Digimon World: Dawn / Dusk Digimon Tier & Competition Guide v1.2
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: : : : Digimon World: Dawn / Dusk Digimon Tier & Competition Guide

Digimon World: Dawn / Dusk Digimon Tier & Competition Guide

by Dr Newtype   Updated to v1.2 on

Digimon World Dawn/Dusk

By Dr.Newtype
                                                  Ver 1.2

           Table of Contents

: 1. Introduction..........................................................................(1.0)
: 2. Version history.......................................................................(2.0)
: 3. Legal matters.........................................................................(3.0)
: 4. Objective.............................................................................(4.0)
: 5. Field testing breakdown...............................................................(5.0)
: 6. Digimon tiers.........................................................................(6.0)
   -6.1 Competition tiers
   -6.2 Tier Breakdown
   -6.3 Distinguishing between maximum and true potential
: 7. Indepth anaylsis(high level digimon only).............................................(7.0)
   -7.1  Lotusmon
   -7.2  Piedmon
   -7.3  DotshineGreymon
   -7.4  Devitamamon
   -7.5  ImperialdramonDB
   -7.6  Eaglemon
   -7.7  Ophanimon
   -7.8  MiragegaogamonBM
   -7.9  Pharoahmon 
   -7.10 Gulfmon
   -7.11 RosemonBM
   -7.12 Gallantmon
   -7.13 Neptunmon
   -7.14 Seraphimon
   -7.15 RavemonBM
   -7.16 Banchouleomon
   -7.17 Omnimon
   -7.18 Cherubimon(vaccine)
   -7.19 HerculesKabuterimon
   -7.20 ShinegreymonRM
   -7.21 Valdurmon
   -7.22 Sleipmon
   -7.23 VNMyotsimon
   -7.24 Beelzemon
   -7.25 Milleniummon
   -7.26 Lilithmon
   -7.27 ChaosGallantmon
   -7.28 Cherubimon(Virus)
   -7.29 Minervamon
   -7.30 Chaosmon
   -7.31 Apocalymon
   -7.32 Shinegreymon BM
   -7.33 Imperialdramon FM
   -7.34 Alphamon
   -7.35 Argomon UT
   -7.36 Susanoomon
   -7.37 Malomyotsimon
   -7.38 MoonMilleniummon
   -7.39 Beelzemon BM
   -7.40 Duftmon
   -7.41 Gallantmon CM
   -7.42 Imperialdramon PM
   -7.43 Armageddonmon
   -7.44 ZeedMilleniummon
   -7.45 Argomon MG
   -7.46 Chronomon HM
: 8. Extra testing.........................................................................(8.0)
    -8.1 Circle of power
: 9. Balancing Competitive play............................................................(9.0)
: 10.Credits...............................................................................(10.0) 
: 11.Contact info..........................................................................(11.0)



   My names is Dr.Newtype and I am the founder of the HNH gaming community. This guide
will attempt to group digimon into tiers based on their overall stats and use the field testing
method I have layed out which was inspired by reading LordKarusaman's Gundam musou 3 guide on pilot stats
and gundam tiers. This is my first faq and I'm putting a solid amount of time into this. I hope to enjoy                                                   
the digimon experience even more by learning the strength and weakness's of digimon in more detail, and I
hope that you, the reader, will also enjoy reading this faq. We all wondered which digimon are the strongest
and the what not, I hope this will fulfill your willingness to find out.


                                            Version History(2.0)

-Officially started writing guide on 2/25/2013
-Fixed weird errors 4/02/2013
-Fixed errors for good 4/04/13


                                            Legal matters(3.0)

 Copyright 2013 By Dr.Newtype

This guide cannot be reproduced or sold for buisness purposes. You may not post this guide on any other website
without my permission and consent. This guide is meant for private and personal uses only. Posting this
guide on any other site than neoseeker is strictly prohibited without my consent. The following sites may
use this guide:


All trademarks and coprights belong to their respective owners that are mentioned in this guide.



Digimon tiers are something that people have had difficulty to identify. I would go to FAQ's and boards   
and I would find that no one really took a legitimate shot at truly distinguishing tiers in Digimon World
Dawn/Dusk. Even if people did assign tiers they weren't done in a very convincing matter. The following   
question have to be answered when analyzing digimon in this game:

 - What makes this digimon so unique compared to other digimon?
 - How can we distinguish the tiers in digimon, is there a legitimate way to do it?

 - Is there a way to test the strength and weakness's of digimon that can convince us to beleive that
   tiers exist in this game?
 - Is there a way to create competitive digimon gaming without cheapness being a factor?

All these question will be answered in the guide. The goal is to field test, revolve and settle
the tiers of digimon.




                                           Field tesing breakdown(5.0)

 So this is how it's gonna work...


    In digimon you can constantly degenerate and digivolve digimon. As a result digimon's aptitude will increase
as well as it's overall stats. This is called sliding. However, unfortunately...you can continute to do this
until eventually all the digimon's stats are 999. By this way what happens? You will get digimon that will  
OHKO virtually every digimon in the game, when you play your friends it will be the same. Suppose if you
have a digimon with all 999 stats and so does your friend, whoever goes first wins. There's no point in
playing the game competitvely when you can OHKO just about anything. You might as well as play divekick. So
for the tiers I'm breaking down a reasonable and realistic approach to identifying what tier what digimon
belongs in. 

   The digimon tiers are only meant for Mega level digimon as well as super ultimate. What you will notice is
I will write next to the Overall tier and I might categorize a digimon as super ultimate. The case will be that
it may not be considered a super ultimate in the cannon series but it's strength is so well distinguished
from the other Mega level digimon that I called it "Super Ultimate". An S+ tier mega is S+, but when you
have a digimon that has strength considerably stronger than other S+ tier digimon it should  have a 
different title. A digimon that will be ranked S+++ or higher will be considered a Super Ultimate level
digimon. This is how the stat tiers will work:

                                                       Base Stat tier 

                                                : S+= 2400+                                 :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                : S= 2150-2400                              :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                : A= 1950-2150                              :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
					        : B= 1750-1950                              :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                : C= 1500-1750                              :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
                                                :                                           :
						: D= 1450 and below                         :

				                          Individual Stat tier

						 :	                                    :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :	 S+=650+                            :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :	 S= 550-600                         :
						 :                                          :
                                                 :                                          :
                                                 :                                          :
					         :	                                    :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :	 A= 500-550                         :
						 :                                          :
                                                 :                                          :
                                                 :                                          :
   						 :	                                    :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :	 B= 450-500                         :
						 :                                          :
                                                 :                                          :
                                                 :                                          : 
						 :	                                    :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :	 C= 400-450                         :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :                                          :
						 :	 D= 350-400                         :

These are the standards set for the field testing:

 -The Mega level digimon must have used as little sliding as possible to reach its form.

                I have a MagnaAngemon level 15 with an aptitude for level 80. He digivolves
                to Seraphimon at level 66. You must digivolve at level 66 and cannot go above.
                Unless it couldn't be helped. 

 -Stat requirements must be met at the minimum.

                For MagnaAngemon to digivolve to SLAngemon, you need to have 250 attack.
                The number should not be any more than 50. You may not have MagnaAngemon
                with 301 attack and digivolve it to SLAngemon.

 -Upon reaching its Mega form you must max out UP TO THAT PARTICULAR APPTITUDE ONLY.
  You are not allowed to slide any more unless neccesary for DNA digivoltuion or reaching
  another mega form.

 - DNA digivolved digimon must meet target aptitude ASAP.

               I have a MMilleniummon level 88(max apt). For it to become ZeedMilleniummon
               I need Gigadramon to also become level 88. The minimum level required for 
               ZeedMilleniummon is 77. But since I have MMilleniemmon at level 88 already
               I need to get Gigadramon to level 88. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SLIDE BOTH 
               DIGIMONS APTITUDE ABOVE 88. In most cases I will have to rework the digimon
	       process for DNA digivolution.

 -When sliding a Mega digimon to increase its aptitude for DNA digivolution. YOU MAY NOT
  for degeneration.

