Devil May Cry 3 Secret Mission FAQ v1.3
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Devil May Cry 3 Secret Mission FAQ

by ZeroOfDa67   Updated to v1.3 on
-Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening-
-Secret Mission FAQ-
By Andy "The Man" Alexis a.k.a "ZeroOfDa67"
Dgnr8_theman at

Updated 5/28/05 to Version 1.2


Welcome to my first FAQ! Playing DMC 3, I noticed the lack of detail in the
synopses for the Secret missions, so here I am to give you the skinny!
Normally people would have a good 2-3 pages of mumbo-jumbo, so let me
make this brief:

*You can use this FAQ for personal use

*this will ONLY be on, and now Anywhere
else, and we'll have problems

*any comments/suggestions, or submissions for info can be sent to my e-mail, I
have no time for stuff already in this FAQ, so don稚 tell me what I already 
know, so save that, and any other discussions not pertaining to DMC 3, or any
pics of your hot girlfriend, sister, mom, etc...

Well you can send those :)

So let痴 get this started!

First off, if you池e looking for any form of tutorial about equipment, items,
etc, find another FAQ. But let me just list the weapons and any abbreviations
of them (in parentheses), for the heck of it. Now is the time to let you know,
that If you're reading this you should know what those are by now... and let me
take this opportunity to let you know, there are many SPOILERS in this FAQ. 

Other than that any (sp?) you see would greatly be appreciated if corrected.

Spoilers begin NOW!!!!!!!!



Ebony and Ivory (E&I) - Dante's twin handguns, you have these from the start.
Shotgun - A double barreled shotgun, found in Mission 3
Artemis - A homing laser, earned after completing all 3 trials in Mission 6
Spiral - a high powered rifle, Found in Mission 9
Kalina Ann (K.A.) - a Rocket Launcher you get after Defeating Lady at the
end of Mission 16

Devil Arms:

Rebellion - A broadsword, you have since the beginning

The others are from bosses of the same name (except BeoWulf)

Cerberus - A 3-handled Nunchukaus (sp?) utilizing the power of Ice 
Agni and Rudra (A&R) - Twin swords, utilizing the power of Wind and Fire 
Nevan - A Guitar/scythe, utilizing the power of Electricity, and Bats (I guess)
Beowulf - Arm and leg gauntlets, utilizing the power of Light 

The Secret missions:

As you can see I made it pretty simple, what to expect after the blue flash,
and where to find it.

Secret Mission 1: The Exorcist
Objective: Defeat all enemies within the time limit. (1 min)
Enemies: Hell Pride (5), Hell Lust (4), and Hell Sloth (2)
Location: Mission 3, 15th Avenue, right after the dumpster on your right,you 
enter through a pair of brown double doors, right beneath some red orbs
Location of Mission: Love Planet (Where you first fight the Hell Sloths)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: E&I and Rebellion, Swordmaster Style

Hack at the Hell prides, until they disappear one by one, but try to get rid of
the Lusts ASAP, since they normally hop off-screen before attacking. Be sure to
be very attentive to such sneak attacks from the Lusts and the Sloths, Rinse
and Repeat until it's over!

SECOND TIME: DT the last 30 seconds if you can, A&R work well here, but it's
better to stick with Rebellion

Secret Mission 2: Untouchable
Objective: Defeat all enemies while taking no damage
Enemies: Enigma (5)
Location: Mission 5, Surge of Fortunas, The red-eyed skull sculpture on the
wall, next to the seal for the elevator.
Location of Mission: Ice Guardian痴 Chamber (Where you fight Cerberus)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: E&I and Rebellion, Any Style

Use Rebellion's Helmbreaker attack (triangle in the air) while jumping away at
any arrows fired, the best way to do this is kick the crap outta any enigma
that starts to spin its arrows. Another easy one.

