder Bolt
Tech 3: Muscle Charge
Tech 4: Buster Dive
Difficulty: 9/10

(J) WaruSeadramon|
LOCATION: Secret Beach Cave, 3rd battle with Ogremon
HP: 5500
DROP: None
Tech 1: Aurora Freeze
Tech 2: Giga Freeze
Tech 3: Winter Blast
Difficulty: 7/10

(K) Megadramon|
LOCATION: Mt Infinity, 10th Floor
HP: 7800
DROP: Offense Chip
Tech 1: DG Dimension
Tech 2: Megaton Punch
Tech 3: Giga Freeze
INFO: A very strong boss who can be only really beaten with
      speed - fast paralysing attacks like Megalo Spark and
      Ice statue are very good ideas, and are also strong
      enough to deal some serious damage too. Be aware that
      if you have not learned DG Dimension from Giromon, this
      is your last chance - although getting hit by it will
      devastate you, it is unfortunately necessary. Make sure
      you have high offense to wear him down quickly, and high
      speed to combat him quickly before he hits you again -
      if you can't interrupt DG Dimension in time, you will
      suffer massively. The other moves are quite manageable,
      but if they paralyse you, he can use DG Dimension with
      no fear of being interrupted, which spells disaster for
      your HP.
Difficulty: 8/10

(L) MetalGreymon|
LOCATION: Mt Infinity, 11th Floor
HP: 8400
DROP: Defense Chip
Tech 1: Meltdown
Tech 2: Infinity Burn
Tech 3: Buster Dive
INFO: The last boss' bodyguard is the super-strong metallic
      beast that everyone loves. He is the only boss in the
      whole game who's attacks ALL have 400+ power rating.
      And be careful - that Fire tower ain't no Fire tower,
      but Infinity Burn, the most powerful Fire move of all.
      Note that this is also your one and only shot to learn
      it outside of training. Get it if you came up here with
      your own Metalgreymon, Pheonixmon, if you are good
      enough to get a Digitamamon, or brave enough to fight
      with a Meramon (good luck). He has tons of HP and will
      not go down without hitting you with a flurry of Buster
      Dives, and both of his fire attacks are both wide area
      and paralysing, so expect a fierce battle.
Difficulty: 9/10

(M) Machinedramon|
LOCATION: Mt Infinity, 12th Floor (Final Room)
HP: 9600
DROP: None
Tech 1: Thunder Bolt
Tech 2: Megaton Punch
Tech 3: All Range Beam
INFO: It has come down to this. The Last Stand. The Final
      Frontier. The Big Bad. The Sephiroth. The League Champ.
      Okay I'll stop now... but seriously, the final boss of
      the main storyline will absolutely eat you alive and
      take a dump on your grave with your digested remains if
      you are not sufficiently prepared. If his sheer size
      doesn't indicate how serious he is about murdering you
      and everything you hold dear, then his technique list
      certainly will. The second and third strongest techs
      in the game, along with a reliable, fast and strong
      close range move that can stun you, make a great show
      of power and reliability, with options for close-range,
      long-range and wide-area attacking off of an Offense stat
      around 900. He will interrupt your power moves and stun you
      with Megaton Punch, strike you down and stun you with
      Thunder Bolt, and wreak havok on you with his own power
      moves. A Protection Floppy, a Defense stat of at least 600,
      and a buttload of healing items are gonna be needed if you
      want to survive.
Difficulty: 10/10

(N) Digitamamon|
LOCATION: Mt Infinity, Final Room, after Machinedramon battle
HP: 9999
DROP: Brain Chip
Tech 1: Confused Storm
Tech 2: Thunder Bolt
Tech 3: Meltdown
Difficulty: 10/10

(O) Machinedramon Returned|
LOCATION: Back Dimension, via Ogre Fortress/Ice Sanctuary/Grey Lord Manor
          - NOTE: You can fight this incredibly tough Digimon every 22
            in-game days, via repeated Back Dimension trips.
HP: 9999
DROP: None (but you get a Chain Melon off Jijimon as a reward).
Tech 1: Thunder Bolt
Tech 2: All Range Beam
Tech 3: Full Power
Difficulty: OMGWTFBBQ /10
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9. Learning Chances __/O\
\__________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()______/ \_/

The order of each Digimon's Specialties determines how likely or
otherwise a given Digimon is to learn any move that is available to be
A move that is if the Digimon's primary specialty will have a
raised chance to be learned, a move of the Digimon's secondary specialty
with have a moderate chance to be learned, and a move that is of a
Digimon's tertiary specialty will have a significantly lower chance of
being learned. Although this is not confirmed, I have heard that when a
Digimon has TWO specialties, the second actually counts as a TERTIARY
rather than a secondary, forgoing a secondary specialty altogether; I have
yet to confirm this but if true, it is something to keep in mind.