               I have a level 80 Seraphimon. I already have a maxed out level 85 Gallantmon
               and I want a GallantmonCM. I must degenerate in order to increase its aptitude
               to level 85. I cannot first level Seraphimon to level 80 then degenerate it to
               MagnaAngemon at level 80. When degeneration is available at level 34.

 -And finally...this is the layout for field testing. The digimon must go alone to transfield
 and fight all the way through it and then fight the Gaia of Origin. Sounds rather...difficult?
 Yes of course. But this is the only way to truly test the strength of digimon and see what there
 capable of. This is the layout for the tiers:


               Digimon name                         Base stat            Tier, its level, # of fields it survived

 -If the digimon beats the members of the Gaia of origin I will state the numbers that it beat.
 -The following stats are used to calculate the base stats: Attack,Defense,Spirit,Speed.
 -Equipping items is 100% prohibited in field testing.
 -Only MP maybe recovered not health. It's to see how far a digimon can push themselves with their combat abilties.
 -I will perform an indepth analysis of high level digimon, and digimon who might posess considerable potential.
 -Please note that the digimon I call "Super Ultimate" may not necessarily be Super Ultimate in the actual series.
 -The only case where health is recoverable is a move that can both deal damage and heal. Damage and heal
 combined indicate combat potential in battle so it is acceptable.


                                              Digimon tiers(6.0)

Digimon:                                              Base stat:                                       Overall tier:

MetalEtemon                                                1250 +/- 130                                     D  lv68,(0/4)
GhoulmonB                                                  1350 +/- 130                                     D  lv80,(0/4)
WarGreymon                                                 1375 +/- 130                                     D  lv72,(0/4)
GranKuwagamon                                              1375 +/- 130                                     D  lv68,(0/4)
Ravemon                                                    1375 +/- 130                                     D  lv70,(0/4)
Rosemon                                                    1400 +/- 130                                     D  lv70,(0/4)
Ghoulmon                                                   1425 +/- 130                                     D  lv70,(0/4)
SLAngemon                                                  1425 +/- 130                                     D  lv66,(0/4)
Dorugoramon                                                1425 +/- 130                                     D  lv75,(0/4)
Dianamon                                                   1450 +/- 130                                     D  lv82,(0/4)
Cannondramon                                               1450 +/- 130                                     D  lv67,(0/4)
Vikemon                                                    1450 +/- 130                                     D  lv72,(0/4)
Megidramon                                                 1450 +/- 130                                     D  lv80,(0/4)
PrinceMamemon                                              1450 +/- 130                                     D  lv67,(0/4)
Metalgarurumon                                             1500 +/- 130                                     D  lv72,(0/4)
BSGargomon                                                 1500 +/- 130                                     D  lv73,(0/4)
MAngemon                                                   1525 +/- 130                                     D  lv76,(0/4)
MirageGaogamon                                             1550 +/- 130                                     D+ lv70,(1/4)
Darkdramon                                                 1550 +/- 130                                     D  lv80,(0/4)
Apollomon                                                  1550 +/- 130                                     D  lv82,(0/4)
Boltmon                                                    1550 +/- 130                                     D+ lv71,(0/4)
Zanbamon                                                   1550 +/- 130                                     D  lv74,(0/4)
ShineGreymon                                               1550 +/- 130                                     D  lv70,(0/4)
Valkyriemon                                                1550 +/- 130                                     D+ lv73,(1/4)
Babamon                                                    1550 +/- 130                                     D+ lv67,(0/4)
Jijimon                                                    1550 +/- 130                                     C- lv67,(0/4)
QueenChessmon                                              1575 +/- 130                                     D  lv68,(0/4)
Ebemon                                                     1575 +/- 130                                     D  lv69,(0/4)
Gryphomon                                                  1575 +/- 130                                     D+ lv68,(0/4)
SkullMammothmon                                            1600 +/- 130                                     D+ lv70,(0/4)
Pukumon                                                    1600 +/- 130                                     D  lv65,(0/4)
Kuzuhamon                                                  1625 +/- 130                                     C- lv68,(1/4)
Lampmon                                                    1650 +/- 130                                     C- lv68,(1/4)
KingChessmon                                               1675 +/- 130                                     D+ lv68,(0/4)
MetalSeadramon                                             1675 +/- 130                                     D  lv75,(0/4)
Parasimon                                                  1700 +/- 130                                     D+ lv65,(0/4)
MegaGargomon                                               1700 +/- 130                                     D  lv73,(0/4)
Precismon                                                  1700 +/- 130                                     D  lv68,(0/4)
Goldramon                                                  1725 +/- 130                                     C- lv80,(1/4)
Gigaseadramon                                              1725 +/- 130                                     C- lv75,(0/4)
Puppetmon                                                  1725 +/- 130                                     B- lv75,(2/4)
Lotusmon                                                   1725 +/- 130                                     B+ lv74,(4/4)
Piedmon                                                    1750 +/- 130                                     A- lv67,(4/4)
DotShinegreymon                                            1750 +/- 130                                     B+ lv82,(3/4)
Devitamamon                                                1775 +/- 130                                     A+ lv78,(4/4)
HiAndromon                                                 1775 +/- 130                                     C- lv74,(0/4)
Phoenixmon                                                 1800 +/- 130                                     B- lv80,(2/4)
Imperialdramon DB                                          1800 +/- 130                                     A  lv73,(4/4)
Machinedramon                                              1800 +/- 130                                     D  lv75,(0/4)
Imperialdramon DM                                          1835 +/- 130                                     C- lv70,(0/4)
Jumbogamemon                                               1850 +/- 130                                     C- lv75,(1/4)
DotMiragegaogamon                                          1850 +/- 130                                     D  lv82,(0/4)
Holydramon                                                 1850 +/- 130                                     B  lv66,(2/4)
Diaboromon                                                 1850 +/- 130                                     C- lv80,(0/4)
Saberleomon                                                1875 +/- 130                                     B- lv75,(1/4)
Anubismon                                                  1875 +/- 130                                     C- lv58,(0/4)
Eaglemon                                                   1890 +/- 130                                     A  lv67,(4/4)
Justimon                                                   1890 +/- 130                                     C- lv75,(1/4)
Sakuyamon                                                  1900 +/- 130                                     B  lv73,(2/4)
Ophanimon                                                  1950 +/- 130                                     B+ lv77,(2/4)
Miragegaogamon BM                                          1950 +/- 130                                     A+ lv74,(4/4)
Pharoahmon                                                 1950 +/- 130                                     S+ lv73,(4/4)  Defeated 4/9 emembers of the gaia of origin 
BlacWarGreymon                                             1975 +/- 130                                     C- lv72,(1,4)
Gulfmon                                                    1975 +/- 130                                     A  lv78,(4/4)
Rosemon BM                                                 1975 +/- 130                                     A  lv77,(4/4)
Gallantmon                                                 2000 +/- 130                                     A  lv85,(4/4)
Neptunmon                                                  2025 +/- 130                                     A+ lv66,(4,4)
Seraphimon                                                 2025 +/- 130                                     B+ lv80,(2/4)
Ravemon BM                                                 2050 +/- 130                                     A  lv85,(4/4)  Defeated 1/9 members of the gaia of origin
Banchouleomon                                              2050 +/- 130                                     A  lv68,(4/4)
Omnimon                                                    2050 +/- 130                                     S++ lv79,(4/4) Defeated 2/9 members of the gaia of origin
Cherubimon(Vaccine)                                        2075 +/- 130                                     A+ lv77,(4/4)
HerculesKabuterimon                                        2075 +/- 130                                     S lv68,(4/4)   Defeated 2/9 members of the gaia of origin
ShineGreymon RM                                            2075 +/- 130                                     A+ lv78,(4/4)
Daemon                                                     2075 +/- 130                                     C  lv80,(1/4)
Valdurmon                                                  2075 +/- 130                                     S  lv72,(4/4) 
Sleipmon                                                   2100 +/- 130                                     A  lv85,(3/4)
VNMyotsimon                                                2100 +/- 130                                     A+ lv77,(4/4)
Beelzemon                                                  2100 +/- 130                                     S  lv68,(4/4)  Defeated 1/9 members of the agai of origin 
Millenniummon                                              2100 +/- 130                                     A- lv64,(4/4)
Lilithmon                                                  2125 +/- 130                                     S  lv80,(4,4)  Defeated 1/9 members of the gaia of origin
ChaosGallantmon                                            2125 +/- 130                                     A  lv86,(4/4)
Cherubimon(virus)                                          2150 +/- 130                                     A+ lv77,(4/4)
Minervamon                                                 2175 +/- 130                                     S  lv74,(4/4)
Chaosmon                                                   2175 +/- 130                                     A+ lv82,(4/4)
Apocalymon                                                 2250 +/- 130                                     S+ lv99,(4/4)  Defeated 3/9 members of the gaia of origin
ShineGreymon BM                                            2250 +/- 130                                     S++ lv78,(4/4) Defeated 3/9 members of the gaia of origin
Imperialdramon FM                                          2250 +/- 130                                     S+ lv80,(4/4)  Defeated 3/9 members of the gaia of origin
Alphamon                                                   2350 +/- 130                                     S+ lv85,(4/4)  Defeated 3/9 members of the gaia of origin
Argomon UT                                                 2375 +/- 130                                     S lv62,(4/4)   Defeated 4/9 members of the gaia of origin
Susanoomon                                                 2400 +/- 130                                     S++ lv86,(4/4) Defeated 4/9 members of the gaia of origin
Malomyotsimon                                              2400 +/- 130                                     S++ lv74,(4/4) Defeated 4/9 members of the gaia o origin
MoonMilleniummon                                           2400 +/- 130                                     S++ lv88,(4/4) Defeated 4/9 members of the gaia of origin
Beelzemon BM                                               2500 +/- 130                                     S++ lv75,(4/4) Defeated 5/9 members of the gaia of origin
Duftmon                                                    2525 +/- 130                                     S+++ lv88,(4/4)Defeated 6/9 members of hte gaia of origin "Super Ultimate"
Gallantmon CM                                              2525 +/- 130                                     S+++ lv88,(4/4)Defeated 7/9 members of the gaia of origin "Super Ultimate"
Imperialdramon PM                                          2550 +/- 130                                     S+++ lv87,(4/4)Defeated 7/9 members of the gaia of origin "Super Ultimate"
Armageddonmon                                              2725 +/- 130                                     S+++ lv89,(4/4)ODV'd gaia of origin "Super Ultimate"
ZeedMillenniummon                                          2775 +/- 130                                     S+++ lv95,(4/4)ODV'd gaia of orgin "Super Ultimate"
Argomon MG                                                 2900 +/- 130                                     S++ lv80,(4/4) Defeated 7/9 members of the gaia of origin
Chronomon HM                                               3000 +/- 130                                     S++++ lv99,(4/4)ODV'd gaia of origin "Unknown"