SECOND TIME: just like I said before, DT if you can, A&R also work well
here, but it's better to stick with Rebellion

Secret Mission 3: Death from Above
Objective: Stay in the air for 20 seconds
Enemies: Hell Pride (infinite)
Location: Mission 7, The Dark Corridor, this is the first room of this mission,
so go forward, make a right to head to the brown door, but don稚 go in. See 
that torch on Dante痴 right? Jump over it (air hike or wall jump, it doesn稚 
matter) to a red statue in a crevice. Examine it to enter. 
Location of Mission: Trial of Wisdom (where you earn one of the 3)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: E&I, Rebellion (I really seem to like these combo) Any Style,
(Swordmaster or Trickster recommended)

Lure the prides to the corner, and then do the following: wall jump, then
jump off the back of a pride, rinse and repeat. If going Swordmaster, use
the Aerial Rave to stay in the air longer, as soon as a pride jumps up,
jump off of it, and then use Air Hike. If you're a trickster, use the Wall
Hike. Keep it up until you're done. Either way, you can always use E&I for
more airtime.

SECOND TIME: Do as the first time around, but after 10 seconds or so, DT
with Nevan, and then use Air Raid if you bought it. Laugh from above as you
get your prize!

Secret Mission 4: Devil's Teeter-totter
Objective: Ride the elevator to the top
Enemies: Enhanced Hell Prides (infinite)
Location: Mission 8, Leviathan's Stomach
Location of Mission: Surge of Fortunas (Where you find Secret Mission 2)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: Shotgun, Rebellion. Trickster style

Yes, I used the so called 'glitch' to beat this one but it as simple as running
up any pillar on the 4 corners of the platform while it makes the prides
disappear after a certain distance. Either that, or actually knock them off
using Rebellion and the shotgun. Another way to get some off, is to jump off of
the platform then airhike back on.

SECOND TIME: Same as first. But by then you'll have the Gun Stinger :) Or K.A.

Secret Mission 5: Destroyer
Objective: Destroy every destructible background object within the time limit
(50 items in 40 seconds)
Enemies: -none-
Location: Mission 9 (and 10) Limestone Cavern, when entering from the waterfall,
it's on Dante's right, an opening in which leads to 2 red crystals by the wall,
examine them to enter the mission.
Location of Mission: The Bullseye (Where you get the shotgun)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: Rebellion or A&R with any guns or style

Just keep track or what you break, but this seemed to work best for me: the
format is like this:

The first number shows what order to do the attacks, then what and how you
should destroy them, then how many your total destroyed should be after
completing the step.

This is a 12 step program every alcoholic should take!

1) Break the sign behind you (1)
2) In one swipe take out both tables at once (3)
3) Take out the 2 bottles on one shelf (5)
4) Then the other 3 on the other shelf (Rebellion Combo II works well here) (8)
5) Then the Last table with a stool (10)
6) Then the 2 barrels next to where you got the shotgun (12)
7) The jukebox, slot machines and the 2 barrels (Rebellion Combo II) (18)
8) The other 2 barrels next to the jukebox (20)
9) Do 2 Rebellion Combo I's next to the bar, break 15 bottles and a barrel (36)
10) Attack the rack with the glasses with a helmbreaker, facing the right. (42)
11) Combo or Stinger the barstools (47)
12) Jump up and Helmbreaker the last 3 barrels (50)

You should finish with 3-5 seconds left.

SECOND TIME: two words: Kalina Ann

Secret Mission 6: Flight of the Demon
Objective: Collect every red orb within the time limit
Enemies: -none-
Location: Mission 10, Subterranean Lake, behind the statue where you get the
Neo-Generator, look for a smaller statue to the right of it.
Location of Mission: Leviathan's stomach (where mission 8 began)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: Any Guns, Nevan, Any style, Devil Star (optional)

Another easy one, DT with Nevan, and use air raid, follow the path of orbs
until it splits; go the right path and as soon as you get the 4th one,
head back over tot he left path (with the white orbs) making your way back to
the right path. Snatch those up, and then drop along side the wall so you fall
between the 3 orbs there, catching them all (Do so by letting go of R1) then as
soon as you hit ground, fly again, this time just getting all those orbs until
the end. Use a Devil Star if need be.

