Diablo II "Gamble Only" FAQ v1.0
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Diablo II "Gamble Only" FAQ

by PeTeRL90   Updated to v1.0 on
Diablo II
Gamble Only Character FAQ
By: PeTeRL90
E-mail: peterl90@after-image.net
Copyright: 2004


VERSION 1.0; June 28, 2004; All the basics are complete.  Once I get a list,
I'll list all of the items that are up for gambling.


Chapter 1: Legal Stuff

Chapter 2: Gamble Only Character?

Chapter 3: Gamble Only Character Guidelines

Chapter 4: Tips

Chatper 5: Credits/Thanks

Chaper 1: Legal Stuff

This FAQ is for personal use only, and may not be used to make any kind of
profit whatsoever.  Meaning you don't print it out, and sell it for 2 bucks.
That's HIGHLY illegal.  If you wish to use this FAQ, please e-mail me asking
me first, and just about 99% of the time, I'll let you.  If I let you, DO NOT
change ANYTHING in this, and give credit where it's due.  Also, if you see
this on a site that I haven't given permission too, please let me know.

Sites allowed to use this FAQ and future FAQS

http://www.ign.com (http://faqs.ign.com)

Chapter 2: Gamble Only Character?

Now you may be asking 'What's a Gamble Only Character?'  Well, this is a
little challenge for Diablo II players.  In Diablo I, there were ways to make
a challenge.  There's the 'Bare Naked [insert class name here]', which only
allowed you to use cursed items.  Then there's my brothers favorite, the Iron
Man game.  An Iron Man game is when you start from Level 1 with a new
character, and you NEVER go back to town once you go down.  Meaning you either
beat the game, or you die and make a new character and try again.

So then my brother thought of an idea for Diablo II.  A Gamble Only Character.
So I said 'what the hell', and here I am, making this.  Basically, the point
is to try to beat the game by only using armor that you buy from a Gamble.

Chapter 3: Gamble Only Character Guidelines

First off, if you decide to use this kind of game, you'll be needing lots of
gold.  How can you acquire gold quickly?  Sell Rings and Amulets that you
come across, and also sell Staves and Wands.  You can usually get a good
amount of gold from Staves and Wands.  Also take note that the prices get
higher as your level gets higher.

The recommened classes for a Gamble Character Only game would be either a
Barbarian, or a Paladin, since both will have good strength to use most of the
armor and weapons.  You can also use a Necromancer if it's going to be a
fighting one.  You can use a Sorceress or Amazon if you want, but it'll be
hard to equip later armor on a Sorceress later on in the game.  Same goes for
the Amazon.

Now there are a couple of ways to play a Gamble Only Character.  I'll list
them here.

--The Easy Way; You gamble for the armor you want.  Meaning if you don't like
something, then you can sell it, then try again.  This is recommended for
those who are doing it for the first time.

--The Medium Way; This one goes by acts.  Let's say you're in Act 1.  You
gamble on a Leather armor.  You wear that Leather Armor until you finish with
Act 1.  Then in Act 2, you can get a new set of armor, then finish the act
with that armor, etc etc etc.  If you decide to do this, it's wise to save up
money so you can gamble on a high defensed item, or high offensed weapon.
This one is recommended for those who have beaten The Easy Way, or are skilled
players and are confident in their skills.

--The Hard Way; You gamble on any armor you want, but once you get it, you use
it throughout the whole game.  You can't change it or anything.  Only thing
you can do to it is repair it.  Let's say you gamble on a Skull Cap.  Once you
get it, it stays on your head until you kill Diablo.  Same goes for gloves,
boots, armor, belts, rings, and amulets.  This is NOT RECOMMENDED UNLESS

If you happen to beat the Hard Way, do send me an e-mail and I'll add a Hall
of Fame section.  If you do, include a screenshot of the equipment you're
wearing.  I trust you all enough to know that you won't trick me.

One more thing, the same thing goes for weapons, depending on the mode you

Chapter 4: Tips

Here are a few tips for you.

*If it's your first time doing this kind of game, then use a Barbarian or

*Sell rings and amulets that monsters drop.  Same goes for Staves and Wands.

*Do not equip any armor that a monster drops.  I don't care if it's a really
rare item, or a unique item, DO NOT EQUIP IT.  This goes for all the armor;
body armor, helmets, gloves, boots, belts, etc etc etc...  This goes for all
weapons also.

*If you think you can't win a battle, then run.  You can always come back to
earlier acts to get some stuff to sell for gold.

*Save up your gold.

Chapter 5: Credits/Thanks


-PeTeRL90; For making this FAQ.

-My brother, Kevin; For thinking of this challenge.

-Blizzard; For making a game that I freakin' love, and that's kept me busy for
the most part.

And a big thanks for those who read this.