Below is an example of how this whole system works:
 MetalGreymon's primary, secondary and tertiary specialties are Mech, Fire
 and Battle, respectively. Using the table below, you can see that due to
 this order of specialties, he has a 15% chance of learning DG Dimension,
 an 8% chance of learning Infinity Burn, and ZERO chance of learning
 Buster Dive (despite it being available to him), in any battle in which
 those moves are used.
These percentages also affect how likely a move is to be learned at the
blackboard in the Green Gym, though obviusly the chances are lower. Below
is the full table of Techniques and how likely they are to be learned in
respect to a Digimons specialty.

Tech Name         Digimon Specialty
                  1st Spec 2nd Spec 3rd Spec

Fire Tower        25%      16%      11%
Prominence Beam   17%      10%      5%
Spit Fire         30%      22%      15%
Red Inferno       20%      12%      7%
Magma Bomb        22%      14%      9%
Heat Wave         28%      19%      19%
Infinity Burn     15%      8%       0%
Meltdown          14%      6%       0%

Tremor            18%      8%       0%
Muscle Charge     19%      9%       8%
War Cry           22%      15%      10%
Sonic Jab         26%      19%      14%
Dynamite Kick     24%      17%      12%
Counter           20%      11%      8%
Megaton Punch     21%      13%      9%
Buster Dive       16%      7%       0%

Thunder Bolt      13%      9%       0%
Spinning Shot     22%      14%      10%
Electric Cloud    32%      19%      15%
Megalo Spark      18%      13%      8%
Static Elect      36%      21%      17%
Wind Cutter       26%      16%      13%
Confused Storm    15%      11%      7%
Hurricane         12%      8%       0%

Poison Powder     26%      19%      14%
Bug               12%      8%       0%
Mass Morph        23%      15%      12%
Insect Plague     24%      16%      13%
Charm Perfume     18%      12%      9%
Poison Claw       28%      22%      16%
Danger Sting      27%      20%      15%
Green Trap        14%      10%      0%

Giga Freeze       17%      10%      5%
Ice Statue        15%      8%       0%
Winter Blast      20%      12%      7%
Ice Needle        30%      15%      8%
Water Blitz       20%      10%      5%
Aqua Magic        22%      14%      9%
Aurora Freeze     14%      6%       0%
Tear Drop         30%      22%      15%

Power Crane       40%      30%      22%
All Range Beam    16%      13%      0%
Metal Sprinter    35%      27%      18%
Pulse Laser       28%      21%      13%
Delete Program    20%      14%      10%
DG Dimension      15%      12%      0%
Full Power        25%      17%      11%
Reverse Program   32%      24%      15%

Odor Spray        24%      14%      9%
Poop Speed Toss   23%      13%      8%
Big Poop Toss     15%      10%      5%
Big Random Toss   11%      8%       0%
Poop Random Toss  21%      12%      7%
Random Speed Toss 20%      11%      6%
Horizontal Kick   25%      16%      10%
Ult. Poop Hell    9%       7%       0%
 _____ V ________ \xxx/ /
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10. Credits Section __/O\
\_________________/ _ I >
\ ++--- ()()()_____/ \_/

www.neoseeker.com - for being the first site to host my guide. XD
www.mycheats.1up.com - also for hosting my guide!
My Parents - for letting me on the computer enough so I could make
             this guide (They were really annoyed!)
My Brother - for buying the game in the first place!
Antonio Correa - I could never have recruited all Digimon to the city
                 without his Ultimate Guide on Neoseeker! (Check it out!)
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11. Legal Disclaimer __/O\
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This guide is Copyright to SpaceWalker (C) 2008. I have submitted this
walkthrough/guide to www.neoseeker.com and mycheats.com. Only those sites
may host this guide. No other website may host this guide without my
authorization. If I do give my permission (this will be via e-mail reply
ONLY), please note that nothing must be changed WHATSOEVER. Any
unauthorised hosting of this guide may result in lawsuits regarding
Violation of Copyright, as will changing this guide, hosting it and
claiming it as your own.
Please also note that this guide may be copied to the reader's PC or
Mac for PRIVATE USE ONLY. Any unauthorised sales, publishing or
distribution of this guide may also land you deep trouble...
You have been warned!
And on that note, thank you for reading!
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