Die Hard Trilogy II (PC) Cheats

Die Hard Trilogy II cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Die Hard Trilogy II Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Press [Esc] to pause the game at the indicated screen, then enter any of the following codes:

God modeAnypainless
Toggle foggingAnyfogging
Move cameraAnyfollowme
All weaponsShootingweapons
Infinite ammoShootingammo
Toggle auto-reloadShootingautoreload
Toggle auto-fireShootingautofire
Slow enemiesShootingslowmo
Slow rocketsShootingslowrocket
Drive through wallsDrivingghost
Infinite nitroDrivingnitro
Drive fasterDrivingchantastic
Toggle time limitDrivingfreeze
Drive only with tiresDrivingsusonly
All weaponsActionweapons
Infinite ammoActionammo
Freeze enemiesActionfreeze
Toggle auto-targetingActiontargeting
Toggle laser sightActionlaser
Walk through wallsActionghost
Super jumpsActionfollowterrain
Skeleton modeActionmrbones
Electric modeActionshocked
First person viewActionfps
More bloodActionfragyuck
Small headsActionpillowmode
Big headsActionbighead