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Devil May Cry 3 review
The Younger Years of Party-Boy Dante

The good:

Jaw-dropping cutscenes; I mean they KICK ASS! The cutscene before the first level, with Dante in his office, will blow you away.

Great graphics, and some cool lighting effects. The facial expressions are incredibly more realistic and spot-on than the other two Devil May Crys. And all the character models look so freakin' badass. Although Dante looks like a slutty rock star from the 80's.

Total relentless action! Another reason why Devil May Cry games are so crazy... this 3rd entry just amps everything up. The combos are amazing, and there are altogether six different fighting styles to choose from; Gunslinger, Swordmaster, Royal Guard, Trickster, Quicksilver and Doppelganger. These all basically change Dante's abilities. You can also level up each one to unlock more moves and abilities.

The weapons are so badass! Twin swords, triple nun-chucks and magical electric guitars, oh and gauntlets are back too - Devil May Cry 3 has the best arsenal of Devil Arms yet. Another cool thing is that you can equip two weapons at a time, and change them right on the fly even in the middle of an attack to really keep the chains of combos flowin'. The guns are cool too, and just add more badass-ness into the game.

The music is really good. It's death-metal fused with techno. Sounds pretty cool, and fits the game's tone perfectly. There are also creepy orchestral pieces with haunting choirs set in the backdrop. It all blends perfectly.

The storyline is much better. It actually makes sense, and draws your attention, and with the uber-cool cutscenes that play before and after each level, you'll really appreciate the flow of everything much more.

The humor in this game is hilarious and witty, and totally cool.

Oh, and the camera! It's FINALLY been fixed! Even though the angles are still fixed during exploration (which is kinda cool and more cinematic), just about every single battle in the game is in third-person perspective. And, you can move the camera with the right analog stick. Now we can see Dante kick ass up close!

The replay value is really kicked up, with the ability to go to any mission, anytime, and still carry all your saved stuff with you from other missions. And there are tons of cool costumes, bonus art and movies to be unlocked upon different completions of the game.

The bad:

Orb-collecting is still a pain in the ass. It does not go very easily, and takes some time and patience to earn enough to purchase new abilities and upgrades. And if you're like me, you don't have that patience.

The environments are kinda boring. The whole game takes place in a giant, gothic tower, except for the first few kick-ass levels which are in an urban/city-like environment (bars! strip clubs! dark alleys with fiery trashcans!). Although the last few levels are really twisted and cool looking. One is actually designed after a famous Escher painting, (the crazy stairs!).


First off, the difficulty IS NOT A PROBLEM. Like the other Devil May Crys, you can always unlock the game's Easy/Automatic mode, which is still challenging, but not as relentless as the other difficulty modes. Plus, there are codes to unlock things for people too lazy to complete the game.

Well, Dante is back again, this time for a prequel to the original. This third installment really returns to the roots of Devil May Cry.

The moment you start playing, you'll have a blast. I can't explain it, but Devil May Cry games are just so damn cool. The stylish action can only be compared to the high-quality of the entire game.

If you liked the other Devil May Crys, you will love the third one. Dante is still the coolest game character ever. He's younger alright, but still remains that sexy, demon-slaying pimp we all know and love.

This game is off the hook. If you don't have a copy of it, go get yourself one!

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