SECOND TIME: Same As before

Secret Mission 7: Hang 10
Objective: Obtain the Blue Orb within the time limit. (30 seconds)
Enemies: Hell Gluttony (5)
Location: Mission 11, Gears of Madness, when you reach the lower door, look for
a platform on the left side of Dante (if he's facing the door) Jump on that
platform, then double jump to find an opening in the wall above, get in there,
and check the red seal on the wall.
Location of Mission: Subground Water Vein (where the enigmas start shooting red
arrows, and get evasive for the first time)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: Any gun, Rebellion, any style

Just DT it! As long as you got enough you can run from the stairs on (you
should have about 20 seconds left by then) If you get close, and time's almost

SECOND TIME: It's best to do it in Mission 12, since DT is infinite (or if you
unlocked Super Dante) Just don稚 die doing it!

Secret Mission 8: Tough Guys
Objective: Destroy All Enemies
Enemies: Arachne (3), Large Arachne (5), Hell Vanguard (2)
Location of Mission: Underground Arena (where you fought Geryon)
How I beat it:

Weapons/Style: E&I, Rebellion, Royal Guard, holy Water (optional)

Use the RG to use! If you have at least Lv 2 you should be in the clear. When
the first 3 Arachne emerges hack away with rebellion, yet use the RG block for
all the attacks, this way it fully charges, try to finish them off so you kill
them one after another, then the larger ones come, fight then using E&I until
you have killed at least one, then DT, hack one to death, then use release on
the last, by then the first Vanguard would have shown up. Whatever you do DONT
RUN AWAY. This will cause them to attack more fiercely with their teleport
attacks. Hack until you hear the *ding* of their counter block/attack then
guard (this will trigger your setup for another release) after so keep the
pain coming (this would be when you壇 use the Holy Water) then voila! Another
blue Orb fragment in your pocket!

SECOND TIME: Kind of the same, but this time, use Kalina Ann when they are
open. Also try using Quicksilver, it lets you get a lot of hits in...

Secret Mission 9: Target Practice
Objective: Do not let a single enemy escape
Enemies: Hell Pride (2), Hell Lust (3), Hell Wrath (17)
Location: Mission 13, Vestibule, once you break the wall and make the left to
get inside, it's right above the blue-flamed torch on your left, examine the
red-eyed skull to enter.
Location of Mission: Temperance Wagon (Where you go right before and after you 
fight Beowulf)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: E&I, Anything with air hike, Gunslinger (naturally...)

This one was simple, your best friends here are the charge, rapid shot, and 
your L3 Button. Charge up and rapid-fire the Wraths, then let loose on whatever
is left, this, normally being the Lusts, which can take more damage, since the
Wrath's explosion pwns any pride. Remember if the Lust is on the ground while
you're shooting it, you might have to jump up to keep the damage going, (or 
else you'd be hitting the wagon, and it gets away) if they are suspended in the
air, perfect. Keep them up there. Don稚 stop shooting till it's over.

Here's the Enemy count per wagon:
1) 2 Wraths and a Pride
2) A Wrath and a Pride
3) 2 Wraths and a Lust
4) A Wrath and a Lust
5) 2 Wraths and a Lust
6) A Wrath <- watch out! That one's quick!
7) 2 Wraths
8) 3 Wraths
9) 3 Wraths

SECOND TIME: Spiral (fully upgraded if possible), Gunslinger

Strategy provided by David Chiu:

A pretty easy way to pass this mission is just just Spiral with gunslinger style
(level 3 recommended for my richocheting). Just press O repeatly (bullets seem
to be heat seeking because they keep going in the way the wraths are coming) and
the bullets will hit the demons before they even come near you. So if some are
still alive just shoot them with the spiral again and finish them off.

Secret Mission 10: Guiding Light
Objective: Solve the crystal puzzle
Enemies: -none-
Location: Mission 16, Waking Sun Chamber, right after you get the Golden Sun 
item, it's the golden door next to the altar.
Location of Mission: Vestibule (where you got the Orihalcon to fight Vergil the
second time)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: Any

Solve the puzzle. There are 6 different types that come at random. The best 
strategy is to look for the crystals NOT being lit, and pointing at the main 
unlit statue. Then follow the beam from where it comes from to where it may 
possibly go. If you mess up, hit the clock thingy to start over. THERE IS NO 
WAY YOU CAN FAIL THIS MISSION, some just may take longer than others, though, 
and with one of them you'll have to break the wall, so be sure to investigate 
it before breaking anything else.

