Deus Ex:Game of the Year Edition

  • Released on May 29, 2001
  • By Ion Storm for PC

Deus Ex:Game of the Year Edition User Reviews


Deus Ex Machina

The good:

This game is the epitome of the spy fantasy that most of can admit to having. It is so diverse in it's element that it could not even be labeled as simply one genre. First Person, RPG, Action, Shooter. For first time players it grabs you and doesn't let go until you save the world from the big bad guys. Who the bad guys are changes throughout the game in a storyline full of twists and turns that keeps you guessing up until the end. The multiplayer addition to the Game of the Year edition is loads of fun, being able to create your own environments and objectives in the Deus Ex world is a blast. This game also come with a music CD full of soundtracks from the game that will make you want to hope on your PC and start playing again. Truly a fantastic game.

The bad:

The only downside is the sometimes bland voice acting and graphical flukes. This of course does not deter you from enjoying the game.


I love this game and could play it all year if I had the time and good investment for any gamer that likes games with depth and personality. Hurrah for Eidos, this one is a keeper!


Deus EX plus

The good:

Deus Ex
Level Editor
Multiplayer feature

The bad:

The game still ends
People who have the old deus ex will feel ripped off


This game is still the same. It has the great Deus Ex game on it, and it still is one of the best games. This version, however, has a level editor and multiplayer modes from the start. You can download a patch for multiplayer for the original Deus Ex. The level editor is a nice addition, but most people probably won't use it because it is kind of complex. You also get a soundtrack for the game's music. Most people probably wouldn't care much about the soundtrack, but it does make a nice addition.

Bottom Line:
If you have the old Deus Ex, you really don't need to get this one. If you do...

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