Interesting right? Only God Almighty knows how many times I fought the Gaia of Origin.
You will notice the +/- sign, this indicates how much more stat points it can legally have
for competitive means. Conventionally no digimon should exceed 130+ the base stat,
or go below anything -130 the base stat. Meaning for Chronomon HM the highest his base stat
should hit is 3130 and shouldn't exceed that, and it should not go below 2870. I will now
present the competiton tiers. Competion tiers consist of the following:
 -Over Used(OU)
 -Under Used(UU)


                                            Competition tiers(6.1)

Chronomon HM
Argomon MG
Imperialdramon PM
Gallantmon CM
Beelzemon BM
Argomon UT
Shinegreymon BM

Over Used
Imperialdramon FM
ShineGreymon RM
Ravemon BM
Rosemon BM
Miragegaogamon BM
Imperialdramon DB

Under Used
Imperialdramon DM
						   Tier breakdown(6.2)

 Here's a take on what the individual tiers actually mean:
D class: The digimon nobody cares about really. Maybe your friend will take
a liking to WarGreymon only cuz he remembers him from the original series which 
he hasn't watched in many years. They have many weakness's and don't have much
potential in matters of combat. They crumble quick, in some cases immediately.
These digimon are meant for UU competition...not OU and Ubers. But
note that there are good digimon in this tier like Anubismon but the reason they're
there is because their primary role is support through healing.

C class: These guys unlike the previous class have some potential. Especially guys
like Lampmon who can use their special tech to put digimon to sleep. The digimon
in this tier have base stats that indicate they have some potential but they
weren't able to hold out transfield because they lacked tankiness. These digimon
should be able to fend off A class digimon but will need support doing it.
Majority of them belong in UU tier and can have some potential in OU.

B class: Alright...remember Yu Yu Hakusho? You guys remember how tough Toguro was
and we were totally frightend by him at maximum power? Yea I remember that. Then
I find out, according to Koenma he was only a B+ tier demon. What does this have to do 
with digimon? Well at this point the digimon are scary. They aren't run on the 
mill digimon and they have made it out of the 2nd transfield, well the majority. They
will have some kind of trait that will make them especially annoying to deal with. Like
Sakuyamons Dodge Dance which makes it hard to hit her. These are the class of digimon
you might have to do some prepping for, especially if paired with S class sweepers.

A class: This is when things get real. These are the digimon we have come to know and love,
Gallantmon, ImperialdramonDB, and Banchouleomon. The digimon in this tier have
few weakness's in some cases none. It has some dangerous sweeping digimon as well
as balanced and overall solid digimon. These digimon belong mainly in
OU. No digimon in this tier is to be overlooked.

S class: Welcome to Mega heights. Where the strongest digimon rein supreme...
or do they? At this point your playing with the big boys and the top 20 or so
strongest digimon in the game. No weakness's, no fear, and no threats. These digimon
are the Demi Lords of the digital world in Dawn/Dusk. And not much can put up a front 
against them. But these are just the Demi Lords...what about the Lords of the digital 
world? Well let me give you an idea of how strong S tier digimon are. 1 S class digimon
can fight off at least 250-300 digimon. That's a small battalion of champion, ultimate
and Mega class digimon. But what about 2? If they are to fight together they can probably
take down 2000+ digimon. The digimon I am talking about are from transfield and this is
presumed with MP heals to test their full combat abilities. It's probably way more than
2000 digimon. These are the main threats in OU and you WILL prepare yourself to fight them
in competitive play.

S+ class: These are among the top 16 strongest digimon in the game. Consisting of legendary
digimon that EVERYONE has heard of at some point. I never watched the series to see 
ImperialdramonFM but I was always aware of his existence through the media somehow.
Finally the gaia of origin now gets a challenge. The guys are able to hack and slash through
2 or 3 members of the gaia of origin. Alone..they can fight some where around 
500-1000 digimon consisiting of mainly ultimate and mega class digimon from transfield. If
paired up with another S+ class digimon they can take down around 10,000-30,000 transfield
digimon. Remeber that when I make these estimates there are 3 things to take into account.
That the digimon has unlimited MP heals(not Hp), and their defense and spirit stats. The MP heals
are present to take the digimons combat abilties to the max and see how long they can survive.
These digimon belong in Ubers with no questions asked except with the possiblity of Apocalymon
and a few others going to OU.

S++ class: These are THE strongest Megas in the game. They are between Mega and Super Ultimate
class of digimon. The digimon of this calibur have earned the right to be called the Lords of the
digital world. As there strength makes them look nearly imposibble to take down. They can take down
1000-3000 digimon in transfield alone, and maybe abit more. They take down between 4-6
members of the gaia of origin with no legitimate difficulties. But don't worry...these guys are in
Ubers. So unless your taking them on in Ubers you can stay happy go lucky in OU and worry about
digimon like beelzemon.
S+++ clas: This is the level that belongs to the legends of the digital world as well as
Lords of all digimon. I had no other way to explain the strength of this class other than
to call them Super Ultimate. If these digion are to take on an army of transfield digimon I estimate
they would take down atleast...120,000 digimon before nearing death. This is the case of 
ZeedMilleniummon who has around 775 speed and can outspeed digimon twice in transfield.	These digimon
have no true weakness and have outstanding movepools since most of them are DNA digivolutions.