Thanks to some Help from Kamran Riaz Khan (kamran_pro on GameFAQs) He is letting
me use his kick-ass ASCII guide from his FAQ to show the solution to all 6
puzzles! The link for his FAQ (which I used to beat the game) is here:


(T)arget Mirrors, where the beam will finish, (M)irrors to be left alone and
mirrors to (D)estroy, "=" is the destructible wall.

Just destroy "D" mirrors to solve the puzzle. If on Puzzle 6 however, you have
to destroy the = wall too.

+---------+    +---------+    +---------+
|Puzzle 1 |    |Puzzle 2 |    |Puzzle 3 |
+---------+    +---------+    +---------+
|    T T  |    |M   D M M|    |  M   M M|
|    D T M|    |M   D   M|    |M   D M  |
|M   M M M|    |T   M   M|    |      M M|
|M   D   M|    |M   D   M|    |M   D   M|
|M M M D M|    |M   D   M|    |    M M  |
|M   M   M|    |M   D   D|    |T   D   M|
|M       M|    |M   T M T|    |T M M D  |
|         |    |         |    |  M M   M|
|         |    |         |    |         |
+---------+    +---------+    +---------+
+---------+ +---------+ +---------------+
|Puzzle 4 | |Puzzle 5 | |Puzzle 6       |
+---------+ +---------+ +---------------+
|      M  | |         | |          * T *|
|M   M M M| |         | |          * D *|
|  D     M| |        M| |M     M   = M *|
|    M   M| |T   M    | |M   M M T *****|
|M   T M  | |D D M D M| |M   M M M *    |
|  M D M M| |M     M M| |  M M     *    |
|T   D M  | |T M   D M| |M M   D M *    |
|M        | |    D    | |          *    |
|         | |  D M M  | |M T M     *    |
|M M   M  | |M   T    | |          *    |
+---------+ +---------+ +---------------+

SECOND TIME: Same As before

Secret Mission 11: On Pins And Needles
Objective: Avoid spikes and obtain the blue orb located at the end of the area.
Enemies: -none-
Location: Mission 17, Pitch Black Void, go up the stairs on your left, the hop
on the beams above those steps, to get the red orbs; the one in the middle of
the bottom row has a glowing statue. Examine the statue to enter.
Location of Mission: 'Enhanced' Trial of Skill (Where you just came from to 
get here!)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: any guns, Rebellion,  Anything with air hike, trickster style

If you made it this far, you have already done this 'enhanced' Trial of Skill,
but as I did, you should just dash, dash, dash in the direction of the opening,
doing so to be parallel to the incoming spikes, if your trickster is leveled up,
more power to ya, also for kicks, try going through about half of it with 
normal techniques, then use Quicksilver (or DT) for the rest. Score one more 
blue orb fragment!


Secret Mission 12: Final Ascension
Objective: Obtain the Blue Orb fragment on the top level.
Enemies: -none- 
Location: Mission 18, Road to Despair, on the left side of the giant foot 
statue (opposite the red orb pedestal)
Location of Mission: God-Cube chamber (the second room in mission 17, where you
use a Combat Adjudicator)
How I Beat It:

Weapons/Style: E&I, Any Devil Arms with Air hike, Trickster

Ironically, I only had Trickster Lv 1 at this point, but I got through like 

The Cube on the left (near where the Combat Adjudicator would have been in the
original room) has a cube floating from left to right, above it. once it goes
to the right and hits center, jump onto it, then jump on the wall and wall hike
straight up (don稚 jump off the wall or double jump before then) when you jump
off the wall from the wall hike, you should be next to a platform that goes in
and out of the wall about 3 cubes long, use  the air hike to jump onto it, then
wall hike to the right to another cube the goes into the wall, you should see 
it beginning to go back in, but then you can hop onto it and run off to the 
platform with the silver door, just below the fragment. Then air hike off the 
single cube wall platform, (on the left of that platform; it should be coming
back out by now) land on the cube moving in a figure 8. As it goes all the way
to the right, near the right side of the doorway, wall hike straight up then
air hike to your prize.

SECOND TIME: Same, hopefully the trickster is leveled up by then.

Hope you enjoyed the FAQ. I had plenty of fun writing it! Thanks to:

David Chiu

Copyright 2005, Andy Alexis (as of 5/28/05 it isnt up yet...)