Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

  • Released on Feb 5, 2008
  • By Capcom for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition review
Great for Newcomers and Residents Alike

The good:

  • Flashy Cutscenes
  • Same Lovable Gameplay
  • Challenging Missions and Features
  • Music Track
  • Graphics Show Off Next-Gen Capabilities

    The bad:

  • Camera's Somewhat Restricted
  • Revisiting Levels can Get Bothersome
  • Switching Between Characters


    Capcom once again delivers on their hit franchise, Devil May Cry. With action-packed cutscenes, a great music track to listen to while slaughtering demons, and the huge upgrade in graphics, the game is certainly a great addition to the series, and a good start on the next-gen consoles.

    Devil May Cry 4 takes us right into the action from the very beginning, wasting little time in showing off the abilities of the new hero, Nero. And who better to challenge his skills than the one and only Dante, son of Sparda? Nero certainly proves his worth, giving the great Dante a run for his money, and at the same time Capcom takes this opportunity to teach us the basic controls of the game, as well as the use of Nero's devil arm, also known as the devil bringer.

    Nero Showing Off

    The basic view of the gameplay. As we see from the screen, the lifebar is at the top left-hand corner, with a few differences. There's, what looks like a speedometer, included with the health bar. That represents Exceed-revving, where Nero can charge up his sword as if a car is revving up for a race, and with it, can unleash even more devastating sword attacks.

    On the right side we notice another bar, with some 'cool' word attached. This is the combo meter. Do enough combos, varying between abilities and moves, and you'll raise that baby up in no time. It comes in handy for gaining Proud Souls, which are used to purchase new abilities in the shop, such as higher Exceed levels or new combos. The hardest part about gaining higher Stylish ranks is trying not to get hit in the process. One hit and you'll practically need to rack up combos again to build up Stylish points. It's a great returning feature, however, due to DMC's fun gameplay.

    The amazing 'Flashy' battle between Dante and Nero

    A breakdown of the controls for the game, which handles very similar to previous titles:

    Left Analog Stick: Basic movement. You'll want to keep a finger there at all times as movement is key in fighting and avoiding attacks.

    Right Analog Sitck: Camera movement. You can almost get 360 degrees on it, though some levels of the game (and by some I really mean most) prevent you from doing so.

    X: Jump button. You'll be finding yourself to be using this button a lot in order to reach higher platforms and certain demons. Highly important when attempting to evade ground attacks.

    O: Buster/Style button. The Buster is Nero's arm attacks, and it's a fun element to take advantage of, especially when used on bosses throughout the game. The grab delivers major damage to anyone it's used on. The Circle button is also used for Dante's Styles. It activates the guarding in Royal Guard, the gun combinations in Gunslinger, so on and so forth.

    Triangle: Melee Attack button. Pretty self-explanatory. Use this to hack n' slash your way to victory.

    Square: Ranged Attack button. Also self-explanatory. Use this when your opponents are further away or to help build up your combo meter. It may not do as much damage as the Melee attacks, but every little bit counts, right?

    L1: Devil Trigger button. Use this to toggle the devil within you on or off, depending on the trigger bar (which needs at least three to perform). This mode is extremely helpful in tough spots, such as being on the verge of death.

    R1: Targeting button. It may not seem like much, but most abilities that are obtained through the store require use of this button. With it, you can kill off the more annoying demons first, and pull off other maneuvers and attacks.

    Dante's up to something. Good for him...
    ...bad for the demons.

    Devil May Cry 4 contains 20 missions, including 12 secret missions and a difficult yet fun Survival mode, Bloody Palace (101 levels of DMC greatness). The game is challenging, but it starts off at a slow pace and kicks off from there, giving even newcomers a chance to get addicted to the series. What brings this game down is it's repetitive levels, Nero and Dante both going through the same areas to accomplish their goals, but with the different styles they have, it's like a different adventure itself. Some players may also have trouble adjusting between the switch, because they have to play as Dante and Nero to get through the missions, unable to select your character if you wish to re-visit them. Not everyone would like Dante's Styles or Nero's Devil Bringer, after all.

    Berial's one big, bad, fiery demon. What's a man with a devil arm to do?

    The boss battles are similar to the previous games, usually consisting of freaky huge demons that know of Dante or Sparda. They are quite challenging yet fun at the same time, significant to the game as a whole.

    I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed with this game. The introduction of this new hero was sweet, but with little backstory and little of Dante, I felt like this should be a DMC side-story instead. I'm being biased because I enjoy playing as Dante more, of course, but it's still something I should point out to those that have played DMC 1-3. Feels like Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2 in a sense. Nonetheless, what Nero lacks in a history he makes up for with his goals and gameplay. Nero sets out to save the woman he loves, Kyrie, and no one is going to get in the way of that. Cheesy storyline, but it flowed well, DMC style.

    The difficulty...where do I start? Newcomers should certainly hit the Human mode, which is the easy difficulty. I started off with Devil Hunter Mode (Normal), and found myself in tight situations. If you've played previous DMC games or Ninja Gaiden, you'll really understand the challenges here. The AI go all out in the harder difficulties, such as Dante Must Die, and you'll find your lifebar depleting more than normal. The challenge is without a doubt there.

    All in all, I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a good Action title, or just a new game to have fun with. Now that it's multi-platform, even the 360 fans should pick this up. The cutscenes are downright enjoyable and moving, graphics are on-par with next-gen systems, the extra features would keep you coming back for more. And having you anxiously waiting for the next installment like I am. A 4.4/5 for me. I'd sell your soul to get me this really I would.

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    Mnmfan Feb 28, 08
    Thank you that was helpful. I bought the game earlier but I didn't get a chance to play it yet. Now I'm looking forward to playing it.
    Great review.
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