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Descent 3 cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Descent 3 Cheats

Descent 3

IveGotIt All Weapons, Energy, Shields
BurgerGod God Mode
TreeSquid Full Map
MoreClang Level Jump
DeadOfNight Destroy All Bots
Testicus Cloak
Framelength Frames Per Second Display
ByeByeMonkey Chase View
Shananigans Wierd Textures
TubeRacer 210 Damage
Teletubbies Teletubbies Sub
Gowingnut Take off Energy and Shields; Never Regain Thrusters
Deadmanwalking Secret Boss Level



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All weapons
Type 'ivegotit' during gameplay to obtain all primary weapons (beam weapons), and the maximum carrying capacity for each missile.

Note 1: Typing it multiple times will actually give you more than the maximum

Note 2: On level fourteen, you may need to type it multiple times to activate it.
Infinite Cloaking Device
While on any level type in "Testicus" to have an infinite cloaking device on.

Have fun cheating!
While in the game, type out "burgergod" to obtain invincibility. This cheat will activate/deactivate itself every time you type "burgergod".

Note 1: On level fourteen, you may have to type the cheat multiple times to activate it.

Note 2: You 'will' loose all your points when you use this code.

Note 3: During extended play, this cheat has been known to wear off after a couple of hours, but simply typing the code again will re-activate it.

Have fun
Level skip
Type "more clang" while playing to jump to any level. (you will be told to choose between 1 and 17)

Note: The levels will not be in order, so typing 17 in the box provided will not take you to the final level.