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True beauty is not skin deep


Developer: From Software
Publisher: Atlus/Namco Bandai Games

Demon's Souls is a bit of a tricky game to review – on one end, it's hard as *bleep* because you don't have much of an idea of how to tackle each boss fight, but on the other end, it's hard as *bleep* because you just aren't the hot shot that you claim to be! Technically speaking, Demon's Souls isn't much – you simply go through dungeons to kill some monsters, collect items and pull a few levers here and there so you can make your way over to the boss, but from a more emotional standpoint, Demon's Souls knows exactly what it's doing...


This is a RPG that all the PS3 owner should play

The good:

  • A very deep and dark atmosphere.
  • Addictive gameplay
  • A very innovating online component
  • Epic boss fight

The bad:

  • Really hard at first, but after few playthroughs that can be changed(Not really a bad thing, but for most people it could)
  • Not random enemies re-spawn (this is more with first options since after your first playthrough you will probably know all the enemies position)
  • No DLC (I talk for the fans)


I'm not going to go deep like Province's Review, but I will go through all the major points.

You may have heard how hard Demon's Souls is, and it is hard as they said. This game is more on the trials and errors part, it will punish you for failing. The theme of this game is death, so 99.9% of those death will come because you were rushing through a level, or falls from a cliff, didn't block or dodge at the right time, or wasn't in the right Soul Level for that world, or got killed by the boss. But even if is this hard, you want to come back, because you realize you came with another approac...


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The good:

> The amazing level design

> The in depth tactical gameplay

> The customisation

> The ‘educational’ online

> The simply epic and monstrous boss fights

> The challenge, finally a game where death is truly feared

The bad:

> Dying, god it’s a pain

> Black phantoms, it’s part of the game but good god I’ve never hated another player so much

> Cryptic boss battles, they have a weak spot but why do we need to go through a difficult guessing process to work out what it is?

> Traps, the second most annoying enemy of the game!


The game is set in the Kingdom of Boletaria, once very rich and full of life. It was under the rule of one King Allanti XII, and for all ages it was peaceful as the King used Souls in search of power & peace. Obviously, as you could guess, things backfire a little bit. The Kingdom is enveloped by dark fog as the King unwillingly sets loose the vanguards of Demons lurking in the realm. Very quickly, almost the entire population is destroyed. At this point the introducing cinematic comes to an end and you create your own character. Everything is operable, from your name, gender, hair, body si...

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