Der Langrisser (Import) Cheats

Der Langrisser (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Cloning Items
To begin the process of cloning an item you will need to equip a character that you have chosen to use with the item you wish to clone. Then beat a scenario, save your game, and go back to the load menua. Then Scenario Select back to wherever that character you chose appears as an NPC. When doing this you will still have the item that the character was equipped with in your inventory. This item is the cloned item. Then equip that item to whoever you want to use it but the only limitation to cloning items is that the cloned item will have to stay equipped. When swapping items with another character, the clone item will take the place of the real item. After you have started the scenario, the NPC will be holding the cloned item and then the real item will be equipped to whichever character you gave over to. Once the NPC rejoins your party the NPC will keep his cloned item. If you ever unequip the cloned item it will disappear.
Secret Scenarios, Secret Levels 1,2,3
Place Elwin at the upper left corner of the map on the spot where the wall juts in a little bit more of the Scenario 6, then kill all enemies. You will be given the option to investigate the Muscular Shrine. Say yes to access the secret level 1.

Place Elwin at the bottom right corner of the map where there is a small pool with a stick sticking out of it in Scenario 8 and kill all enemies. Depending on whether you're in the Light or Imperial path, you'll go to either Secret Scenario Level 2 or 3.
The Inventory Trick
When one of your character's class changes, he or she will keep any of their items that are equipped. Use this to your advantage on many of your characters throughout your quest. The many items they keep can be used in many situations, by equipping them to other characters to fight with or what-not.
The Starting Items Trick!
During the character creation when you say "No" to the "Is this okay?" option all of the stats you have set for your character will reset except the starting items. Doing this can obtain you many items from the start of the game such as Devil Axes, and Saleable for lots of Points.

Note: After the sixth time of doing this the game will freeze so make sure to not go over the limit.


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Multimedia Test
Bring up the load menu and then place your cursor on any save slot that has a save in it. Then press Left, Right, Select, and then A.
Scenario Select
Go to your load menu where the saved game slots are at and then place your cursor on any of the save slots that have a save in it. Then press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, and then A.
The Second Shop
Open up the buy screen and press Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Select, Down, Right, Left, Select, and then A to bring up the second shop.
The Special Shop
Highlight the "Buy" command and as you do this press Left, Right, Right, Down, Right, Up, and A to unlock the Special Shop!