S++++ class: This class only belongs to digimon that not only clear transfield taking no damage,
but also soundly defeat all members of gaia of origin. This was a theoretical tier and I wasn't sure
if anyone was gonna make it this far. Well somebody did make it, Chronomon HM, who is an actual
Super Ultimate class digimon. However the power of this class of digimon is so high
that I can't really categorize them into a class so I list them as unknown. This digimon has
earned the right to be called "Ruler of the digital world".															
			Distinguishing between true potential and maximum(6.3)			
 I know some of you have doubts about these tiers so some things must be cleared up. The
reason some of the tiers are so grandiose and seem exaggerated is because the tiers are based on MAXIMUM
potential not TRUE potential. Maximum potential tiers are based on the strength, and combat abilities
of digimon based on their HP and stats. What skeptics would feel is refilling MP may appear
unrealistic and in a way it is. Skeptics seek out what's called true potential. True potential is when
a digimon is left to survive off of whatever is available in the real time which is a more realistic 
approach. But here's the problem...by the time a 3000 MP digimon makes it to the 3rd field they've lost
all their MP. If I have a Miragegaogamon BM and he still has 80% of his health...doesn't that indicate
greater potential? And unfortunately there is no struggle in this game like Pokemon. The digimon
is stuck at B+ tier despite having the potenial to go much farther. In this case much of the cast would
stop around B tier and would not proceed any further. In any case, testing a digimons maximum potential
would give us a better idea of what the digimon can do compared to limiting a digimon which is only suitable
in competitive play.  

                                              Indepth Analysis(7.0)

    In this section I will discuss the strong points of the digimon that are B+ or higher. What must be
 understood that even though certain digimon might have a base stat level that indicates they might be A+
 tier potential, they can turn out to be S tier, some times even higher. These are the reasons:
    -Tank type 
	Movepools are incredibly important. For those of you who play competitive Pokemon...you understand how
 important movepools are. You will be required to fight various pokemon and it's critical that you be
 prepared to take on tanky threats like Tyrannitar, and sweepers like Garchomp. In similitudes, a digimon
 must have a big enough movepool to fight tanky threats like Eaglemon and Cherubimon. That or the digimon
 should be tanky by itself. Next is traits...in Pokemon we also have traits. Some of them turn what would be an
 ok Pokemon to Lordlike Pokemon. In digimon though, instead of having 1 trait, you have 4. The following are
 the best traits to have:
    -All Elements
    -Healthy Body
	The digimon is given traits upon reaching it's new form and there is nothing you can do to give it any
 alternative traits like in Pokemon. It stays as is. Any resistance based trait is also very good. 
 The last and equally important reason for digimon performance is its type. If you look at 
 the stats of your digimon below personality you will read type. There a bunch of types a digimon can be,
 but the most potent one being tank type. Devitamamon had excellent performance compared to the rest of
 its base stat peers. It turned out to be a tank type with a wonderous 697 or so defense....So without 
 further a do, here is the indepth analysis. Enjoy.
Tier: B+ 
Base stat: 1725
 -Heroic Move
 -Dark Veil
 -Mind's Eye
Analysis: Though this digimon has an attractive appearance, it is quite frightening. 
Pollen spray will ensure the demise of your digimon unless your prepared for it. The rest
of the moveset consists of electric, dark, and earth. It is good enough to put rock solid digimon
under pressure. If your opponent finds a way to get around pollen spray this digimon won't have 
much use. This digimon makes for solid support in OU and amazing support in UU tier. However,
it can'r be relied on for sweeping since it has a mediocre moveset. The only real use the moveset 
will see is with pollen spray, as it is the core for the successful execution with Lotusmon.

Tier: A-
Base Stat: 1750
 -Dark Veil
 -Dodge Dance
Analysis: When I looked at this digimon I was like...meh he doesn't look special. Turned out I couldn't
be more wrong. In the cannon series he is considered to be among the superior level of Mega class digimon.
And it turned out to be just that. I was SO excited to see how far this digimon would make it into Transfield
and hoped if he was an S class digimon. With moves like 01 crusher, D.Mag.Square, and its technique, Trump Sword,
not much was about to stop this digimon. 01 crusher is one of the best moves in the game. If Piedmon is able
to stun or confuse its foes, it can safely lower all your mons attributes with DMag.Square. Sounds especially
scary in competitive play right? Yup no doubt. In fact this digimon can probably ball S class digimon. A digimon
to always be careful of, because if you let your guard down for a second you can find yourself in a rut fast...

Tier: B+
Base Stat: 1750
 -Heroic Power
 -All Elemts
 -Economizer S
Analysis: Such a pathetic looking digimon. Yet still fearsome. He has 3 of the best traits in
the game and maintains a decent typing. His moveset is rather mediocre as it consists of metal
and fire alone. Atleast each of the moves pack a solid punch. In OU DSgreymon wouldn't see much use
as he would be outclassed by more bulky sweepers. But he would pose a threat in UU as B class digimon
are dominant in that tier.

Tier: A+
Base Stat: 1775
 -Heroic Guard
 -Dark Veil
Analysis: It is said that the core Devitamamon contains all the evil of the digital world. Well I bear witness
to that. I mean...sheesh this guy can even compete with Armageddonmon in his tankiness. And Armageddonmon
is a Super Ultimate class digimon. Though its move pool may not look that great at first cuz it's mainly
dark attribute, demon claw+tank= death through stalling. Did I do that in the field testing? Of course.
I recall clearly when I was fighting 2 or 3 Rosemon that had me paralyized for about 10-15 turns total.
Tanked all that and relied on poison for damage. By the time I made it into the last field I still had
around 75% health. Died fighting the first wave of the Gaia of Origin, not without a fight of course.
Indeed fear his evil...for he can even scare the Lords of the digital world with his absurd tankiness and
stalling tactics. It will take mainly S or higher class digimon to take down this beast. As for the A class
digimon better be protected by their S class brothers in the heat of battle.

Tier: A
Base Stat:1800
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Guard
 -Mind's Eye
Analysis: How can anyone forget this memorable digimon? As kids we loved the different forms of Veemon
and the different forms of Imperialdramon. All of which we realized had considerable strength. In the
game this digimon has certainly earned my respect. His movepool is quite phenomenal.Burst breath is a 
great fire move. It also inherits a very useful move called wild TD claw. He can even play support role
in competitive games with blazing power. Not much to be said here other than this digimon being an
overall solid OU tier digimon.

Tier: A
Base Stat: 1890
 -Heroic Guard
 -Heroic Heart
 -All Elements
Analysis: This was one of the first digimon who's stats I calculated. I didn't test him until 90 or
so hours later. The digimons performance was excellent. It had no struggles until the 4th transfield.
All elements is about a good a trait as it gets, and with a high spirit stat you can expect this digimon
to tank through alot of hits. It has a pretty solid move pool which consist of thunder, air, and light.
Dark elements are still a threat though...other than that it doesn't have any weakness's.

Tier: B+
Base Stat: 1950
 -Heroic Heart
 -Economizer S
Analysis: The leader of all female angel digimon. Since it's an angel digimon and of holy 
element you can guess what role it would play in battle right? It plays support. Hence why
it didn't score so high in the tier. She's not alone though, Anubismon is another digimon 
who didn't score high because it is support. Support roles won't be high in tiers because
they're digimon that aren't meant to sweep or tank, but that doesn't mean they lost their 
usefulness. In competitive play Ophanimon will guarntee giving headaches because of her
healing abilties. So pair this digimon with 2 sweepers and your opponent will be in a scare.
Don't expect this digimon to take too much on its own though...it has good attacks but its
sweeping abilities are weak due to a small movepool. This digimon will help the
digimon of the Lord Almighty by heralding spiritual healing on His servants.

Tier: A+
Base Stat: 1950
 -Heroic Move
 -Mind's Eye
 -Dodge Dance
 -Economizer S
Analysis: Much like the other OU sweeper digimon. This digimon has a solid movepool
consisting of amazing moves like flash punch and shining ray. He is not limited in the
use of his movepool and can cover a solid amount of weakness's. Dodge dance acts as a
plus to his decent trait spread. You can call this digimon the scizor of digimon
because of his solid typing and sweeping abilities. 

