Diddy Kong Racing DS review
More Effort Requiered.

The good:

- Good Graphics.
- Good Music.
- Descent Gameplay.
- Three Vehicles To Choose From.
- Map Creator.
- Online Play.

The bad:

- Boring Storyline.
- No Easter Eggs.
- No Voice Acting.
- Very Easy.
- Lacks Many Important Features Of The First Game.


Diddy Kong Racing DS is a descent racing game, however, you should consider the positives and negatives before buying it. Keep in mind that the original version is "more complete".

The graphics are very good. They improved from the original game. You can clearly see everything on the overworld, because everything is very well detailed.
In races is the same. Everything is very detailed and nice. The visual effects of your vehicle are awesome, and the landscapes you see are also awesome.
The characters are very detailed, they played very will the colors, so the characters are colorful and nice.

The music is also very good, it didn't change at all, but it is still nice to hear the classics from the old Nintendo 64. If you liked the music from the N64 version, you will like this one.
The music in the overworld can get repetitive, though, but the FX effects of your vehicle keeps it alive.
The music in the races is really good and it is awesome to bring back good old memories. The music fits the course where you are playing, and adds a awesome atmosphere.

About the GamePlay... I think we can call it Descent. Even when it combines both buttons and touchscreen to play, it's messed up. If you are using your car before starting a race, you have to spin a wheel in the TouchScreen and then immediately press "A" to move the car... That's hard, I still don't know where to put my stylus after spinning the wheel and pressing the "A" button, I had to throw it once to a random place. So yeah, I lost a stylus because of this.
I higly recomend you to put some sort of rope in to your stylus and the DS, in that way you will not lose your stylus after playing the game.

There are three vehicles that you can select from. The car, airplane, and hovercraft.
The car is easy to drive, however, it can be complicated to use it at the beginning of the race because of the stylus and buttons forced combination.
The Airplane is actually very comfortable to use. You have to blow in the microphone in order to make it work, Then you control it with the buttons.
The Hovercraft its like the Airplane. You have to blow in the microphone to make it work. You control it with the buttons. Like I used, just like the airplane.

You can use the Map Creator to make your own tracks. That's something that kept the game fresh for a while. You can race in your tracks when you have friends with you, also the design of the place isn't very limited, so you can put as many things as you want.

It has online play. That's a good feature. Off course, there are always the people that hate to lose and will turn their DS's off in a coward way.
Other than that, that keeps the game fresh.

The negative features of this game is what affected the score by a considerable amount:

This game has a storyline, but it is boring. All the animals are in the island because they got a letter saying that Wizpig invaded the island, and now the Animals have to save the island by racing and doing matches with bigger animals.
Yes, I know, other than boring, it is also confusing.

No easter eggs, and considering that the game comes from Nintendo, it could have some to keep the game fresh and keep you playing for a longer time discovering them all.

No voice acting, except when the characters moan when they get hit by a item or something. Honestly, it needed voice acting, at least for the beggining of the game where everything is boring.

The game is also easy, took me less than a week to finish it with everything, including secret characters and all the balloons.

Now I have to say something important. It lacks many important things that the first version had.
By that, I mean that it doesn't have the battle modes it used to have. The battles are gone. They got replaced by some races against TT. Those races are easy and boring. The battles where the only thing that kept the N64 version alive. Getting rid of them is the worst act that Nintendo could do.
If you are planning on getting this game because of The Battles, don't get. They are gone. I got disappointed when I found out that they were gone.

Overall, I don't recommend this game to gamers that are 12 or more, as they will find it boring. However, younger gamers will enjoy it.

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