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One of the better flight simulation games around.

The good:

Where do I begin? This game is highly entertaining. With a joystick, it's a load of fun. The graphics are surprisingly good for a PC game from 1996. The controls are fairly easy to learn, and non-stop action prevents you from taking your fingers off the joystick.

The bad:

Let me put it this way: If you don't have a joystick, then don't bother buying this. Using the keyboard or mouse really limits the fun. Use a joystick, however, and you will feel like you are flying a real fightercraft, but sprawling your fingers across the keyboard isn't really all that fun.


The story: You, the player is a mercenary hired to destroy mining robots that have gone out of control due to a computer virus. At the end of the first Descent the mercenary had completed his mission to destroy the mining operations throughout the solar system. The player picks up right where it left off, being outfitted with a warp drive to take care of some mining operations in other systems.

This game is a big step up from the original Descent. Descent 3 just doesn't seem to have the same, well "charm" that this game does. A good price for this game now is about $6.50, because of it's age...

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