Tier: S+
Base Stat: 1950
 -All Elements
 -Mind's Eye
Analysis: Where do I start with this guy? I'll start by saying I was completely MIND BLOWN.
I would never suspect that Pharoahmon would have what is arguably the best special tech in the
game. It's because of his special tech alone that he was able to make it so far otherwise he would
be a B+ class or an A class digimon. This digimon is arguably the best digimon in the game.
His tech Mummy gas hits 3 zones and scores for draining the enemy digimons life energy...
meaning that if he attack 3 digimon each next to each other he can recover all his health even
if he's about to die. This digimon made me question wheather I should allow healing in battle or 
not for combat reasons. What I mean to say of course is healing using abilities that digimon like
Ophanimon and Angewomon posess.But I felt that would cause an imbalance in the tiers since combat
ability is not being tested instead support ability is being tested. But only with the exception
of digimon that use combat ability move like drain whip and mummy gas are permitted in fights due
to combat potential. Do you understand what this means? Given infinite MP healing to test combat
abilities, this digimon can never die in transfield. This is the only digimon in the game that can't
die in transfield pretty much no matter what. Even though it didn't ODV gaia of origin, I still consider
this digimon a high class digimon because of its extremely unique typing. Play this digimon for 
yourself...I mean why not? After all he is one of the top 16 strongest digimon in dawn/dusk.

Tier: A
Base Stat: 1975
 -Heroic Power
 -Dark Veil
Analysis: In the series, Gulfmon is suppose to be a high class mega digimon. He is
also a high class digimon in this game. This is one of those digimon that you hoped would 
score really high on the tiers. When I first worked on him I calculated his base stat to
be 2250 however this was incorrect. I trained him right and his power reading was around 1975.
He has 2 frightening moves to him, demon claw and his special tech dead scream. Demon claw
is a superb move and can take out super tanky digimon as long as they don't have statusbarrier.
On the down side he also has gladiator which results in him taking more damage. He has a rather
mediocre movepool with demon claw and dead scream being the only real useful moves. He can still
be a threat though and can give pains to both A and S class digimon alike.

Tier: A
Base Stat: 1975
 -Heroic Heart
 -Dodge Dance
 -Lucky Gods
 -Skill Master
Analysis: Rosemon(normal) had poor performance and ranked bottom tier. When I looked at 
this digimon I thought to myself, "Maybe it has potential...or maybe not". I wasn't
really sure. Looking at its base stat indicated that it had lower A tier potential. As
soon as I started playing her I knew she was gonna be atleast B or upper B tier. She's
very attractive, but don't be seduced by her lovely appearance. This digimon inflicts
status ailments like no tomorrow. From watching her play I realzied in competitive
play she's gonna need to get restriction on the use of charite. It would be very easy
to put digimon to sleep and then pick them off one by one. She made it through all
4 fields with 47 or so percent health. She then got sweeped by the first wave of Gaia
of Origin. Not a digimon to pushover, if this game sees revival anytime soon, expect
Rosemon to give problems with her status ailments unless your prepped.

Tier: A
Base Stat: 2000
 -Heroic Heart
 -Heroic Power
 -Ex Damage4
Analysis: I remember the series that Gallantmon appeared in. I never really watched that
series too much but I always thought Guilmon was adorable and Gallantmon was AWESOME. And
he's still awesome in this game. Gallantmon has a respectable base stat of 2000, he also
has a good movepool which consists of light, metal, and fire. In field testing I didn't
have any issues in any of the fields. But I still knew Gallantmon wasn't gonna beat
the first wave of Gaia of Origin. This digimon is a standard for OU competition
tier. Not much else to be said.

Tier: A+
Base stat: 2025
 -Heroic Heart
 -Mist Coat
 -Healthy Body
 -Mind's Eye
Analysis: First time I saw him was in Digimon Xros wars. He is the first of the Death
Generals that team Xros heart has to face. In this game he is just as fearsome as he is 
in the series. Healthy body is a weaker version of statusbarrier, nonetheless still a good
trait to have. Gigaton hydro is his scariest and most threatening move as it does solid damage
to not just one but double to multiple digimons. Sadly that's the only real scary move but
it's a threat for support digimon.

Tier: B+
Base Stat: 2025
 -Heroic Heart
 -All Elements
 -Healing Wave
Analysis: This digimon is technically A class. It's just that he didn't perform up
to par at transfield. He plays a mixed role with support and offensive roles and is
balanced between both. Well...his support is better thanks to the trait healing wave.
His offensive role can fluctuate because the only prominent moves are of light elements.
But what he lacks in offense is made up in his support and defense. This digimon can be played
in both OU and Ubers due to his support and I would expect to see him much in OU managing support

Tier: A
Base stat: 2050
 -Heroic Move
 -Silphy air
 -Dodge Dance
Analysis: Ravemon(normal) has nothing special other than his looks. Blast mode and burst
mode digimon are always stronger, and the strength is usually considerable. Ravemon BM
is no exception to that and this time he has a very dangerous move at his disposal called
01 crusher, the best non special tech a dark digimon can have. To add to his tech of horrors
he can also learn laser blade, shine slash, and glory thunder. His special tech is an air type
that can hit two times. With a very diverse movepool that covers virtually every weakness
he can quickly become a threat supported with attack boost moves like blaze power. Every digimon
will be afraid of this digimon in OU as he is one of the best sweepers in OU.

Tier: A
Base Stat: 2050
 -Heroic Heart
 -Critical 4
Analysis: This digimon has some disadvantages and he isn't as good as he looks. He has a shallow
movepool that consists mainly of earth elements. Even if he does have moves that are of non
earth element, they're not very strong. The good news is his offense is still considerable and
he has flash punch, a very respectable earth element move. I don't see much use of Banchouleomon
in OU unfortunately as he is outclassed by digimon like Ravemon BM and Shinegreymon RM. In some tourneys
it would be understandable if they shot him down to UU.

Tier: S++
Base stat: 2050
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Move
 -Dodge Dance
Analysis: Whenever I look at this digimon fond memories comeback when I first saw this digimon
in Digimon Rumble Arena. He made his first emotional appearance in the movie Digimon bokura no war game.
I was practically in tears when I saw him in the movie cuz of how he came to be, watch the movie yourself
to find out. In the game he still holds tightly to his legend as a legendary digimon. His combat abilties
are most unusual. He lacks considerable tankiness, if you are to take him through transfield going back
and forth constantly through each of the fields he would at most kill 100 digimon. Yet he is strong enough
to plow through the first wave of the gaia of origin. Dodge dance makes it hard to hit him and can be 
especially useful in Omnimon's case because of how much damage he can deal in a short amount of time.
Omnimon would see plenty of use in OU as he is such a memorable digimon, as well as a very powerful

Tier: A+
Base Stat: 2075
 -Heroic Heart
 -Heroic Move
 -Mind's Eye
 -Critical 4
Analysis: I can respect Cherubimon as a digimon. It didn't have any major issues in 
transfield, but I can see issues coming up in competition. Cherubimon might have 
strong moves but the movepool is not diverse. Fatal hand is a very effective move
against dark type digimon, but it doesn't beat amazing moves like 01 crusher which
can not only potentially stun you but also paralyze. The only real use I can see of
Cherubimon vaccine is to act as an anti meta threat in OU. But it can't be heavily
relied on to carry your small team of digimon.

Tier: S+
Base Stat: 2075
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Guard
Analysis: As far as I know this digimon doesn't actually appear in any of the movies
or anime series. This digimon made one of his first appearances in Digimon World which
was originally released on the Playstation. I got the game back when I was 7 or 8 
years old...didn't complete it till I was 16 in 2008. Anyways this digimon is strangely
tanky. He had 6014 HP when I raised him and an amazing 614 defense and offense. This was
how I raised him:
 By the time I got Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon I simply degenerated and digivolved between
 them and their rookies forms until I reached level 64 or whatever the required level was.
 This is the approach I take to level most DNA digivolution digimon as it is the most 
 effective way to complete stat requirements.
I only took 43 or so damage when going through transfield. Ok...so if we calculate
and estimate how many digimon HKabuterimon can plow through it is estimated to be
around 2500 digimon. That's more than twice the number an S+ class digimon on average
is able to fight off. His movepool is actually quite mediocre. Burst counter is only good
for digimon that take alot of damage and TD claw being the best move he has as it can paralyze 
quite often. His Special tech is nothing to be too fond of. In competitive play HK can be
used as an amazing tank but his usefulness will be short lived as most the digimon in
Ubers have statusbarrier. 

