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Descent 3 as good as the original!

The good:

Graphics, even today as up to par. Spectacular FX, awesome AI, awesome Weapons. Good story to add to Descent one and two. Motion Sickness is retained. All 3D api support: glide, opengl, direct3d... Sound is superb. Multiplayer is amazing.

The bad:

High system requirement. Anything less than a 400 mhz and a 3D card and you're screwed in the frame rate area. Lag online, but then again, what game doesn't have lag? Weirder Automap.


You're given briefing, and you go back to the mines. But you also get an outside look also with awesome rain FX. AI is hard at times. All the robots act differently. I don't really like the automap, but it's weirder than before; it's still the same basic format though. Good old Automap.

Single player is immersive. Music is cool, Sound effect also. If you liked the Originals Descent 1 and 2 then get this one. I one is way better than Descent 2, but Descent 1 is still the ultimate classic in my heart; but this sequel lives up the legend of Descent 1 released back in 1994-95 I think.

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