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Digimon World DS Digivolution FAQ

by Panda King   Updated to v0.6 on
Digivolution FAQ

Digimon Story
Copyright Namco Bandai Games America 2006
Written by: Nino Topalcevic [Luigi_Master29]
E-mail: Nino_the_king05@hotmail.com
Version 0.2
Date Started: 08/07/06
Date Finished: ??/??/??

Version 0.2

08/07/06: Table Of Contents, pages 1, 2, 3, and 4 and started translating!
12/07/06: Finally finished translating everything, and finished pages 5,
6, 7, and 8.
13/07/06: FAQ was denied. I'm going to try again in a different format.
let's hope it works! Submitted at 7:15pm.

Version 0.4

14/07/06: Fixed all "Flying" and "Wind" Exp to "Bird". Added in a few missing
Digis from the Betamon line, and added in what Digis need "Qualities" to
Digivolve. Fixed some spelling mistakes (There's probably more. . .) and
added the F.A.Q section. Small update. :/

Version 0.6

15/07/06: Another small update. This FAQ is now viewable at Neoseeker.com
also. Started added all Digimon stages! (In one night >_>, Boy do I need a

-----------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------

1) Intro ~ What is this?
2) How to use this FAQ
3) Digivolution ~ What is it?
4) Digimon List (Not full list!!)
5) The Digimon Lines
6) Author's Notes
7) F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions)
8) That's all! (End credits)

-----------------------------Intro ~ What is this?--------------------------

I bet you're wondering. . . What the hell is this FAQ for, 0_0? Well, this
FAQ is to teach you (The player) what Digimon can (And can't) Digivolve into.
And how they evolve! :D

I will not tell you how to get certain experience, so don't e-mail me
questions about that. I may add a section about that later, but not know, ok?

Also, be patient! Alot of this FAQ is still Under-construction so don't e-mail
me asking when I'll get something up!

One last thing. . . Please e-mail me any mistakes you see in this FAQ. You
will be creditted! (Except for spelling).

Another last thing:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This FAQ can ONLY be seen/used at these 2 sites:


If you see this FAQ anywhere else, please alert the administrator of that
site they are stealing a Copy Righted document.

(The copyright is located at the bottom of the FAQ).

-----------------------------How to use this FAQ----------------------------

Really simple, find the Digimon you're looking for (Ctrl+f!!) and it will
list whatDigimon that Digimon can digivolve into. Beside the names of the
digimon,it willsay what is needed for that Digimon to evolve into that


(Baby) Koromon Line
(Child) Agumon [Level +6]

As you can see, Koromon needs to be level 6 or over to Digivolve into Agumon.
Digimon may also need different types of Exp. It may also list how much of
that certain Exp they need to Digivolve. Also, each Digimon will have it's
level of evolution next to it. This is a list from lowest to highest:


Remember: A Child (Kuromon for example) cannot Digivolve to a perfect-level
digimon (MetalGreymon for example), it can only Digivolve to an Child-level
(Agumon for example).

-----------------------------Digivolution ~ What is it?---------------------

Digivolution is when a lower level Digimon "Level's up" and becomes stronger
and usually looks cooler. :D

-----------------------------Digimon List (Not full list!!)-----------------

This list is only of the Evolutions that I translated, I'll get a full list
up when I fix the one I have up a bit. ^_^

1) Koromon
2) Tsunomon
3) Poyomon
4) Tokomon
5) Tanemon
6) Pagumon
7) Kapurimon
8) Kuramon
9) Chicomon
10) Puttomon
11) Dorimon
12) Terriermon
13) Betamon
14) Hawkmon
15) Wormmon
16) Goblimon
17) Tentomon
18) Floramon
19) Gizamon
20) Otamammon
21) Impmon
22) DemiDevimon
23) Bearmon
24) Bakumon
25) Penmon
26) Parrotmon
27) Gotsumon
28) ToyAgumon/Black
29) Piyomon

(These are not in order to the bellow).