Tier: A+
Base stat: 2075
 -Heroic Power
 -Dark Veil
 -Antidote 4
Analysis: What I love about each mode that shinegreymon has is their incredible movepools.
Shinegreymon(normal) has the following moves: shine slash, rising ray, cyclone claw. Ruin
mode further advances to learn destroycannon and chaos blast. His special tech, torrid weiss
is his best advancement. This digimon competes with RavemonBM, though I still feel RavemonBM
is stronger cuz of 01 crusher. In OU this digimon, easily, ranks as one of the best sweepers. 

Tier: S
Base Stat: 2075
 -Heroic Move
 -Silphy Air
 -Economizer S
Analysis: This digimon, as far as I know did not appear in any of the anime series. He looks
alot like Ho-oh and certainly has the strength of a legendary digimon. His special
tech aurora angelR is one of the best light element moves in the game. His movepool is
solid consisting of light, air, and thunder elements. So with an offense of 550+ combined
with a good movepool, we can see digimon being crushed by brute force and succumbing quickly.
When I played with him through transfield I hadn't felt this good bout a digimon in a while,
but looking back I think I got over excited. Though his movepool maybe good, it's still
weak in comparision to Ravemon BM and shinegreymon RM who have outstanding movepools. Still
a digimon to be feared, it's not a digimon that anybody would hold back against.

Tier: A
Base Stat: 2100
 -Heroic Heart
 -All elements
 -Economizer S
Analysis: Another solid digimon. He has strong moves but his movepool isn't diverse which
is a setback. He also has the best anti meta move in the game, bifrost. Bifrost is amazing
for 2 reason: It hits 3 times and lowers water resist. So the Sleipmon and Neptunmon duo
can cause serious damage together and run mayhem through OU. Also it has the all elements trait
which turns it into a tanky sweeper. I visualize Sleipmon being able to outplay Gallantmon, wanna
know the funny thing? They're both from the royal knights.

Tier: A+
Base Stat: 2100
 -Heroic Power
 -Dark Veil
 -Ex Damage4
Analysis: I enjoyed playing VNMyotsimon. He is first introduced in the first season
of Digimon. He is the first mega class digimon to emerge, and is quite powerful. In 
Dawn/Dusk his special tech VN infuse is considerably powerful, essentially it's 
01 crusher with alittle more power. He falls right in the meta play with a blaze of
powerful moves, those being demon claw and VN Infuse. 01 crusher is obsolete
because of VN infuse, it's wise to replace it with black coat or Dmag.Square. But
like most meta digimon he must be careful of Sleipmon, Shinegreymon RM, Valdurmon,
and Gallantmon.

Tier: S
Base Stat: 2100
 -Heroic Power
 -Dar Veil
 -Sniper 4
 -Critical 4
Analysis: A classic digimon stemming from the 3rd season. He always struck me 
as an awesome digimon especially after seeing him in the opening of digimon world 3.
Too bad I never completed that game... or atleast not yet. Beelzemon isn't too special,
much of what he has is very meta game. Demon claw, demon blast, gattling bomb, pyramid power
are the moves to have. But isn't this build strikingly similar to every other high level dark 
digimon we see? It is very. The only thing that makes him different is Crtical 4 which can be 
very good. Otherwise not much else.

Tier: A-
Base Stat: 2100
 -Heroic Power
 -Dark Veil
 -Critical 4
 -Ex Damage4
Analysis: Milleniummon has been around for a while. You see a glimpse of him
in digimon season 2, he's been in other digimon games too. The only time you see
him in the anime/manga series is in the manga for digimon xros wars. Machinedramon was
such a dissapointment scoring at D tier. I had hope for Milleniummon and my hopes
were fulfilled. He is worthy of being called a good digimon 550+ base attack
combined with a good movepool consisting of: dark, fire, earth, and metal elements.
Though he is outclassed by other digimon in OU doesn't mean he doesn't have
potential to still become a strong sweeper in OU.

Tier: S
Base Stat: 2125
 -Heroic Heart
 -Dodge dance
Analysis: One of the seven great demon lords. She's very attractive but of
all the female digimon in the game she is one of the strongest, if not THE
strongest. Even S class digimon have trouble with her when facing her at the
4th field. Her dodge rate is one of the scariest things to her other than her
powerful attacks. Unfortunately her movepool is all dark so she would have trouble 
against Apocalymon. But she has every move necessary to take out almost every kind
of digimon with the exception of digimon that have statusbarrier. If I were somebody
facing this digimon in battle ubers or not, I will still be scared of her.

Tier: A
Base Stat: 2125
 -Heroic Power
 -Dark Veil
Analysis: This digimon doesn't exist within the media. But he is a creative
design isn't he? ChaosGallantmon is considerably more powerful when compared
to the other dark mega class digimon, especially in OU. Strong enough that he has the
trait gladiator to weaken him. One of the most fearsome traits he has is 
poisbarrier, this will ensure he can tank the damage he will receive from 
S class dark digimon. His movepool is decent containing moves like shine slash, 01 crusher
and if you get gallantmon at 100% scan, you might be able to get royal slash on 
CGallantmon, but he might become too powerful is where the doubt sets in. A digimon
to tread carefully in OU. 

Tier: A+
Base Stat: 2150
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Move
 -Sniper 4
Analysis: Surprisingly strong with a decent movepool to follow. I shoulda
said this before, but after the 2100 base stat no digimon goes below A tier.
Cherubimon can play a mean meta game with moves like Glory thunder, and
Demon slash. His special tech is nothing to be jolly about, it only hits
one zone and has 146 effect. It tanks decently, well better than Omnimon.
I would say this digimon falls...right at the middle or the heart of OU.
Its movepool doesn't make it too special, but not bad either.

Tier: S
Base Stat: 2175
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Move
 -Gaia Brave
 -Dadge Dance
Analysis: WOW. They added plenty of fan service with her in Digimon
Xros wars. People who don't know what fan service is just ask your anime buddies.
She has a good movepool consisting of: metal, light, and earth elements. Her 
defense rocks a solid 600, meaining she can probably be played in ubers.
She doesn't have much to be afraid of, her weak attribute is fire but who's
about to stand up to her in OU other than Dotshinegreymon and ImperialdramonDB?
As a result she stands at the top of OU due to her lack of weakness's.

Tier: A+
Base Stat: 2175
 -Heroic Heart
 -Heroic Move
Analysis: Back in the day I would look at this digimon and wonder how strong
is he? Is he some kind of legendary digimon? In a way he is a legendary digimon
because he technically shouldn't have existed and has considerable strength.
Let me clear something up because I know people are going to say this. There are
multiple ways to digivolve certain digimon, through DNA or standard methods. Chaosmon
is no exception, in fact, he has a total of 3 digivolution routes. The one 
involving Banchouleomon and Valdurmon would obviously be much stronger and I would
have to put him in ubers. So what I'm doing is I will put him in restriction of 
Darkdramon+Banchouleomon only, as it would cause imbalance to tiers, atleast that's
how I feel. He has a good movepool made up of light, dark, thunder, and air. But
the downside is none of the moves do considerable damage. His 590 strength
makes up for that, as he can also inflict paralysis. Don't underestimate
his power just because his movepool is lacking in strength.

Tier: S+
Base Stat: 2250
 -All Elements
 -Economizer S
 -Skill Master
Analysis: He's the final boss of Digimon season 1. It's debated wheather or not he's
a super ultimate class digimon in the actual series. Just very recently I finished 
watching Digimon Season 1, I would say that he's a very high class of mega digimon.
Around S tier or upper A tier, but not super ultimate. In this game he's extremely
fearsome and very tanky. His attack isn't much, but his defense and spirit make up
for it. Spirit scaling at 550+ and defense around 515+, not to mention he has
all elements which makes him into an absurd tank. I see this digimon wreaking havoc
in OU, as his special tech has a very high percentage to cause confusion. Other than
that his movepool is nothing fantastic. Anybody with this digimon on their team has 
competitioon cut out for them.

