Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

  • Released on Aug 19, 2014
  • By Blizzard for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition review
You can lag on Single Player. Say whaa?

The good:

+ Finally released after a decade of waiting
+ Good graphics
+ Destructible environments
+ Character looks change with different types of equipment

The bad:

- Very short
- Rare/Legendary drop rates are low
- Single player "always online" DRM is BAD
- Lots of bugs
- Exploitable
- Didn't launch with PVP
- People are retarded and post ridiculous prices on the Auction House


UPDATE: Re-Review for 1.0.3

As of writing this review I have a level 53 Barbarian and I'm on Hell difficulty.

It's taken us a decade to get here but we're all finally playing Diablo III! Has it lived up to the hype? Personally, I don't think it has but it is what it is, and to each their own. This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree.


The first playthrough was quite enjoyable and I didn't mind the story. I was definitely sucked in and was addicted, trying to get through the game. After D3 was released it was a long weekend for us so I got to spend the majority of 3 days going through it and finishing the game as well as trying out multiplayer and utilizing the Auction House.

Story and Gameplay

The story is a little bland and character development is only really limited to main characters, even then there's not a whole depth to backstory on them. You can pick up audio tomes throughout the game which adds lore about monsters, the environment, and story. These make for nice touches to the game and help make the world more robust but can still be lacking. An in game "Book of Cain" would have been awesome and might have added that missing touch.

After finishing on Normal you are left with the sense of wanting more, or wishing there had been more. You can always replay any Chapter you like, however.


These are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't wait to finish each act to see what would be next, they were that great. I'd love to see Blizzard do a CGI film.


Going through Normal is just way too easy and present no challenge at all. In fact, I think it gets people in the wrong mindset of how to play because once you hit Nightmare / Hell / Inferno, all off that changes.

There are four types of mobs which are distinguishable by colored text for their names.

Normal mobs have white text
Champion - Blue
Rare - Yellow
Set Rare / Boss - Purple

when you start getting higher up in difficulty the mobs above normal start to have abilities. These can make mobs much more challenging and will make you rethink your strategy as they start dealing a lot more damage than what you've been used to.


Items can be classified in a few groups
Lesser - Gray
Normal - White
Magical - Blue
Rare - Yellow
Legendary - Orange/Brown
Set - Green

Drop rates for Rare+ seem to be very low and will result in a lot of grinding. I've ran the first Chapter in Act 4 about 50 times and found one Legendary. Running through Normal/Nightmare only resulted in a single Legendary.

I've found that all the Legendaries I've found thus far are pretty useless and aren't worth selling or equipping. This seems to be a huge disappointment considering how low the drop rate is. Also, a higher % in Magic Find does not mean that these rates increase! Do not expect Legendaries to be dropping every hour even at a Magic Find of 80%.


A lot of people have been saying that it's pretty much pointless to spend money in upgrading the Blacksmith or Gem smith. I agree with them on Blacksmithing since the Auction House makes this pretty useless. Gem smith can be cost effective over time however, depending on rates in the AH.

Auction House

This is a huge part of the game and I've spent a lot of time here trying to find the best items for relatively inexpensive costs (it's doable). To find the best rates be a bit more specific on your search; try searching based on level ranged, I usually do my level and 4 levels below it and set max buyout to 10,000. This usually always finds me great results and filters out all the garbage postings.

People are Retarded

The sad thing about the AH is that the suggested prices are just....well, useless. This has led to people posting items for 20,000 - 5,000,000. Who is seriously going to buy something for 1mil+? The majority of these listings aren't even end game gear, it's for items that are for level 30's and so forth. It's just pointless to do this!

Public Games

At the time of writing I STRONGLY suggest you avoid public games. A lot of people are being hacked and they've all seem to have played in public games. Blizzard is denying this but it seems to be a strange coincidence. Either way, better to be safe than sorry.


To play the game Blizzard has an "always online DRM" this means you are required to be connected to the internet in order to play, this includes Single Player. If Blizzard's servers are down, you wont be able to play.

The Auction House is buggy. You may often get "request timed out" errors, only to find out that your gold has been deducted but you haven't received your item. I've lost approximately 20k because of this. I've submitted a ticket but have not heard back yet from Blizzard.

Single Player has lag / latency. Even though you are playing SP you are susceptible to lag spikes and decreased enjoyment because of this.

There are a couple exploits in the game which can be used to gain fast XP/Gold/Items. This can cause inflation on the AH and gives people an unfair advantage.

There's no PVP as of launch.

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the_FAMAS_pro May 23, 12
Finally...someone who thinks this game is not 'groundbreaking'. I tip my hat to you,good sir.
1 thumbs!
tekmosis May 24, 12
Unfortunately, most of those people haven't played Diablo or Diablo II before.
-1 thumbs!
the_FAMAS_pro May 24, 12
Well, Diablo I and II were decent, but i got tired of the same ol' plot: Kill Diablo. Also, no offfline??? you fking kidding me Blizzard?
0 thumbs!
the_FAMAS_pro May 24, 12
Well, whoever disliked this, well, unfortunately,i am right. No offline, same old boring plot. Max Payne 3 is my GOTY for 2012
0 thumbs!
tekmosis Jun 22, 12
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