Digimon World Glitches

How To Get 9999/999 Parametres

-Recruited Digitamamon. After you beat Machinedramon in Mt. Infinity, go back to the last room and he will be there. Beat him in a battle to recruit him.

-Reasonable amount of bits. 400-500k will do fine.

-Porto Potties. 2-3 will do fine.


-Turbo Playstation Controller. This is a special Playstation controller that has a button called "Turbo" between the Start and Select buttons. What it does is when you press the turbo button, and the button you want, say the X button, it will keep on pressing the X button without you having to push it.

When your Digimon gets hungry, go to the restaurant and keep leaving and entering until Digitamamon appears. Buy the cheapest food off him. After you eat the food, you can keep asking him for more and more food. This is a great way to get 9999/999 parametres, and its better to do this glitch when Digitamamon gives 20 HP, 20 MP, 2 OFF, 2 DEF, 2 SPEED and 2 BRAINS, since it is much cheaper and will achieve faster results.

NOTE: This glitch may not work on different versions of the game. I tested this glitch on a PAL version and it seems to work fine. Also, you must stay in the restaurant the whole time the glitch is running. You can leave after you've achieved the parametres you desire.