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100 red orbs
As soon as you start the game,you have the little walkway up to the castle. Get the blue orb fragment on the bridge and the yellow orb on the stairs. Then go into the castle. When the video stops, you are standing behind some stairs. In front of the stairs is a statue of a soldier on a horse. Jump onto the horses back, then onto its head, then finally on the soldier's spear. Orbs will fall from the ceiling, and you'll get a pretty cool view of the ceiling too.
A little extra cash...
During the third mission (where you fight Phantom), you must cross a bridge and then read a lion epitath.

One thing you'll notice on the end of the bridge is a small number of single red orbs. DON'T pick them up!

Instead, leave them- so that when, later in the game, you return to the area (Mission 16) and place the "Staff of Hermes", you find that they have been transformed into orbs worth 100 each, which should prove useful for any extra devil stars or blue orbs you might need for the later areas of the game.
A tip for attacking Nelo Angelo...
Notice how whenever you start attacking him with your handguns, he manages to block the bullets with his blade? Don't like it? Deal with it! In fact, take advantage of it.

Because he's busy using his blade, whilst in this defensive stance, at least he's not doing anything else. And this can give you vital time to find the right position from which to start attacking him- especially if you are in a corner and thus more vulnerable. Or, if you want to get closer so that you can use one of the other strategies for attacking him.

Ultimately, though, the best advice is this: be patient. Don't rush in- it's too easy to get caught up in one of his combos. Keep your cool, and don't be afraid to dodge when you aren't entirely sure if your attack will work.
Best Combo
Not realy a cheat but a special attack not that many people know about.

To perform it you first have to do 2 basic slashes with any sword, after those slashes just wait. Dante will pause for a little while. At the very end of this pause hit the slash button repeatedly. May take a while to master but its worth it!
bird watching
i am back .my tip is this time when fighting griffon for the first time dont attack him.DONT attack him thats right.for along time you have to dodge his attacks and especially his air raid to make him angry.oh and taunt him when you get the chance to full your devil trigger.after a while he will start flying lower more often like a vulture and there is your chance! grab the alastor go to devil trigger start air raiding HIM and use vortex at lightning speed! Guaranteed to kill.oh and while dodging his air raid watch out for his electric attack which blasts red energy electricit horizontally,NEVER dodge back sideways or forwad.just jump and if given the chance use a little devil trigger to run around making griffon lose control over the air raid.happy bird watching!!
Defeating Nelo Angelo All Three Times
It\'s easiest is you have Ifrit, and even easier if you have Devil Trigger. This works every time. Simply jump in the air and hot circle to lunge at him, this attack will not only knock him back but give you the opportunity to attack. Keep doing this.
Easy Dark Knight Kill
This is how I did it:

Just Charge up your DT mode, use it and slash into him. Don't bother about special skills. Just hack into him. Repeat this process for all of them. I used it and never died once!
Easy fight with Nelo Angelo 3
After the cutscene when you first enter the room you should activate your devil trigger with Ifrit, with all upgrades of course. Use your entire trigger with charged up Meteor 2 blasts (on normal difficulty this takes about half his life bar away). Don't worry about getting hit by his charged blasts ( I've done this several times and have yet to be hit). Once depleted go up to him and use your kick and jump target techniques unmercifully, while avoiding his attacks. Once your devil trigger is recharged use inferno and/or kick 13 (if you use kick 13 watch your trigger carefully). Using this method he has been more of a push over for me, even on DMD.
Easy red ords
In the secret mission where you have to kill 100 spiders. Kill lots of them, but don't kill 100. So every time you fail the secret mission you can go back and kill more spiders to recieve more red orbs.

Note - Once you kill 100 spiders (in one go) and complete the secret mission you will not be able to fight the spiders again to get red orbs. So use this wisely
Easy way to get "Absolute"
This technic works best agianst a bloody mari or a fetish. Simply use High Time (with Alastor) or Magma Drive (with Ifrit) to launch your enemy into the air. Then keep on shooting (with ebony y) while the enemy is still in the air. But you have to watch out for other enemies from behind.

