Digimon World Cheats

Learning Powerful Fire Techs
Meltdown: Get a strong Greymon or MetalGreymon with good brains and get 50+ prosperity. Go into the first floor of Mt. Infinity and repeatedly fight the group of three Vermillimon (red and black Monochromon). You should learn it quickly. You can also learn this from Meteormon in Ancient Speedy Zone.

Prominence Beam: Get a powerful digimon who can learn this such as Birdramon, Phoenixmon or Meramon, and get good brains. Defeat Birdramon in Grand Canyon, or later on in the game fight lots of Guardromon in Factorial Town. You should learn it no problem.

Magma Bomb: Get a powerful Agumon, Greymon, Meramon, or Birdramon and defeat lots of Goburimon in Drill Tunnel, or later defeat Greymon in File City.