Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

  • Released on Feb 5, 2008
  • By Capcom for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition User Reviews


Nobody Crying Here


Capcoms latest installment of the ever popular Devil May Cry series Air Hikes onto the PS3 bringing with it it's cool style and smooth moves and even a new character.

You play as Nero the new guy. Also known as 'The Kid' as Dante calls him throughout the game.

Neros girlfriend gets kidnapped by Demons and it's up to him to save her. The story is a rehash of almost all games involving a guy and his girlfriend. She gets taken, he must navigate treacherous terrain beating many enemies and bosses along the way until finally he comes up ag...


Great for Newcomers and Residents Alike

The good:

  • Flashy Cutscenes
  • Same Lovable Gameplay
  • Challenging Missions and Features
  • Music Track
  • Graphics Show Off Next-Gen Capabilities

    The bad:

  • Camera's Somewhat Restricted
  • Revisiting Levels can Get Bothersome
  • Switching Between Characters


    Capcom once again delivers on their hit franchise, Devil May Cry. With action-packed cutscenes, a great music track to listen to while slaughtering demons, and the huge upgrade in graphics, the game is certainly a great addition to the series, and a good start on the next-gen consoles.

    Devil May Cry 4 takes us right into the action from the very beginning, wasting little time in showing off the abilities of the new hero, Nero. And who better to challenge his skills than the one and only Dante, son of Sparda? Nero certainly proves his worth, giving the great Dante a run for his money, and at ...

  • 7.0

    Betrayer Betrayed, or Deceiver Deceived? *Spoilers*

    The good:

    + Two playable Characters
    + Interesting Story
    + Deep Combat System
    + Dual-layered Upgrade System
    + New weapons and abilities
    + Easy to access for newcomers, added difficulty for veterans of the series
    + Nice variety of enemies and the occasional boss.
    + Stunning graphics and consistent frame-rate
    + Unlockables (though small)

    The bad:

    - Far too much backtracking
    - Story is often cliche
    - Difficulty will spike sporadically upon unlocking Dante
    - Archaic puzzles


    Devil May Cry 4 is, by the standard set by most fans, a true sequel to the original Devil May Cry. The second game in the series is often shunned, the series redeemed by the third title (though too difficult for many) as a prequel.

    The newest installment introduces a new main character by the name of Nero, who seems to be just as cocky as Dante (who remains so). Starting out, we see Nero running the game's main areas attacking demons to arrive at a gathering with his female counterpart, Kyrie. The Order of the Sword, the religious group worshipping Sparda begins their ceremony, when out of t...

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