If the enemy falls on the ground before you can destroy it, quickly launch it back into the air. This technic can get you "Absolute" or, if you're lucky enough, a "Stylish".
Fast Blue Orb - 1st Mission
On the first mission when Dante opens the big gate and Trish jumps into the castle and leaves Dante alone, get the yellow orb and move a little forward and the camera will change position and you will see a small bridge leading to a balcony. Wall jump to it and walk to the balcony, you will get a blue orb fragment. Then enter and jump to the corridor on the west staircase (broken) and get another fragment. The next one is on top of the Bi plane and you should get ANOTHER fragment when you get down from the elevator in the plane room and fight the Marionnetes.
Fly around
It's actually one of the easiest things to do. Simply acquire the Air Raid skill, then when you have it, morph to D.T and jump and press R1. Then you can fly around (as long as you have D.T of course) and shoot lightning bolts using square or X.
Fun way to avoid mundus' lazer beam
When you fight mundus the first time, especially on dmd, buy a purple orb if you don't already have ten dt gauges. This will make it so you start out with a full dt gauge at the beginning. don't use your dragon power on him until he makes the signs for his lazer beam. When he is just about to shoot, use the dragon and the beam won't affect you!
How to defeat Phantom
If you have the nightmare-b saved into your weapons list from the last time you defeated the game, then take it out at the Phantom. When you don't have any dt, shoot phantom with your pistols or grenade launcher, even if it doesn't effect him, to regain dt. When you have enough dt, take out nightmare-b, jump, and shoot it at phantom. repeat this action, and it will take off most of his life.
Skip FMV sequence
Press Select during an FMV sequence.
Super Dante mode
Finish the game in Dante must die mode. Dante will be able to change into a demon with unlimited Devil Trigger.
The BEST Pile of Money in the whole Game!!
This particular Money Maker will make you TONS of Money even faster than the "Plasmas," which are themselves a distant second to this method.

Remember Mission 11, where you defeat the horde of Blades in the Well to get both the Blue Orb Fragment and the Sign of Chastity??

Once you have the Rolling Blaze (the Inferno is NOT absolutely required as well but STRONGLY recommended for best results), you simply allow the Blades to follow you to the narrow Pathway where you had to break the Wall Down.

Then, you simply equip Ifrit, and proceed to jump on their collective heads repeatedly.

If you ALSO have Inferno, you can DT after you build up the Meter by juming on the Blades' heads, then letting loose with Inferno once you get the Combo Meter up to "Stylish" for maximum monetary gain.

In just TWO hours of doing this, I had more than enough 'Money' to buy EVERYTHING else in the Game -Powers, Blue Orbs, Untouchables, etc. -until I was not allowed to buy any more.

You'll get an average of 500-700 Orbs PER SESSION, depending on how far you let the Combo Meter go!!

Once the Lizard Men are all dead, jump out of the Well (the 'opening' of the Well that has the Sign of Chastity on it), lather, rinse, and repeat

NOTE: You MUST do this BEFORE you place the Sign of Chastity into the Holder (and fight Nelo Angelo); the Door to that Area seals up forever afterward...
The Trick of Alastor/Force Edge - build combos the easy way!
Both of these are the fastest devil arms in the game. In them lies hidden tricks that will enable you to:

-Defeat Nelo Angelo without sweat
-Defeat 10 Marionettes/Maris in less than 20 seconds
-Get many Stylish combos on Mission 1
-Take out Frosts without using Ifrit

We have a bunch of tricks here...

1.) Animation Cancelling
This involves being able to remove the time frame wherein Dante has to draw back his sword. To do this, simply wiggle the left analog stick in a circular motion quickly while doing the first, second, or fourth slash. What's the point of this? Well, try doing this on Nelo Angelo. On Nelo Angelo 1, if you repeat cancelling the second slash, you can get upto 18 HITS without stopping. On Normal, it allows you to defeat Nelo Angelo 1 in less than 30 seconds. This also enables you to kill the 5 dolls in the basement in Mission 1 without sweat, as long as you target the right doll so that everyone can get hit. You can also wiggle the left analog stick very quick to cancel the blocked-animation, wherein Maris block your attack, and you can immediately cancel into another attack before the Mari can slash you. Also, if you don't have Ifrit on Mission 7, you can get the 2 Frosts in the sewer stuck in a loop if you repeat the second slash always. You can also use this trick for Nelo Angelo 2 and 3, but remember that they defend a lot more sensitive than Nelo Angelo 1.

