[edit] Background

Approximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex, The World is only beginning to recover from a Catastrophic worldwide depression.

In the Chaotic period of recovery, several religious and political factions see an opportunity to re-shape a worldwide governament to their agendas, understanding that the right moves now could determine the shape of human society for decades- even centruries- to come.

In this techno-nightmare, take part in the dark struggle to raise the world from its own ashes.

[edit] Gameplay

That freedom to choose a play style set Deus Ex apart from other games and DX2 takes the idea further - a deeper simulation than ever before offers players even more control over the action. DX2 features a more powerful physics system, startlingly believable AI, dramatically enhanced character modeling and animation, a groundbreaking sound propagation system and state-of-the art lighting and graphics. The game systems contribute materially to gameplay, minute-to-minute, mission-to-mission, and beginning to end.

[edit] Features

  • An action-packed first-person thriller with intense shooter and role-playing elements.
  • True player choice provides the most advanced go-anywhere-do-anything freedom in a video game to date. This sandbox-shooter molds itself to the player's play-style and strategy - the real-time choice of violence, stealth, computer hacking or negotiation allow the player ultimate freedom of self expression.
  • Countless tools and biomods enable the player to achieve objectives with dramatic flair - see through walls, run faster than cars, leap 40 ft in the air, regenerate critical body damage and become radar invisible to your foes.
  • Sequel to the 35+ Game Of the Year award winning game Deus Ex.
  • Invisible War is the most technologically advanced games developed yet, exploiting the technical manifest of the XBOX and pushes the envelope of the latest PC graphics cards.
  • Benchmark Setting Graphics - a new benchmark in graphics quality for a video game, this game delivers the most realistic atmosphere and environments to date.
  • State-of-the-art physics system, allowing for unprecedented interaction with objects in the world.
  • Intense stealth gameplay, where darkness and sound affect enemy awareness.
  • Artificial Intelligence - with an uncannily intuitive AI system, characters have a real awareness of the world that they populate and guard.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Windows 98SE or higher (Windows 95/NT not supported)
Intel Pentium 4 1.3ghz (or AMD Atlon XP equivalent)
256 MB of RAM
32 MB DirectX 9.x compatable graphics card
100% DirectX 9.x compatable sound card
4x CD-ROM Drive
2 GB of Free HD Space

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Sep 6, 11 6:57pm
It won't work on my computer. I can't move the mouse in menu screens, but I can move the character just fine. Anyone know of any fixes? DeusEx2InvisibleWar
Jan 25, 09 5:05am
its kinda easy DeusEx2InvisibleWar
Sep 13, 08 7:08am
Good RPG. DeusEx2InvisibleWar
Jun 16, 07 9:59am
added 13 new concept art
kDevil 8
May 21, 06 3:43am
the original was way better DeusEx2InvisibleWar
Apr 8, 05 1:53am

One of the best, if not the best, RPG games ever. It keeps you hooked up all the way...

Master of the VG
Dec 21, 04 3:24pm

After I finished the first Deus Ex, I was excited about the prospect of playing...

Sep 28, 04 5:57pm

When Warren Specter first created Deus Ex he created one of the few genuine videogame...

Mar 29, 04 10:05am

Ok so Im probably biased because I loved the original Deus EX. Ground breaking...

Feb 15, 04 4:35pm

I never planned on actually buying this game in the beginning, but after stumbling...

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