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Almost a legend

The good:

-DNA evolution, Armor evolution.
-Holds the record for most digimon in any game.
-Great Replay Value (WI-FI)
-The Player will have a great challenge with story and wifi.

The bad:

-All Armor Digimon are not in exspecally from the tv series.
-No baby level(rank)(dont care but still wish they had it)
-Some requirements for digivolution is dumb
- the music


Ok this was my first digimon game but i did do research on the other games(to compare)


The Story starts when your chacacter is late for the torney and one of the members of Light Fang (Your team) is waiting for you. you come then the member talks about dark claw (Your rivals with this team) and on the top of your DS you should see two digimon from light fang and night claw. In then end light claw loses then your up to fight night claw. You defeat the team then you vs night claws best recruit in there squad.When you battle her you might win or lose but the story goes on.later when you ...


Keeping The Digimon Series Alive

The good:

  • Great monster collecting title
  • Many Digimon to collect
  • DNA Digivolution, Armor Digivolution, and Degeneration offer a unique twist on the genre
  • Online battling and matching

The bad:

  • Quest system is a bit odd
  • No trading over WiFi


I have to be honest here. Ever since I first played a Digimon game (on the Playstation) I have steered clear of the franchise, fearing that I would be purchasing a game not worth the money. However, after Digimon World DS received good reviews from critics, my hope was restored in the series and I picked up Digimon World: Dawn.

Digimon World: Dawn does everything it can to be a great moster battling RPG, and succeeds in many aspects. However, sometimes the game's faults are just too large to look past.

The basic storyline is this: You, as a new member of the Light Fang, are thrown into a w...


Digimon World Dawn

The good:

It's amazing
Great Graphics, Storyline and it's an hard game

The bad:

Nothing wrong with me =D


Digimon has seen a bit of resurrection on the Nintendo DS. Last December's Digimon World DS was a pretty decent RPG, and arguably the best Digimon game since, well, ever. So naturally the guys over at Bandai Entertainment Company followed it up with a more courageous endeavor: Digimon World: Dawn and Digimon World: Dusk. The double SKU title is bigger than its prequel, but unfortunately, that doesn't quite make it better.

Players that aren't familiar with the Digimon franchise won't get much help from Dawn/Dusk. The game assumes the player knows what's going on, and it was probably developed...

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