----------------------------- The Digivolution Lines------------------------

(Baby) Koromon Line
(Child) Agumon [Level 6+]
(Adult) Greymon [Level 15+, Friendship 80%+]
(Perfect) MetalGreymon [Level 25+, Friendship 80%+]
(Ultimate) WarGreymon [Level 47+, Friendship 90%+]
(Ultimate) BlackWargreymon [Level 42+, Darkness Exp 8000+]
(Adult) GeoGreymon [Level 17+]
(Perfect) RiseGreymon [Level 29+, Dragon Exp 2000+]
(Child) ToyAgumon [Level 7+, Machine Exp 30+]
(Adult) Starmon [Level 14+, Holy Exp 1000+]
(Perfect) SuperStarmon [Level 38+]
(Ultimate) Justimon [Level 54+, Machine Exp 12000+]
(Adult) FlareLizamon [Level 17+]
(Child) DotAgumon [Level 20+, Must have befriended a DotAgumon before]

(Baby) Tsunomon Line
(Child) Gabumon [Level 7+]
(Adult) Garurumon [Level 18+, Attack 120+]
(Perfect) WereGarurumon [Level 28+, Friendship 80%+]
(Ultimate) MetalGarurumon [Level 45+, Friendship 90%+]
(Ultimate) Darkdramon [Level 52+, Dragon Exp 7000+]
(Child) Gaomon [Level 8+, Attack 80+]
(Adult) Gaogamon [Level 19+]
(Perfect) MachGaogamon [Level 32+, Beast Exp 2500+]
(Child) Drakmon [Level 12+, Darkness Exp 700+]
(Adult) Sanglumon [Level 22+]
(Perfect) Matadurmon [Level 32+]

(Baby) Poyomon Line
(Child) Gomamon [Level 9+]
(Adult) Ikkakumon [Level 22+]
(Perfect) Zudomon [Level 34+, Friendship 90%+]
(Ultimate) Vikemon [Level 53+, Water Exp 9000+]
(Ultimate) Neptunemon [Level 67+, Water Exp 60000+]
(Child) Ganimon [Level 15+, Defense 70+]
(Adult) Shiisamon [Level 25+]
(Perfect) Kamemon [22+, Water Exp 1000+]
(Ultimate) cGawappamon [Level 32+, Water Exp 3000+]

(Baby) Tokomon Line
(Child) Patamon [Level 5+]
(Adult) Angemon [Level 13+, Light Exp 800+]
(Perfect) MagnaAngemon [Level 25+, Light Exp 800+]
(Ultimate) Seraphimon [Level 45+]
(Child) Falcomon [Level 10+, Friendship 60%+]
(Adult) Peckmon [Level 20+, Friendship 70%+]
(Perfect) Yatakaramon [Level 36+]
(Ultimate) Varodulmon [Level 54+, Play time 30hours+]
(Child) DotFalcomon [Level 20+, Must have befriended a DotFalcomon before]

(Baby) Tanemon Line
(Child) Palmon [Level 7+]
(Adult) Togemon [Level 18+, Friendship 80%+]
(Perfect) Lilymon [Level 33+, Friendship 80%+]
(Ultimate) Rosemon [Level 44+, Friendship 90%+]
(Child) Raramon [Level 8+, Spirit 55+]
(Adult) Sunflowmon [Level 18+]
(Perfect) Lilamon [Level 31+, Bug/Plant Exp 2500+]
(Child) Renamon [Level 10+, Holy Exp 150+]
(Adult) Kyuubimon [Level 20+, Holy Exp 1000+]
(Perfect) Toamon [Level 32+, Holy Exp 5000+]
(Ultimate) Kuzuhamon [Level 50+, Spirit 270+]
(Ultimate) Sakuyamon [Level 48+, Holy Exp 15000+]

(Baby) Pagumon Line
(Child) Lopmon [Level 10+, Stress 90%+]
(Adult) Wizardmon [Level 16+]
(Perfect) Antylamon [Level 27, Must be holding "Data C Fragment"]
(Ultimate) Cherubimon/Virus [Level 40+, Dark Exp 4500+]
(Ultimate) Cherubimon/Vaccine [Level 40+, Holy Exp 4500+]
(Ultimate) ChaosDukemon [Level 64+, Must have befriended a ChaosDukemon before]
(Adult)Ponchomon [Level 27+, Must be hold "Digimental of Purity"]
(Child) Tsukaimon [Level 10+]
(Child) BlackAgumon [Level 10+, Darkness Exp 400+]
(Adult) DarkTyranomon [Level 16+]

