Delta Force: Task Force Dagger User Reviews


TFD: was it a good thing to send players to war?

The good:

  • 10 different teams
  • Weapons
  • Graphics are correct
  • Soundtrack

    The bad:

  • Scope on the side
  • Difficulty
  • Too much enemies
  • Teams aren't unique.


    Delta Force Task Force Dagger is a FPS in which you're a member of special forces sent to Afghanistan. Yep, you're playing in this recent war. Do you want to know something? Despite the warnings from the professionals, I bought the game. I wish now I hadn't spent my money.

    But before revealing why I regret my action, I think that I'll point out some good points. First is the diversity of the playable factions. Here is from my only English review the different corpses:

    - SFOD - DELTA (US Army Special Force Operational detachment - DELTA): Basic soldier moving faster than anyone
    - GREEN BERETS (...

  • 9.8

    One of the best FPS games ever !

    The good:

    New weapons and more looks. And nice Multiplayer Specialties (Sniper, Close Quarter Combat, Close Combat etc..)

    The bad:

    3rd/2nd (not sure what they are in this game) is now unable to be controlled (eg: You can't rotate the camera) but that doesn't affect the game much


    This game is really good. New weapons and ability to have a side weapon now isn't that great ? A.I improved a bit but not sure of that. There still is a Mission Editor for map makers. It's not really bad that you cant control how the 2nd/3rd person view but atleast it's set in the right position (you get to see their backs).

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