Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

  • Released on Aug 19, 2014
  • By Blizzard for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition User Reviews


Hack and Slashed it’s way to be the best port of 2013?

The good:

How does one game single handedly make or break a series? Diablo 3 is a great example of breaking a series. While it’s not inherently a bad game by absolutely no means, it’s not exactly the right type of successor that was needed for the critically acclaimed Diablo 2 and expansion, Lord of Destruction. Unfortunately Diablo 3 falls short on some key features that made Diablo 2 one of the best games Blizzard ever created, and possibly even one of the best games of all time. It’s hard to match up to something so well received with praise and it led people to think lowly of a game that albeit not as good as it’s predecessor, was still an alright and well thought out game that had time and effort put into it. It’s hard to say that 12 years was worth the wait, as this game was originally announced in 2001 after Diablo 2’s expansion was released but it’s vaporware days are over, and the game is here.

Diablo 3, originally released in 2012 was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013 and was greeted with great praise for being a port of a well known Blizzard game to the console market. When you generally think of Blizzard, you think of World of Warcraft and you wonder how they were able to fit so much options into a simple controller, as most of their games carry a massive control crutch which almost require a keyboard and mouse. The port of the game plays extremely well, as the controls are fluid and work well with the respective consoles controllers. Adding some newer features that the PC doesn’t have yet (as of the start of 2014), controller support, and a massive change to the currency, item, drops, and unique monster system, Diablo 3 is more than likely the best port of 2013 due to be an extremely solid game with benefits that come with playing on the console version over the PC.

The Positives
Diablo 3 is an extremely well made game, with a lot of detail put into it. The game boasts some impressive graphics that while cartoony, are still quite detailed and make a lot what you see pleasing to the eye. Whether it’s the character models, the backgrounds, or the sweet actions and commands that players do, being displeased with this game’s visual presence isn’t something that is the norm. Some may say that the style of the art isn’t pleasing, however in the realm of cartoony art it is quite nice to look at. Being able to tell what is an enemy and what isn’t. Where you can go and where you can’t is a huge thing for video games, especially since this game doesn’t give you invisible walls. Where you can’t go is supposed to leave you wondering what’s out there, and Diablo 3 does this quite well. In the backgrounds of the some of the acts, especially Act 3, you can see fighting and other events transpiring behind you while you rummage through enemies and bosses. While you should be focusing on the fighting at hand, it isn’t bad to look into the background from time to time. 

Story is a massive part of a game, and can make or break a game if the story doesn’t sell to the consumer. Diablo 3 is not short of this, as it continues the epic tale of Sanctuary. The remaining lesser evils have come to attempt to take over the world, and you must stop them. The story has a lot of plot twists that you won’t see coming and characters that will perish and be introduced that will tug at your heart strings. It will all lead up to the most ultimate fight in Diablo history that will leave your heart pumping, your palms sweaty, and wanting more. Gathering the souls of the demons to lock their evil away forever, only to realize that something isn’t right and you must venture out again to stop an ancient evil, that is even older than Diablo himself.

What’s a treasure hunting game without treasure? Diablo 3 bolsters an amazing randomized loot process that will drop rare and unique items with varying capabilities and properties that will never leave you with two of the same exact item. The console version also boasts a higher drop rate than the current PC version, due to lack of an Auction house. This means that both Rare items and Legendary items can be found a lot easier and a lot earlier with less magic find than you normally need in the PC version. You’re able to find different types of items, ranging from swords, shields, maces, staffs, axes, crossbows, boots, rings, amulets, and even more. While not everything might not be good for your specific character all the time, you can find some nice loot to either sell to the shop keepers, salvage it for parts at the Smith, or keep in your Treasury for your other characters too. Get out there and start looking for some of that treasure!