(Baby) Kapurimon Line
(Child) Gearmon [Level 10+, Machine Exp 250+]
(Adult) Guardomon [Level 15+, Stress 50%+]
(Perfect) Andromon [Level 40+]
(Ultimate) HiAndromon [Level 47+, Machine Exp 8000+]
(Adult) Kenkimon [Level 25+, Must be holding "Digimental of Friendship"]
(Child) Kotemon [Level 8+, Holy Exp 200+]
(Adult) Dinohumon [Level 13+]
(Perfect) Kyuukimon [Level 22+]
(Ultimate) SlashAngemon [Level 42+, Stress 5%-]
(Adult) DarkRizamon [Level 24+]
(Child) PawnChessmon/Black [Level 10+]
(Adult) Hookmon [Level 20+]
(Perfect) Meteormon [Level 28+]
(Adult) PlatinumSukamon [Level 19+, Spirit 125+]
(Perfect) MetalMamemon [Level 34+]
(Ultimate) PrinceMamemon [Level 44+, Spirit 175+]]

(Baby) Kuramon Line
(Child) Guilmon [Level 8+, Attack 65+]
(Adult) Growmon [Level 25+, Dragon Exp 500+]
(Perfect) MegaloGrowmon [Level 35+, Attack 180+]
(Ultimate) Dukemon [Level 57+, Playtime must be over 30hours]
(Perfect) BlackMegaloGrowmon [Level 45+]
(Child)Keramon [Level 8+, Darkness Exp 500+]
(Adult) Chrysalimon [Level 19+, Darkness Exp 1000+]
(Perfect) Inframon [Level 30+]
(Ultimate) Diaboromon [Level 50+, Attack 250+]
(Ultimate) Beelzebumon [Level 84+, Must have befriended a Beelzebumon before]
(Child) Muchomon [Level 7+]
(Adult) Akatorimon [Level 16+]

(Baby) Puttomon Line
(Child) Plotmon [Level 10+, Stress 10%-]
(Adult) Gatomon [Level 23+, Stress 5%-]
(Perfect) Angewomon [Level 35+, Friendship80%+]
(Ultimate) MarineAngemon [Level 48+, Spirit 215+]
(Perfect) LadyDevimon [Level 46+, Darkness Exp 5000+]
(Child) Kudamon [Level 10+, Spirit 105+]
(Adult) Leppamon [Level 24+]
(Perfect) Qilinmon [Level 32+, Holy Exp 2500+]
(Ultimate) Sleipmon [Level 51+, Holy Exp 20000+]
(Child) PawnChessmon/White [Level 26+]

(Baby) Chicomon Line
(Child) Veemon [Level 10+, Dragon Exp 300+]
(Adult) XVeemon [Level 19+]
(Perfect) Paildramon [Level 30+, Dragon Exp 5000+]
(Ultimate) Imperialdramon/Fighter Mode [Level 53+, Holy Exp 40000+]
(Ultimate) Imperialdramon/Dragon Mode [Level 53+, Dragon Exp 40000+]
(Adult) Flamedramon [Level 30+, Must be holding "Digimental of Courage"]
(Adult) Magnamon [Level 30+, Must be holding "Digimental of Miracles"]
(Child) YukiAgumon [Level 10+]

(Baby) Dorimon Line
(Child) Dorumon [Level 10+, Beast Exp 500+]
(Adult) Dorugamon [Level 18+, Beast Exp 1500+]
(Perfect) Dorugremon [Level 30+, Dragon Exp 2000+]
(Ultimate) Dorugoramon [Level 49+]
(Child) Armadillomon [Level 11+]
(Adult) Anklyomon [Level 18+
(Adult) Seahomon [Level 30+, Must be holding "Digimental of Light"]
(Child) Alraumon [Level 10+]

(Child) Betamon Line
(Adult) Seadramon [Level 13+]
(Perfect) MegaSeadramon [Level 27+]
(Ultimate) MetalSeadramon [Level 41+, Water Exp 6000+]
(Ultimate) GigaSeadramon [Level 44+, Water Exp 10000+]
(Adult) Sukamon [Level 12+, Qualities 26+]
(Perfect) Dagomon [Level 19+]
(Perfect) Garbamon [Level 29+]

