Destiny of an Emperor

  • Released on May 14, 1989
  • By Capcom for NES

Destiny of an Emperor Cheats

Destiny of an Emperor cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Finding Lu Bu's horse
To acquire Lu Bu's swift horse Red Hare, head for the encampment south of the first castle you encounter in the game. Defeat Hua Xiong at the camp, then search around the area of world map just to the south west of the camp gate to find Red Hare. Any general that rides this horse gains the agility up ability.


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Weaker castle cave enemies
Enter a random encounter with weak enemies you can easily defeat around Xu Zhou castle. Win the battle, then enter the castle caves without triggering any further encounters; you may wish to use items like gullwings or smokepots to assist in this. It will be safe to enter battles again after you make it into the caves, and you'll find the enemies have become much weaker as a result!

Enemy levels will reset to their default if you either enter any random battle on the world map again, or challenge a boss encounter.


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Level 51 Experience
When you get to Ji Zhou castle, don't talk to the man who levels you up at the house in the outskirts of the castle. Ignore him until your armies are all at level 50. Then talk to the old man at the Northeast corner outside the castle walls and he'll level you up to 51.
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