With Diablo 3, the game gives you the ability to craft items. Both gems and armor/weapons alike. The game will introduce two characters into the story within the first two acts that will act as vendors that can smith certain things for you. The Jeweler will allow you to combine your gems you find around, upgrade to get higher and more pristine gems, socket your armor/weapons with gems (although you can do this yourself in the inventory screen), and also REMOVE gems from your armor and weapons. This proves invaluable as you’ll probably be cycling through armor and weapons once or twice every act or so before you jump into higher difficulties and you’ll want to keep your gems so you can combine them into higher ranked gems. The Smith allows you to create unique and rare items. This becomes almost needed if you’re having bad luck finding stuff because even though it’s not the best of armor and weapons, they are quite usable to run through the difficulties of Diablo 3. You can also later find plans that will allow you to create Legendary items and other rare items that are much better than what you can get simply by level up the Smithy. The Smithy can also salvage your unwanted items for parts, which will allow you to create the items he provides. As the item level goes up, what is needed goes up. He also provides repairing like every other vendor besides the Jeweler, which allows you to make items and repair your own at the same time! Both the Jeweler and the Smith can be leveled up to 10, where you’ll be able to get multitudes of different uses out of them

The monster encounter system in Diablo 3 is quite well done. You will encounter a randomly generated number of monsters in each map that you can engage and flee at will. These usually change every different area, so the bestiary for Diablo 3 is quite large even though a lot of monsters are just re-skinned versions of previous monsters in the first acts. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the monsters still provide their own difficulties and different types of mobs you can encounter. With these monsters you can see there are a multitude of different types of monsters ranging from different types, sizes, and design. It would take ages to talk about them all but Diablo 3 provides a great difficulty curve with them, providing Champion and Unique monster mobs twice or more in just about every area. There’s also boss monsters that are story related in a certain way that you can find, along with the other big name end bosses for each act. These monsters are your main source of anything because they will drop the items you want to grab at. Stronger monsters will drop better equipment so be on the look out and never let their death’s go to waste. They enter dramatically, they leave dramatically so squash those monsters under the heel of your boots!

The playable characters in Diablo 3 are: Barbarian, Wizard, Witch Doctor, Monk, and Demon Hunter. While Diablo 3 lacks a specific skill tree that you need to follow, it does do a great job in defining what each class can do and what weapons, armor, and skills are beneficial to them. While each class may have specific things that will work a lot better than the others, you do not necessarily need to follow that path. For example, a Barbarian can use a multitude of weapons. Using that knowledge you can choose what skills you want to use. A lot prefer to use two weapons (Barbarian’s can Dual Wield!) and spam the Whirlwind ability which let’s them cut through enemies like butter. Some people prefer to use a single sword and a shield, which allows them more resistance to damage and allows them to soak up damage instead of having absolutely no chance to block and taking massive damage. Each different class is given a lot of stuff to play with, and you can make each experience different by choosing what you want to play with. This allows for some good replay value and honestly bolsters the game over a lot of other RPG’s, as unlike those games, you can change your skills in Diablo 3 at any time if you want to. You can spend half the game using two sword then switch at the last minute to a two handed weapon and STILL shred your enemies to pieces.

Ultimately, Diablo 3 has a lot of good things going for it, however it is still compared to it’s predecessor where it lacks in things that make it lack luster compared to what players have experienced before. Everything above is what a game should be, entertaining and exciting but no game is perfect and Diablo 3 suffers from some things that really pull it down from easily being as good as it’s predecessor, however minor they may be.

The bad:

Diablo 3 has some faults that while compared to what good it has, does make it fall because it’s predecessor did it better. It’s a hard thing to tackle because what was originally going to be a fantastic game, was unfortunately compared to the critically acclaimed Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 did not measure up to the some of the key points that Diablo 2 had over it.

Diablo 3 suffers massively from a lack of yearn for replay value. While yes that the skills, the ability to play differently every time is a nice thing, you don’t even need to make a new character do to it. You can honestly just get to the max level and change at will depending on what you want to do. Along with the story being played out over and over again, 4 times for each character, the game can become tiresome to play. Diablo 2 didn’t really have this quality as it was a lot shorter and had less acts. Yeah, in theory the ability to change whatever you want whenever is nice, it really does impact whether or not a game is worth it’s salt because then it starts to detract from the replay value. This is probably Diablo 3’s biggest problem, because it doesn’t have enough replay value to warrant playing through the game 5 times, through 4 difficulty settings, for 5 different characters.

