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Devil Trigger

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Camera Angles


Dante...A half human half devil dude who's the son of Sparda..the Devil. Extremely cool, calm and collected Dante has the same sex appeal as Fonzie but the fighting technics of an acrobat combined with Arnold Swarznegger.

He wields a sword and 2 Pistols which he uses to slice and dice all foes that encounters him. He pulls of astonishing moves that you won't see in any other game. My personal favorite is when he uppercuts the enemy with his sword and then juggles them in the air with his pistols. Awesome to see and easy and exciting to pull off.
If he kills enough enemies he can turn into a full breed devil known as Devil Trigger. He then becomes stronger, faster, increases health and gains the ability to fly.

The bosses are also astounding and each have an original way of killing them. My personal favorite boss would be Phantom, a huge spider that spits fire. The only way to defeat it is to get on his back and hack and slash at his weak spot.

Basic foes range from what look like Puppets on a string to a Panther. The Puppets are easy to kill and are also the most satisfying to kill as they can be easily juggled in the air with your weapons.

Dante is extremely agile and can jump to high places, do flips, roll on the ground, run up a wall, jump across huge gaps and many other moves.

The graphics are pretty good too for it's time, however DMC uses the usual fixed camera which is kinda annoying when trying to jump gaps cos you can't see where he's jumping to.
It does have stunning locations. All feel very Gothic with grand architecture.

It's not a very long game, however it can be difficult for the novice gamers, especially near the end.

All in all DMC is a game that can be enjoyed by all, whether you like action games or not, you're bound to love this.

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