Digimon World Tips

Winning the Grade-S Cup
To win the Grade-S Cup at Greymon's Arena, first unlock it by winning the Grade-A Cup. You must also let seven other Digimon win the Cup. Get a Megadramon with over 900 Speed and over 5500 HP and MP. Also, make sure his Brains are at 500, have his Defence at 700+, and have his Offence at over 700. He should have Ice Statue set for one of his Techs.

In the battle, use Ice Statue repeatedly until your opponent loses all his HP. Do this in the other two rounds to win.

You can win one of three prizes:

Mega-Hand: Turns a Champion into Megadramon.
Metal Parts: Turns a Champion into MetalGreymon.
Fatal Bone: Turns a Champion into SkullGreymon.