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Graphics: 4/10
Mostly 3D but you still have the feeling that the game is a 2D game. Its still enjoyable but if you play Diablo II in previous of playing Diablo I, you'll notice how crappy it is.

Sound: 4/10
Mostly gushing blood and shitty voice overs. You'll sometimes hear the hero say somethin once in awhile but once isn't enough. Sound sucks ooverall.

Game Play: 6/10
In single player its pretty fun. In Multiplayer its more fun but you'll eventually learn that when it comes to other people hacking, you'll wish you never bought this game. If you ever trade with someone else, most likely its a fake.

Controls: 5/10
Easy commands. Could be improved (which were in Diablo 2). Most commands consist of the number Bar and the mouse.

Overall: 5/10
This game made Diablo II all of what it is! It without a shout of a doupt made the gaming world different. the creators are Blizzard and all the games that came from there have been #1, so don't think this game will fail. Diablo I is just as good as Dialo II. The graphics are a bit better but its still one of the best ever. I say that you buy this game now and you will never look back!

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