2.) Get Stylish the easy way
Applied mostly in Mission 1. Get your Force Edge out. When you approach a Fetish/Mari, you just have to do this: High Time (don't launch), Slash-Slash, Long Pause, Million Stab (repeated press), cancel final stab to High Time (don't launch), Slash-Slash, Long Pause, Million Stab )repeated press), etc. Doing 2 full Million Stabs, will get you a Stylish immediately. Be sure to dodge when Fetishes block you, and be sure to use animation cancel when the Mari blocks you. This gets you about 80 orbs per Fetish, and enables you to get the Special Bonus in Mission 1 without powerups.
Ways to beat all Nelo Angelos (without buying any ultra-expensive skill)
For the first time, the cheapest (the longest, but the easiest) way to defeat N.A is to keep on jumping over him and using the downward slash (basically jumping and attacking).

For the second and third time, equip dante with Ifrit and use the flying kick over and over. If you have Inferno as a skill, than things get easier in D.T.

Try it out!
Where to find 4 untouchables
The first untouchable can be found In the level abyss in the last ship section underwater. You will see , next to some cargo, a little light flash. Push x while hovering over it. The next one can be found after mundus destroys griffon. After exiting the colesseum, go back to the platform where you found the ifrit. The next one is at the end of the game on top of the bed at the end of the bed. The next one is in hell after you defeated mundus for the second time. In the room where you kill nightmare, walk all the way to the other side and to the right of the door, walk behind a pillar type thing and you will see a flashing object. Push x over it
Where to find 6 holy waters
One of the holy waters can be found in the blue emblem shield area. Use any weapon to break through the cracked wall, and once you have destroyed the barrels inside, you will see something flashing. Push x while over the flashing item. Another one Is in the middle of the water fall in the area after you achieve the emblem shield. Another one is in the open treasure chest in the room on the path away from the ghost ship. Another one is in the colosseum entrance area next on the other side of the wall next to the red emblem shield. Another one can be found in the area where you must fight two earth phantoms. Another one can be found in hell in the room with the two beating flesh doors and one regular door.


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Beating Final Nelo Angelo.
Yes, I have heard all the noise about beating the final form of Nelo Angelo, but it's easy. Try this, and avoid having to use *any* items, and keep at least half your health.

Remember someone saying the best way to fight N.A. was at a distance? Wrong. Equip Alastor, go D.T. at the start of battle, and chop him until your D.T. gauge runs out- this can take up to half his health off. Then? Keep hacking. Stay in his face. Build up your D.T. gauge, and repeat. The only way he will be able to disrupt your attacks is with his overhead slash. If you see him raise his sword overhead, IMMEDIATELY use Stinger skill, and return to chopping him.

O.K. it's not pretty, but after 30 plus tries, I figured this style out. It worked for me 4 times in a row before I moved on. Try it; it's 100% "offensive"
Charge Guns
With Ivory and Ebony, if you hold R1 and X or Square, you will charge you guns up, then let rip with them. If you use Alastor, it will be electrically enhanced, and with Ifrit, Fire enhanced.

I don't know if this works with other guns, so try it out!

(You don't need to be in devil trigger)
Critical hit secret mission
on the critical secret mission, when the sin scissor gets close enough, jump on it and jump off it (not the wall or an air hike), and when you get as high as you can, do a downward slash and (if you are lucky enough) it should kill it one hit.
Easiest way to beat Nero Angelo
All you have to do is equip the ifrit gloves but this only works unless you bought inferno as an attack. All you have to do is get up close and go into d.t state and use inferno.
easily get over 100 red orbs.
To easily get over 100 red orbs, go to the 1 secret the baby phantoms one in mission 4, then all you have to do is fail that mission then kill the baby spiders and repeat. (note: each time you repeat you get over 100 red orbs yes sweet !!!
Easy Devil Trigger
To get easy Devil Trigger, go up to an enemy and use R2 button to taunt them! Your Devil Trigger bar will now go up by 1!!
Easy Nightmare Strategy
I came across a fairly simple strategy that should allow you to make short work of Nightmare. Simply get him to show his core, then transform into the Alatstor Devil Trigger and take to flight. From your aerial position, shoot lighting bolts at the core until it is retracted or you run out of DT.