(Child) Hawkmon Line
(Adult) Aquilamon [Level 14+, Friendship 50%+]
(Perfect) Silphymon [Level 36+]
(Ultimate) Valkyriemon [Level 52+, Bird Exp 12000+]
(Perfect) Gigadramon [Level 24+]
(Adult) Shurimon [Level 27+, Must be holding "Digimental of Purity"]

(Child) Wormmon Line
(Adult) Stingmon [Level 15+, Friendship 50%+]
(Perfect) DinoBeemon [Level 26+]
(Ultimate) GranKuwagamon [Level 53+]
(Perfect) Megadramon [Level 33+, Machine Exp 3000+]
(Ultimate) Machinedramon [Level 43+]
(Adult) Kongoumon [Level 30+, Must be holding "Digimental of Miracles"]

(Child)Piyomon Line
(Adult) Birdramon [Level 24+, Friendship 50%+]
(Perfect) Garudamon [Level 36+, Bird Exp 3000]
(Ultimate) Pheonixmon [Level 33+, Bird Exp 10000]

(Child) Tentomon Line
(Adult) Kabuterimon [Level 18+, Defense 100+]
(Perfect) AtlurKabuterimon/Red [Level 29+, Defense 150+]
(Ultimate) HerculesKabuterimon [Level 42+, Bug/Plant Exp 6000+]
(Adult) Kuwagamon [Level 13+]
(Perfect) Ookuwamon [Level 19+]
(Ultimate) GranKuwagamon [Level 55+]

(Child) Goblimon Line
(Adult) Ogremon [Level 7+, Attack 70+]
(Perfect) Archnemon [Level 16+]
(Ultimate) Parasimon [Level 37+]
(Perfect) Etemon [Level 33+, Beast Exp 3500+]
(Ultimate) MetalEtemon [Level 54+, Defense 250+]
(Ultimate) Piedmon [Level 45+, Spirit 190+]
(Adult) Tyranomon [Level 10+, Dragon Exp 200+]
(Perfect) Triceramon [Level 24+]
(Ultimate) Cannondramon [Level 40+, Defense 220+]
(Adult) Bakemon [Level 14+]

(Child) Floramon Line
(Adult) Veggiemon [Level 16+]
(Perfect) Blossomon [Level 24+]

(Child)Gotsumon Line
(Adult) Airdramon [Level 11+, Dragon Exp 100+]
(Perfect) Minotarumon [Level 28+]
(Perfect) Cyberdramon [Level 40+, Dragon Exp 2500+]
(Ultimate) Deathmon/Black [Level 53+, 8000+]
(Adult) Icemon [Level 35+]

(Child) Penmon Line
(Adult) Kiwimon [Level 26+, Defense 95+]
(Perfect) Deramon [Level 34+, Bird Exp 4200+]
(Adult) Cockatrimon [Level 27+]
(Adult) Diatrymon [Level 32+]

(Perfect) Parrotmon Line
(Ultimate) Crossmon [Level 40, Bird Exp 13000+]

(Child) Otamamon Line
(Adult) Gekomon [Level 18+]
(Perfect) Whamon [Level 38+]
(Ultimate) Plesiomon [Level 45+, Water Exp 15000+]
(Adult) Raremon [Level 18+, Machine Exp 200+]

(Child)Bakumon Line
(Adult) Unimon [Level 30+]
(Perfect) Pixiemon [Level 36+]
(Ultimate) Jijimon [Level 38+, Stress 10%-]
(Ultimate) Babamon [Level 38+, Stress 90%+]

(Child) DemiDevimon Line
(Adult) Devimon [Level 28+, Friendship 20%-]
(Perfect) Myotismon [Level 32+, Darkness Exp 2500+]
(Ultimate) VenomMyotismon [level 56+, Total Exp 99990+]
(Ultim) BelialMyotismon [Level 54+, Must have befriended a "DemiDevimon" before]

(Child) ToyAgumon/Black Line
(Adult) Rapterdramon [Level 34+]
(Perfect) Mamemon [Level 38+]
(Ultimate) Puppetmon [Level 42+, Machine Exp 12000+]

