Digimon World: Dawn review
Keeping The Digimon Series Alive

The good:

  • Great monster collecting title
  • Many Digimon to collect
  • DNA Digivolution, Armor Digivolution, and Degeneration offer a unique twist on the genre
  • Online battling and matching

The bad:

  • Quest system is a bit odd
  • No trading over WiFi


I have to be honest here. Ever since I first played a Digimon game (on the Playstation) I have steered clear of the franchise, fearing that I would be purchasing a game not worth the money. However, after Digimon World DS received good reviews from critics, my hope was restored in the series and I picked up Digimon World: Dawn.

Digimon World: Dawn does everything it can to be a great moster battling RPG, and succeeds in many aspects. However, sometimes the game's faults are just too large to look past.

The basic storyline is this: You, as a new member of the Light Fang, are thrown into a world in turmoil. Strange things have been happening throughout the Digital World, and your rivals, the Night Crow, may be the culprits. It is up to you to stop the complete destruction of the Digital World.

After you have been thrown into this universe, you must begin training your Digimon and completing quests given to you. To get a new mission, you must return to the quest desk and obtain a new mission. I found this to be a bit tedious, and would prefer a more robust system driving the story.

If you can get past this mission system, you will find an extensive and deep battle system. Up to three Digimon can be battling for your team at one time, with three reserve Digimon allowed in your party. Your attacks differ in power and range, as well as the number of times they hit. An attack can hit anywhere from one to five zones.

This video shows how the battle system works.

Each Digimon also has a strong and weak attribute. For example, a Holy Digimon will be weak to Dark attacks. Utilizing these weaknesses could be key in obtaining a victory.

Once a Digimon is strong enough, you have the ability to Digivolve your Digimon. Many Digimon have different paths that you can take, as well as the option of Dna Digivolving (combining two Digimon) or Armor Digivolving (using DigiEggs to Digivolve a Digimon). This gives a player many different options, and is one of the best parts about the game.

Once you have a strong enough team, you can take the game online and battle with your friends. After swapping your friend codes, you can battle head to head . This is a great way to showcase your skills as a Digimon trainer.

If you need a certain Digimon, you can match with someone else to create an egg, which may or may not hatch into the Digimon that you want. There are many different types of eggs to create, so make sure you create the right type!

I was a bit disappointed at the lack of online trading. If you want to trade for certain Digimon, you must do it with someone locally who also owns the game. This is frustrating, and I am unsure as to why they didn't add an online trading feature.

There were also a few glitches that I found while playing the game. Some barricades that are put up for certain missions never get put down, and are very frustrating. Also, I noticed that they refer to some characters are referred to by two different names.

But these are two minor things. If you can look past this games faults, you will find an entertaining, incredibly deep RPG, especially for the DS. Pokemon may be more popular, but this may be the boost that the Digimon franchise needs.

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Chad Dec 7, 07
Nice review! I liked how you went in-depth in your descriptions of the storyline and gameplay, but I do have a suggestion. Try to give your opinion on a few more aspects such as the controls, the graphics, and sounds.
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Fluidity Dec 11, 07
Very nice Tainted! Just a small suggestion though, maybe you can try adding some images to help deepen your descriptions? Oh, and I agree with Chad, you should add some info on the technical things. Very nice though, and good video. =]
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