Defiance Unlockables

Arkfall Code Unlockables
Redeem the required number of Arkfall codes (at the Defiance "My Ego" System website) to unlock special bonuses which can then be claimed in the in-game Defiance Store.
UnlockableNumber of Codes required
Level 1: +2 Inventory Slots1
Level 2: VBI Recruit Title3
Level 3: Bonus Ark Salvage6
Level 4: Basic Lock Box10
Level 5: Pistol Skill +115
Level 6: Light Machine Gun Skill +121
Level 7: Manual Sniper Rifle Skill +128
Level 8: Assault Rifle Skill +136
Level 9: +4 Inventory Slots45
Level 10: Pump Shotgun Skill +155
Level 11: Firestorm (Weapon Modification)66
Level 12: TMW Hannibal 650R Vehicle (Location: Iron Demon Ranch)78
Level 13: Thundershock (Indoor Firing Range)91
Level 14: Scavenger Ego Perk (Increases ammo drop by up to 30%)105
Level 15: VBI Operative Title120