Digimon Digital Card Battle Tips

Easy super bonus
This trick only works when you fight with Betamon, and he uses the pick up
deck. First, obtain a partner card in your first hand. Use your partner, but do
not Armor Digivolve. Never discard a card -- you have to use them all as support or
DP (this is important, never lose your partner card, you need obtain a no loss
win). Kill two of your enemies by only using the same attack (only Circle,
Triangle or X as you prefer). When you fight with the last opponent, keep using
the same attack, but when you are sure of your victory in that turn, use a
gamble or nothing card. If you followed those steps, you can easily obtain: 30
points of your enemies, No Digivolve Win, No Loss Win, Last Gamble Win,
Ultimate Level Win (because Betamon only use level U cards, he does not have R
or C cards, so he is easy), No Discard, Partner Win, all ? Attack win, and your
super bonus of 10 points. This is more than 50 points.