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Baptism of Fire


I have a love-hate relationship with RPGs. Somewhere within my fractured psyche lies an obsessive-compulsive who revels in agonising over every last detail, calculating the complex mathematics behind making even the slightest change in play style, and treating experience points like gold dust. But apparently there are people even worse than me out there, because some games...



The good:

This is what a RPG should be.

Good replayibility with hell and nightmare modes

The bad:

Not to long without expansion.


This game is awsome I have a LVL 89 Pal. and he is awsome. Also this game has some of the best replayibility because when you beat the game you can play through the whole game in a harder diffeculty with new items and stronger enemy's so the new armor and items goes on. Also this game has the expansion that adds a cool siege like effect to the game that kindof reminds me of Lord of the Rings because of how you have to stop the catapults from fireing on your town and this is realllllllly fun. This expansion can be bought with the game for only 20$ so this is a veeeeery wise investment for yo...


Diablo II is a classic

The good:

Replay Value
Story Line

The bad:

No character customization


Diablo II was a classic when it first came out, just like the original Diablo that started the series this game moves from the slow paced Rpg style game to the Action/Hack-n-slash Rpg.

Gameplay 10/10

I've been playing it for years now and I still haven't gotten tired of it, I play it everyday. The gameplay is just so addictive even though the game is repititve you don't really notice that after your fighting for your life in a dungeon while hordes of undead are rushing at you.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics of Diablo, though outdated in todays terms, are still eye candy and isn't showing its ag...


Very enjoyable... but lacks some options

The good:

This is probably one of the largest, if not longest, Adventure games ever to be produced. The sound, and graphics are quite finely done, and the gameplay is somewhat addicting.

The bad:

The game lacks a bit of options. Most of what could be done is just hack and slash, get the money and/or weapon, level up, and beat the game. It lacks diversity.


From Diablo
Coming from a Diablo player, the game is a great sequel, and, perhaps, destroyed the image of sequels being uglier than the originals. The additions implemented in Diablo II (D2) are indeed spectacular and have increased the replay value of the game.

I will try to take the game piece by piece to help you decide on whether it's goo enough.

Have you seen the graphics of Diablo? They're nothing compared to the models of the different characters. The complexity of the image mapping, or the detail of the characters' clothes, and the shape of their bodies are well done. Comparing...


Fun but... stability is questionable

The good:

It's fun. Lots of battles. RPG element still there. Graphics are nice. Online play is good too.

The bad:

Battle.net accounts will get deleted. Lag. Stability is questionable.


As with any RPG/action game you perform actions over and over to gain experience to level up. As you level up you become stronger bigger better. You get to use new higher level items etc...

The fun comes in the quests. You go through endless dungeons and it does get somewhat repetitive but it's still fun for some "weird" reason. All the quests I've gone through involve killing and slaying hundreds of endless of demonic hordes minions until you retrieve an item or reach a location.

Basically put: if you like beating stuff up with minimal RPG elements, this game is for you.

If you like RPG's p...


Real-Time Combat RPG At It's Best

The good:

The graphics of this sequel of Diablo (released in Fall, 1996), are greatly enhanced for this version, featuring several "flashy" spells and lighting effects. The sound in every aspect of the game is phenominal; the music presents this game as "epic" as your character indulges deeper and deeper through the acts to meet with the final battle against Big D himself. The hack n' slash format of this RPG is better presented under the RTC (Real-Time Combat) presentation, as the depth of the skills, weapons, monsters, and other items is truly massive. For the price of this game you do get nearly everything you paid for, as this game will please fans for years to come.

The bad:

Unfortunately, though the graphics have greatly improved since the original Diablo, they are still inferior to games up to date. The gameplay may get old after so many hours of gameplay, but fans still return to this gameplay scheme after a short time. Unfortunately, there are quite a deal of bugs within the game, especially within the multi-play (such as motion-lag [character keeps moving while everything else freezes] and too many online time-outs of the game).


Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 5/5
Gameplay: 9/10
Value (cost at time of original shipping date, not current): 4/5
Tech. Issues: 3/5
Personal View: 14/15
Total: 4.2/5.0 (84%)

Looking back on my score, it seems this game isn't as good as I like it myself (it is my all-time favorite game), yet I do think this score is fully-appropriate to the average reader. The graphics presented in this game is quite outdated, but it is still a much better presentation than the original (the DII expansion gives a screen size of 800x600, while DII itself is only 640x480). The characters and monsters seem small and quite p...

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