Shinegreymon BM(7.32)
Tier: S++
Base Stat: 2250
 -Heroic Power
 -Flame Aura
Analysis: He is first introduced in the movie burst mode activate. His strength is truly
exceptional. He is easily one of the strongest digimon in the game in terms of sheer
strength. His movepool is also one of the best in ubers. He doesn't have a dark type
move but his special tech, corona sword will take care of light element digimon with ease.
He lacks tankiness because of gladiator, if he didn't have gladiator he would likely be
an S+++ class digimon. He can probably give Chronomon HM a scare as well. His awesome look
is backed up by his incredible strength.

Imperialdramon FM(7.33)
Tier: S+
Base Stat: 2250
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Guard
 -Mind's Eye
 -Economizer S
Analysis: How can't this digimon be a legend by just his appearance? Every person who 
has seen digimon seasons 1 and 2 are familiar with his appearance. His strength pales
in comparison to Omnimon in the anime but he's still known for his amazing power. In Dawn/Dusk
his strength is great and and few can compete with him. But of course there are digimon that
can compete with his strength. His movepool consists of fire and metal elements. In terms of 
attack power this is imperiadramons strongest form. 

Tier: S+
Base Stat: 2350
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Move
 -Lucky Gods
Analysis: He appears in the digivolution x movie. He is the strongest of the royal
knights. I was talking to my friend, I had shown my buddy an in progress version of my tier
guide. He told me the tiers were not cannon as Alphamon should be much higher in the list
and VNmyotsimon should be much lower. At the time I had not correctly done the digivolution
training and the mons were underpowered. His power at the time measured to be 1950, turned 
out he was actually 2350. His special tech digitalize of the soul isn't too special, his 
movepool isn't that great either because it's mainly light element and not much of anything else.
His pro is his overall solid stats and tankiness, he has fatal hand which is an excellent
meta move to turn the game around as it is damaging and slows your opponent. When I corrected
the stats not only was he S+ tier, but he is the 12th strongest digimon in this game. My friend
told me he should atleast be top 20, this game is surprisingly cannon.

Argomon UT(7.35)
Tier: S
Base Stat: 2375
 -Ex Damage3
Analysis: Ugh...see this is what you call wasted talent. He is an ultimate class digimon
but his power rivals those of top class mega that's why he's here. Given his awesome
stats, but what are you suppose to do when his movepool is the worst movepool of all 
mega class digimon? One word. GRIND. And you have to do it hard. It took me about an
hour and a half to finally get through transfield and to die fighting the origin.
I don't even wanna talk about him, his movepool is too weak to actually do something 
with. He can easily be outstalled through poison. He is suppose to be S+++...but due 
to his pathetic movepool I shot him down to S. I don't see him being played in any meta, maybe in
UU or OU. 

Tier: S++
Base Stat: 2400
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Guard
Analysis: Is one of the few Super Ultimate class digimon in the actual series. He appears
in Digimon Frontier and Digimon Xros wars. In the game he can be considered a Super Ultimate
even though he didn't quite make the requirements. He has an amazing movepool consisting of
light, earth, fire and electric. He covers a huge chunk of ubers and has no weakness's.
Gladiator prevents him from becoming excessively powerful but having statusbarrier he
has virtually nothing to fear other than digimon with stronger brute force.

Tier: S++
Base Stat: 2400
 -Heroic Heart
 -Dark Veil
 -Economizer S
 -Healthy Body
Analysis: He is the final boss of digimon season 2. His power greatly excels many
Dark digimon because he is capable of having a movepool that is made up of fire, electric,
dark, and air. Among the dark digimon his attack is only surpassed by Zeedmilleniummon and
Armageddonmon. Weather people choose to use Mmyotsimon or ZDmilleniummon is up to them.
But I can see people prefering the use of ZDmilleniummon over Mmyotsimon because of
his superior stats and more diverse movepool.

Tier: S++
Base Stat: 2400
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Guard
 -Dark Veil
Analysis: I tried to understand how moonmileniummon is involved in the series and it's
pretty confusing. Either way, this is another debated super ultimate class digimon.
But I feel he is not super ultimate in the series but instead strongest among megas.
Originally he tested at a ridiculous 3452, I knew that was wrong at heart. It sure
as heck was. He strength was still considerable at 2400+, I felt that very few would get
past his strength. His movepool is mediocre, volcanonapalm isn't very good for ubers.
The only moves that are of use are Forlorn fang, crazy ice blast, and his special tech.
Moonmilleniummon is outclassed by stronger digimon in ubers, but he can still be of some
use because of statusbarrier and dark veil.

Beelzemon BM(7.39)
Tier: S++
Base Stat: 2500
 -Heroic Power
 -Dark Veil
 -Mind's Eye
Analysis: The 7th strongest digimon in the game. With Beelzemon having
a strong 2100 base stat I knew this digimon would have considerable strength.
Beelzemon BM has some less preferable traits compared to Beelzemon but still packs
a punch. He is esentially the same as Beelzemon, only difference is traits being
slightly different and now he has beast whack. Beast whack is a good move for a 
dark digimon to learn but only slightly boosts Beelzemon BM's movepool. Trouble
would brew against digimon like Armageddonmon who has an amazing movepool. Beelzemon BM
is still capable of finding space in competitive play due to his solid strength. 

Tier: S+++
Base Stat: 2525
 -Heroic Heart
 -Heroic Move
 -Healthy Body
Analysis: He's among the royal knights. His move pool is strong having laser blade,
beast whack, gash breeze, royal slash, and leopard mode...he is very deadly in ubers.
His base attack is around 600, royal slash+600 attack stat= death, or ND. Even holy 
digimon in ubers will fear and revere Duftmon because of his movepool. Duftmon
has every right be in the royal knights as his power as at the peak in the digital world 
and in Dawn/Dusk. He is the 6th Lord of Dawn/Dusk.

Gallantmon CM(7.41)
Tier: S+++
Base Stat: 2525
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Heart
Analysis: One of the 6 Lords of Digimon Dawn/Dusk. He is one of the 6 "Super Ultimate"
class digimon in the game. He ranks at 5th, despite having a movepool of all light 
elements except burst counter, he is truly one of the most fearsome digimon in the game.
Light element digimon in ubers are meta, so even though Armageddonmon might be stronger 
Gallantmon CM can still move fast enough to kill Armageddonmon. Burst counter can work
well to protect support types like Seraphimon. Gallantmon CM has the gladiator trait
but it's a good thing it's there otherwise he would be too tanky. His spirit nears an
astonishing 700, with defense being 550+. I don't see this digimon having trouble with
anyone in ubers.

Imperialdramon PM(7.42)
Tier: S+++
Base Stat: 2550
 -Heroic Power
 -Mind's Eye
 -Economizer S
Analysis: One of the 6 Lords of Digimon Dawn/Dusk. He is one of the 6 "Super Ultimate"
class digimon in the game. He ranks 4th and wanna know what makes him especially fearsome?
His trait nimbus. This digimon is the mewtwo of digimon, and once you see Imperialdramon PM
you won't ever forget him. I don't even have to explain why he would be an uber threat to
dark digimon, but you will want to know why he's a super threat to light element digimon.
Nimbus gives him special resistance against light digimon. Meaning he can defeat threatening
digimon like Gallantmon CM with effort. He can also learn royal slash...the strongest move a
light element a digimon can learn. 650+ attack ensures brutual damage output against dark
digimon. All his stats are 600+, now understand why he's not uber but super uber?

Tier: S+++
Base Stat: 2725
 -Heroic Power
 -Heroic Guard
 -All Elements
Analysis: One of the 6 Lords of Digimon Dawn/Dusk. He is one of the 6 "Super Ultimate"
class digimon in the game. He's an actual super ultimate class digimon in the series.
He makes his appearance in revenge of Diaboromon movie, the same movie Imperialdramon PM
makes a short, but powerful and memorable appearance. He is the 2nd Lord of the Dawn/Dusk.
He can probably take out 3 monster teams in OU, maybe even 6 monster teams. See his traits?
He has almost no weakness...well conventionally he doesn't. There sure as heck are digimon in
ubers that can woop Armageddonmon. However...he isn't the second strongest digimon in the game 
for nothing. He has the strongest 01 cursher in the game, his HP nears 7000, and MP at 4000+.
Though ubers would be ruled by holy element digimon, Armageddonmon can still input the 
bitter effect of super uber power. 