(Child) Terriermon Line
(Adult) Gargomon [Level 17+, Stress 10%-]
(Perfect) Rapidmon [Level 37+]
(Ultimate) SaintGargomon [Level 51+, Qualities 58+]
(Ultimate) SaberLeomon [Level 44+, Attack 200+]
(Perfect) BlackRapidmon [Level 41+, Darkness Exp 4000+]
(Ultimate) BlackSaintGargomon [Level 55+, Darkness Exp 22000+]
(Adult) Prairiemon [Level 27+, Needs to be holding "Digimental of Kindness"]

(Child) Gizamon Line
(Adult) Hanumon [Level 22+]
(Perfect) Divermon [Level 37+, Water Exp 3500+]

(Child) Impmon Line
(Adult) Evilmon [Level 16+, Darkness Exp 500+]
(Perfect) Mummymon [Level 36+]
(Ultimate) Daemon [Level 47+, Spirit 230+]
(Ultimate) Deathmon [Level 49+, Qualities 56+]
(Adult) Gokimon [Level 17+]
(Ultimate) AtlurKabuterimon/Blue [Level 26+, Plant/Bug Exp 1200+]
(Adult) Sorcerymon [Level 37+, Holy Exp 10+]

(Child) Bearmon Line
(Adult) Leomon [Level 32+, Attack 180+]
(Perfect) Monzaemon [Level 15+, Playtime 30hours+]
(Ultimate) BantyoLeomon [Level 67+, Beast Exp 30000+]
(Adult) Grizzmon [Level 15+]
(Adult) WereGarurumon/Black [Level 20+]

-----------------------------Author's Notes---------------------------------

Yes, I have notes. For you. >__>

Some of those Digimon might be missing some Digimon, e-mail me if you know
100% I'm missing a Digimon. Also, some Digimon are missing parts of how they
Digivolve into so-and-so. Again, e-mail me if you find out if I'm missing
anything. If you find anymore "evolution lines" that are 100% legit,
PLEASE E-MAIL ME! YOU WILL BE CREDITTED! (Don't spam my e-mail inbox T_T).
So, I added somethin' called Qualities to a few Digimon up there after
Yamato-san told me I should add that in. Anywho, I bet you're wondering:
"What do you mean my Qualities?" Frankly I don't know. Another definition
I got for the word (sositsu which is qualities in Japanese) was Character.
I'm going to take a stab at this and guess that your Digimon's qualities
are it's personality basically. It's character. Don't ask me anymore
about it -__-. Version 0.6 already! Just added the stage or level of each
Digimon so everyone knows <_<. Also, BelialMyotismon onyl has "Ultim" by
his name instead of "Ultimate" because the line it is written on is over
the 80 character margin rule for FAQS. :X

u__u, Till the next up-date!


F.A.Q = Frequently asked questions. I'm going to answer some! :0

Q: What Digimon are is this game?!
A: As of now, I'm still fixing up the list. So, check the topic made by SSBM
Pichu about all playable Digis in the game.

Q: How do I get "X" Digimon?
A: This isn't the FAQ for that. But, if it's an evolution Ctrl+f type in
it's name, and you might find it.

Q: Can "X" Digimon digivolve to "X" digimon?!
A: T_T, use Ctrl+f type the Digimon's name and check.

Q: When will be the next update?
A: Dunno. Whenever the FAQ needs an new update.

Q: What does "X" mean?
A: Invalid question. 

Q: Did you make up these questions?
A: . . . Yea. -__-

Q: Will you be adding more questions?
A: Probably. Only if people start e-mail me questions.

------------------------------That's all! (End credits)---------------------

Sweetness I finished my first FAQ (Don't worry, I'll still update)!! ^____^

List of people to thank and why:

Cheers to Yamato-san for letting me use the Impmon and Bearmon he translated,
since I couldn't understand what I translated. :/

Cheers to Mew Seeker for telling me Tentomon needs Defense to Digivolve into

Cheers to this site:

For posting that info, which I later translated.

Cheers to myself to translating that info! :D, Took alot of time and effort,
but I did t for you, and for free. :(

Remember, you can e-mail me any good questions anytime! My e-mail is located
at the very top of this FAQ. 

Copyright 2006 Nino Topalcevic