Digimon Rumble Arena 2 Cheats

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Digimon Rumble Arena 2 cheat codes.


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Battle fun
Having extra fun is simple. Choose BK Guilmon and vs BK Agumon and BK Gabumon at Ice Palace. Go to the top icicle jump up and slam it it will go crashing to the ground and KO any digimon in it's way!!!
Beat All Digimon Quickly
Beat any of the d]Digimon at the end with a padlock on any other than the bottom ones. Now battle all the other Digimon with the one you won and it will be easy.
First,get neemon.When you get neemon,head to single and fight diaboromon.He's so easy for me.All i needed to do is use square+up,if he is out of range use that burp.I wasn't hit once,not even a tiny bit when i fought him,i swear.If you are having a hard time with diaboro dear,use the shooting if out of range,if in range use down+square.
Winning in Jungle Ruins
First choose Gomamon, then get the auto digivolve in the beggining of the match under the brindge by slamming it and breaking it. Then you will be Ikkakumon. Keep up a fight and gather as much blue orbs until you can digivolve once more. After that go on the left and run and stop to the wall where you can jump on, but dont go up. Stay at the wall position and turn to face the open side. Then keep pressing the square button to make him smash his hammer and send a never ending chain of waves and noone can approch you with out dying, and then if someone approaches from the top the press up + square to throw a giant hammer.


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How to get Omnimon, MaloMyotismon, Duskmon, Diaboromon, BlackAgumon, BlackGuilmon, and BlackGabumon
First, you must get to the last stage, Chaos Wasteland. Then, if you go to the Boss on the top, you will fight MaloMyotismon. If you go to the Boss fifth to the top, you will fight Neemon. If you go to the Boss fourth to the top, you will fight Diaboromon. If you go to the Boss third to the top, you will fight Omnimon. If you go to the Boss second to the top, you will fight Duskmon. The Black Digimon only appear randomly.
Ok when your at mega you can press your block button (if you configured it just press the button you configured it to) and use your mega's move e.g block button and flying sword of justice equals_ exaclic-burst
some cheats and tips
# At the title screen, press RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, X, L1+R1
# Evolve energy item: At the title screen press TRIANGLE, RIGHT, DOWN, CIRCLE, L1, X, R1, X, TRIANGLE
# Evolve meter always full: At the title screen press SQAURE, RIGHT, X, TRIANGLE, LEFT, CIRCLE, L1 + R1