Deus Machina Demonbane (Import) review
A good entry level Visual Novel

The good:

  • Interesting story
  • Multiple paths to chose
  • Good character development

The bad:

  • A Bit short only having three routes so replaying can become redundant
  • No obvious hints where your actions are sending you, IE beyond the first one you have no idea what route of what heroine you will land


Deus Machina Demonbane is a great entry level Visual Novel for those looking to play more of this particular brand of games, it has no real gameplay so it's mostly reading and chosing but that does not makes it a bad one also having the posibility of an easy set up awards it free bonus points in my book when compared to VN's such as Kikokugai-They cyber slayer that is impossible to get to work most of the time due to a number of factors.

The story of Demonbane starts with the Detective Kurou Daijuuji who is a third rate detective literally scrapping any penny he can get his hands off, he is so poor that he can only afford one slice of bread, thing should start looking up when Hadou Ruri heiress of the Hadou Group and founders and builders of Arkham City offers Kurou a simple job "Get me a Grimoire" and our hero happily accepts and fails to do so, he oddly finds a library that has infinite Grimoire's however the busy librarian tells him he is not suited to any of them and soon afterwards Daijuuji finds what he is looking for, a girl falls from the sky, this girl is Al Azif the spirit of the Necronomicon and the most powerful AND Dangerous tome.

The reason why Al Azif is so dangerous is that compared to the Cerulean Fragments, or the book of Enoch the Necronomicon here is the absolute compendium on the super natural, there is no creature Al Azif does not knows how to kill, there is no spell that she does not knows her goal is also one that aligns herself as Nemesis to the forces of evil, is to destroy evil.

After a whole lot of Crazy courtesy of the Genius Dr.West Kurou enters on a contract with Al Azif, becoming a Sorcerer and during their escape of Dr.West giant robots with the help of the mysterious Angel Metatron wind up stumbling underground on the greatest achievment of science a man made Deus Machina: Demonbane (or how Al Azif pronounces it Daemonbane) and they destroy Dr.West Robot and next day Kurou reports that Al Azif is the grimoire that the Hadou group is searching, due to a clash in personalities Ruri rejects Al, forcing Kurou to find a new grimoire.

Now why did i call Demonbane the pinnacle of science? Deus Machinas in this setting arent mere robots, they are lesser Manifestations, avatars if you will of the elder gods, yes you read right avatars of creatures such as Ctulhu or Yog-Sothoth , Demonbane is 100% human made a mix of Arcane sorcery and science only understood by Hadou Kozou sorcerer extraordinary, founder of Arkham city and the man that built it.

Finally keep in Mind Demonabne is an eroge, so there are sex Scenes, those are somewhat scarce but they are still there, there is a patch that removes them if that bothers the reader of the review a lot, it also adds the PS2 version voicess.

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