Now, when Nightmare goes back down simply hold you pistols on him (or the little things he releases) to build your DT back up. Then get him to reveal his core and repeat the process. With luck, you should take him down without ever getting hit. This strategy works best on the first two Nightmares, where the ceiling is more open.
Easy Phantom Baby
In the second secret mission, instead of trying to kill 100 Phantom Babies, you can just use Holy Water to destroy a majority or all of the Phantom Babies.
easy way to beat Neo Angelo-YES! IT'S EASY!!!
There are so many methods of beating Neo Angelo, but I've found a way to get rid of him in an instant. The method: stock up on Holy Waters! Just one won't kill him, but will weaken him, so get as many as is possible, then set off Devil Trigger once you're out of Holy Water and finish him! Happy killing!
Get A Lot Of Money The Fun Way
Just before you go into the underworld in normal mode, go down the hall where you fought the Phantom the second time. Go into the room where the BY-Plain is. There will be one of those blue guys that turns into a bird. when you fight him, he becomes into 3 blue guys. when you are done killing them, exit then re-enter the same room. After you are done fighting them you get about 300 to 1000 orbs each time.
get infinte red orbs
On mission8 where you fight phantom, beat him and go back into the room were the time statue is. Save it, quit and save. Repeat this to get 500 red orbs at a time.
help with super dante
here's some help for those of you beating your heads against the wall trying to beat it on Dante Must Die. First and probably most important YOU CAN USE SPARDA yes it does work. This makes it a lot easier. if you use sparda either beat the game on normal 2X or max out your items the first time around. then an easy way to kill togh enemys like death syths and shadow is not to fight if you dont have to if you do use the grenade launcher and the yameto go into DT and go nuts on evrything. now for bosses, as youve noteced the bosses have about 3X the amount of life so dont be afraid to use holy water on them. some weapons are better on some bosses than others like use the yameto on phantom use ifrit on nelo angelo use yameto on griffon and use the sparda on the nightmare (only if you are good at dodging)
As for mundas the first fight keep using devil stars then fire the dragon thing
on round 2 use untouchables (that is what you were saving them for) and pray to god you dont die
the last fight is basicly you shootin him until you get a good amount of DT built up then vortex his butt till he dies
How to unlock Different Dante Modes
.Unlock All-Star Photo.
To unlock this you must get a s-ranking on every single mission.

.Unlock Legendary Dark Night Mode.
Simply beat hard mode to unlock this very cool mode.

.Unlock Dante Must Die Mode.
Just beat dark night mode and this will be unlocked.

.Unlock Super Dante.
You have to defeat dante must die mode, to be able to transform into a devil with unlimited magic ability.
Infinite N-Beta Shots
Once you have the Nightmare-Beta and the Sparda sword, equip both. Since you don't have a Devil Trigger gauge, you can use the N-Beta as much as you like!
Stop Time For All Opponents
All you have to do is in mission 21 go to the wall opposite the first time statue. This should reveal a hidden hallway. Go down the hallway and disperse the pathetic nobody's along the way. The you will have some ledges to climb. At the top of the climb there will be a Dragon blowing hot air everywhere. The only way to kill the dragon is to use your devil arms. Then two Frosts will come out and you have to kill them. And then for doing all that stuff, you get a blue orb fragment, and the Time Bangle. When you use the time bangle time stops for everyone except you and best of all, you can use it as many times as you want as long as you have devil trigger. Doesn't work against most bosses, though it works fine on Nelo Angelo a few times.
Tip for Nelo Angelo (Round 3)
One universal complaint about this fight is his ability to float in the air and fire ethereal swords at you. It's a powerful, accurate and deadly attack, which is difficult to dodge.

Through chance, I discovered a way to counter this. Simply equip one of your swords (either Alastor, Yamato or Sparda) and use the Boomerang style attack. Right after he shoots one wave of swords at you (and you dodge), throw your blade at him. It causes almost no damage, but it does knock him down and stop his attacks.

Watch out though; most of the time he'll come right at you with a Stinger after you knock him down.
To hard for you?
Start off using continues while completing one of the first three levels. An option for the easy difficulty setting will appear when starting then next level. Once easy difficulty is selected, you will be locked into that setting for the rest of the game.
Unlimited Orbs
It takes a little while but its easy money, right? On the mission where Phantom Chases you down the corridor for the first time just Air Raid him to death for 500 Red Orbs then save the game and reload, Phantom is back with more orbs for you! You can do this as many times as you want, and your mission grade can still easily be an S. The time you waste gettign the Orbs goes onto your final game time but not your mission time!