Another thing Diablo 3 suffers from is it’s lack of farming. While you can sit here and say this is a good thing, but the general consensus is that Diablo 3 is a treasure hunting game and in those games the ability to farm is VERY IMPORTANT. Diablo 2 allowed you to farm some of the best areas with ease, and it was quite easily discovered it was created that way. After you beat a certain boss, farming that boss is nearly impossible because the drop rate of that boss gets lowered. It makes getting good items really hard, especially if you’re playing by yourself. Since Diablo is considered the epitome of treasure hunting games, this one simple implement really hurts this game as a lot of people solely play the game for finding stuff. The only way to farm in this game is by fighting mobs over again, and that is a lot more difficult than farming bosses. While bosses have good drop rates, they get lowered to Unique monster drop rates after they’re beaten once in that difficulty. This may not seem like a very bad thing at first, but to the people who loved this series so much it really detracts from the overall appeal of the game.

Some of the more minor detracting factors amount to how long this game was prolonged. 12 years is a massive gap of time, and with that it’s expected to be 12 years worth of work on a game. Unfortunately, Blizzard’s employees “left” the company and this game was put on hold multiple times so it is not 12 years of work in all honesty, and as a player, you can feel cheated in that remark. There are other minor complaints such as the difficulty curve, the lack of runes and charms from the previous games in the same fashion as they were, and some bugs here and there.


Ultimately, Diablo 3 is a good game. It’s obvious that time and effort was put into this game and while it’s not a complete masterpiece, it is quite easily one of the best ports of the year and one of the best games to have come out originally on it’s original PC release date. It has it’s flaws that make it lack luster to the demographic of players who enjoyed Diablo 2 so much, which is ultimately why this game is seen a failed creation even though it’s far from that. The reasons listed above that are detracting factors in the game are things Diablo, as a series, NEEDS. Diablo 2 thrived for...


A disappointment, as far as the series goes.

The good:

1: Entertaining, action-oriented gameplay that keeps you on your toes as you progress.
2: Cool equipment so you look the part of the world's hero!
3: Vibrant skill effects and reasonable graphics for an ARPG.
4: Has a similar feeling to the previous games, with a few differences.
5: Smooth party interface and online play.
6: Compelling and challenging enemy interaction/AI.

The bad:

1: Limited skill availability during combat.
2: The gear curve is horrible.
3: Weak storyline.
4: MANDATORY internet connection at all times. There is no single player.
5: Doesn't feel as immense as the previous two.
6: Minimal level randomization compared to its predecessors.


Let me just say first of all that limited skill availability isn't a bad thing. I guess. It makes it challenging.
However, you're basically stuck with whatever 6 skills (including your basic attack skill) you designate while you're in combat, even when you have a repertoire of over 50 different skills and modifications of skills that you should have been able to use. Overall disappointing. What makes it worse is that some of those 6 skills you want to keep on you will often get occupied by buffs, so you have even less room than you had previously for abilities you need to take out your enemi...


You can lag on Single Player. Say whaa?

The good:

+ Finally released after a decade of waiting
+ Good graphics
+ Destructible environments
+ Character looks change with different types of equipment

The bad:

- Very short
- Rare/Legendary drop rates are low
- Single player "always online" DRM is BAD
- Lots of bugs
- Exploitable
- Didn't launch with PVP
- People are retarded and post ridiculous prices on the Auction House


UPDATE: Re-Review for 1.0.3

As of writing this review I have a level 53 Barbarian and I'm on Hell difficulty.

It's taken us a decade to get here but we're all finally playing Diablo III! Has it lived up to the hype? Personally, I don't think it has but it is what it is, and to each their own. This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree.


The first playthrough was quite enjoyable and I didn't mind the story. I was definitely sucked in and was addicted, trying to get through the game. After D3 was released it was a long weekend for us so I got to spend the majority of 3 days going thr...

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