Tier: S+++
Base Stat: 2775
 -Heroic Power
 -Mind's Eye
Analysis: One of the 6 Lords of Digimon Dawn/Dusk. He is one of the 6 "Super Ultimate"
class digimon in the game. In the series he is debated a super ultimate...at this 
point considering he's gone through 3 digivolutions Milleniummon, Moonmilleniummon,
and finally Zeedmilleniummon he is worthy of being called super ultimate. He is the
3rd Lord of the game. He's suppose to be the digimon of the legendary tamer Ryo Akiyama
who is considered to be the greatest digimon tamer of all time. His strength is
remarkable hitting 680+ attack and 690+ spirit. His movepool doesn't look like it would
pit ubers, but his attack stat helps to boost his mediocre movepool. To top it off he
has assassin which increases critical hit rate so it turns a digimon with a mediocre movepool
to a super power. Though outclassed by Armageddonmon's attack stat, ZDmilleniummon has a superior
overall stat distribution.

Argomon MG(7.45)
Tier: S++
Base Stat: 2900
 -Heroic Heart
 -Dark Veil
Analysis: He's very strong but not what he appears to be. He has a 930+ defense but the trait
gladiator holds him back from becoming an invincible tank. He can also be outstalled through
poison taking 500 damage each time he ends a turn. His movepool isn't that strong, with his
only strong move being his special tech, mystic cannon. Something must be understoods, it only 
recently hit me but the trait assassin stacks with both ally and foe alike. Meaning someone
like Omnimon will hit more crits fighting against Beelzemon BM who also has assassin. Both
digimon will land more crits but with the expense they will also get hit by crits more. So
Argomon's tankiness would becoming useless in the face of someone like Omnimon. Argomon
is far outclassed in ubers by digimon with overall superior strength and even more so movepools.

Chronomon HM(7.46)
Tier: S++++
Base Stat: 3000
 -All Elements
 -Economizer S
 -Status Barrier
 -Mind's Eye
Analysis: Well...I wouldn't be surprised if you guys just scrolled down to check what I wrote
for this guy and then exit right? Hahaha im sure some of you would do that. Anyway, Chronomon HM
has strength that far exceeds any digimon in the game. He is the only digimon that has each individual
stat exceeding S++, he is the only S++++ digimon in the game, he was the only digimon that got through
transfield without taking so much as a point of damage, he was the only digimon that defeated gaia of
origin soundly(everybody else died or near deathed), he's the only digimon that beat both Darkdramon
and Anubismon and ranked S+ on the S class field testing. So many points that indicate his super strength.
This is going to be a downer for you guys but this digimon should be perma banned. Yes im sorry for 
saying that but he's just too strong. Im not talking banned as in he should only be played in ubers, by
banned I mean he can't be used in competitive play AT ALL. He literally has no weakness's. None whatsoever. I
conducted how many digimon he can take down in transfield before defeating gaia of origin, I estimated
he can take down around 250,000 digimon traveling back and forth between the 4 fields. Being banned in
competitively play is something im sure you guys can understand with so many points taken. Nonetheless,
this game did a wonderful job at distinguishing the strength of each digimon especially the high level
digimon. A hats off to Bandai. *Takes off phedora and bows*


                                          Extra Field testing(8.0)

 This section is for S class and higher digimon. And ohhhhh maaannnn is this something. So we thought the 
Gaia of Origin was tough? Wait until you fight these guys. For those who have completed the game and also
the legendary tamer quest, I am aware that you understand how strong these digimon. Once you beat the gaia of
origin you may proceed to fight the following digimon:

  -Argomon UT
-Credits to Omega Zephyr for the info.

For those who DON'T KNOW how strong these 6 digimon are well let me compare them to gaia of origin...
they make the gaia of origin look like tooti frooti's that use wooden swords for weapons and the most
they can hurt is a pesky bee. They can very easily decimate the strongest digimon in the game. I'm
going to break the tiers down, it's the same format as the gaia of origin field test except I will
list the digimon and the names of those beaten. Here are the guidelines:

-No equipment
-No HP OR MP healing
-They must be fought consecutively
-You may run away from wild digimon because it's a waste using MP on them
-This is only for Dawn
-Fights one round each field
-May fight up to 2 digimon only

Pharoahmon                                     1950	                                  D  lv73,(0/3) 
Omnimon                                        2050                                       B+ lv79,(1/3) Defeated Darkdramon
HerculesKabuterimon                            2075                                       D  lv66,(0/3) 
Valdurmon                                      2075                                       D  lv71,(0/3) 
Beelzemon                                      2100                                       D  lv68,(0/3) 
Lilithmon                                      2125                                       D  lv80,(0/3) 
Minervamon                                     2175                                       D  lv74,(0/3) 
Apocalymon                                     2250                                       C- lv99,(0/3) 
Shinegreymon BM                                2250                                       C  lv78,(0/3) 
Imperiadramon FM                               2250                                       D  lv80,(0/3) 
Alphamon                                       2350                                       C  lv85,(0/3)  
Susanoomon                                     2400                                       A  lv86,(0/3) 
Moonmilleniummon                               2425                                       D+ lv88,(0/3) 
Malomyotsimon				       2475                                       B+ lv74,(0/3) 					
Beelzemon BM                                   2500                                       A  lv75,(1/3) Defeated Darkdramon
Duftmon                                        2525                                       A+ lv88,(1/3) Defeated Darkdramon
Gallantmon CM                                  2525                                       A+ lv88,(0/3)
Imperialdramon PM                              2550                                       A+ lv89,(1/3) Defeated Darkdramon
Armageddonmon                                  2725                                       A+ lv89,(1/3) Defeated Darkdramon
Zeedmilleniummon                               2775                                       A  lv95,(0/3) 
Argomon MG                                     2900                                       B- lv80,(1/3) Defeated Darkdramon
Chronomon HM                                   3000                                       S+ lv99,(2/3) Beat both Darkdramon and Anubismon

 Those who felt the tiers were too grandiose I field tested and created a seperate tier for S class digimon.
The tiers are based on true potential and I see these tiers being the tiers for Ubers anyways. I didn't
include Argomon UT because playing him is tedious. Please understand...the digimon in their respective fields
are unrealistically powerful. You can't inflict any kind of status on them, their critical hit ratios are
absurd, their evasion is quite frustrating to deal with, and their tankiness can compete with Argomon MG.

                                         Circle of Power(8.1)
 Circle of power is just a fancy term for the top 20 strongest digimon in the game, it's as follows:
 1. Chronomon HM
 2. Armageddonmon
 3. Zeedmilleniummon
 4. Imperialdramon PM
 5. Gallantmon CM
 6. Duftmon
 7. Beelzemon BM
 8. Susanoomon
 9. Malomyotsimon
 11.Argomon MG
 12.Shinegreymon BM
 17.Imperialdramon FM

                                            Balancing Competitive play(9.0)
 This section is about restrictions that have to be placed to make competitive play balanced. With my consent
you are welcome to use this at tournaments for enlisting guidelines on base stats, clauses, and other restrictions.
Make sure to inform me where the tournament is taking place if you guys do arrange a tournament. Here it goes:


-Digimon team fights can only be 3v3

-Each digimon team is required to have atleast 1 OU tier
digimon to avoid abuse of the dominant digimon in ubers.

-Chronomon HM is banned

-Each team is allowed to have only 1 digimon with assassin



-Sleep Clause; Rosemon BM's move charite may
only be used once per duel.

-6v6 fights are allowed



-Sleep Clause; Lampmon's
special tech may only be used once per duel.

-6v6 fights are allowed


I have layed down the base stat limits in section 6.0. If you have any questions as to how to get to that particular
stat just contact me.


-Thank you Zephrantes Kai for your wonderful guide on 
-Thanks to Bandai for such a great game.
-Love to God for everything He bless's me with
-And of course to my parents



You can contact me on any questions regarding how to digivolve, or if you need help
with anything digimon related. It would be nice to get feedback too considering I spent
180+ hours doing everything. Oh and hey...give me some good digimon RPG's. Make sure to title
your email, Digimon question, or Digimon feedback so I don't delete it by accident. My
email is ashhar@aol.com. Thank you for reading my guide I hope you enjoyed it. 
*Takes phedora off and bows*

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