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Digimon : Rumble Arena 2

The good:

A major improvement from the first installment of the Digimon Rumble Arena games. It's no wonder, with the upgrade to PS2 capabilities, and one would expect as much. The graphics nice, and the characters are perfectly re-designed and animated in this game. Up to 4 players. You can now Digivolve more realisticly, as there are Rookie, Champion, and Ultimate modes. You can also stay in your current mode throughout the battle, unless you die or hit a mystery item. The game play feels similar to that of Nintendo's "Super Smash Brothers Melee" in my opinion. There are plenty of attacks, power up attacks, specials, items, different battle conditions and different kinds of battles. There is something for everyone. Don't like fighting? Unlock the various types of game play and you could do so much more! Each enviornment has special capabilities of its own, as well. The music is energizing, and really sets the mood. There are many difficulty paths to take, so this game can be for anyone, new to fighters or expert at them.

The bad:

Lack of characters. Even though you can now play as all of the Season One Digimon of the TV show, that still doesn't excuse the lack of other characters. They removed Renamon, Terriormon, and Wormmon. As well as all of the unlockables (with the exception of Omnimon). The only other starter characters they have from other seasons are Veemon, Guilmon, and Flamemon. The bosses seemed way out of order, as even on easy mode on an easy path, you will have a hard time defeating them. Yet, if you choose a harder path, some bosses are too easy. Very frustrating at times.


I have not done a Digimon review in a while, so playing DRA2 was very refreashing and I fully enjoyed it. Definitly one of the best Digimon games currently available.

And if you're not into Digimon : Don't let the cute monster look fool you - this is definitly a fun, action packed game worth a look!

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