[edit] Background

An earthquake strikes the Sunshine and Dark Moon districts, which damages most access points to the digital world. Many digimon devolve into Digi-eggs. Rumors throughout the Sunshine district have risen that the Night Crow Team from Dark Moon is responsible. However, in Dark Moon a report contradicts it and says it was the Light Fang Team from Sunshine to cause the earthquake. Tamers from the opposing sides are sent out to uncover what has happened.

[edit] Features

  • Hundreds of Digimon: As you travel throughout the land, collect, tame, train, and evolve over 400 Digimon from 8 different species. Each game contains some unique and rare Digimon that can only be obtained through wireless communication with the other version of the game!
  • Never leave home without it: Digimon World: Dawn & Dusk both contain a new world map, which always shows where you have been and where you are currently located. The maps also show info on each dungeon, including what items and Digimon are available.
  • New & Improved Digifarm: Raise, train, and evolve your new Digimon at the Digifarm. While down on the Digifarm, you can chat with your Digimon, and install or remove Farm Goods! Different Farms and Farm Goods help your Digimon learn new abilities and boost stats, even while you are not at the DigiFarm!
  • Deep & Strategic Battle System: With intense 3 on 5 turn-based battles, manage your Digimon's locations to gain an edge over your enemies.
  • Unique storyline and characters: Digimon World Red & Blue have a unique storyline that interweaves the stories of two very different characters and journeys!
  • Battle with your far-away friends: Take your Digimon to battle over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The winner of Wi-Fi battles obtains "Tamer" points, while players collect "Tamer" points even if they don't win. Trade your "Tamer" points obtained during Wi-Fi battles for rare items! Rare Digimon can also be acquired by Digi-matching through

This game is also known as Digimon Story Sunburst in Japan.

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Mar 3, 12 11:30pm
Tamer Legend. Digimon Completion 83.1%. Quest Completion 91.6%. Tamer Points 7055. DigimonWorldDawn
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Jan 25, 10 4:27pm
Nov 21, 09 1:59pm
I am stuck on this game even though I hacked it. DigimonWorldDawn
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OK game, again, aimed toward the casual gamer. DigimonWorldDawn
Jun 10, 09 6:41pm
A good game DigimonWorldDawn
Apr 23, 09 5:44am
Have a blast trying to get rid of the evil glitch terrorizeing the digimon world DigimonWorldDawn
Feb 24, 08 6:14pm
Very Fun DigimonWorldDawn
Feb 22, 08 2:50pm

Ok this was my first digimon game but i did do research on the other games(to...

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  • North America: Sep 18, 2007
  • Japan: Mar 29, 2007
  • Europe: Q3 2007
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