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Not much replay value but not many games have them.


Alright where to start. I started out with the first DMC game and I loved it. This is odd, because I'm more of an RPG kind of guy, and this game just drew me in. I mean the storyline, the combat system and Dante is just plain bad ass. Even after finishing it, there were many gaps left in throughout the story. DMC2 didn't reveal that many plots, infact it just added on more questions since it was a sequel, and unfortunately not that great. DMC3 however, which is a prequel to DMC1 and also the best of the 3 in my opinion, blows action adventure games out of the water.

You start out with Dante getting an invitational from his brother, Vergil. The game revolves around Vergil trying to open the gate to the Underworld, and Dante of course opposes him. Dante has a large arsenal of weaponry at his dissposal this time around and a lot of fighting styles. You can chose which style you want Dante to be in, and each style will level up after a certain experience level is gained. With each style level up, you obtain new skills.

I loved the intro video and the music. Actually I fell in love with the music when I first saw the trailer. Each scene has its own music to suit the cut scene perfectly, and while Dante is advancing throughout the game, the heavy metal suits the combat style.

Graphics are great. You can easily distinguish facial expresions on every character. It's not hard to tell when Dante is being sarcastic, or when Vergil is beyond serious, and even when Lady is just overwhelmed with hatred because of the hard times in her life.

I don't think it matters what genre of gaming you're into. This is by far one of the best and one of my favorite games at the moment. I'm also impatiently waiting for the 4th one to come out. You woun't be dissapointed with DMC3, and it should keep you busy for a quite a while.

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