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Def Jam Fight For NY Tips

Lots of cash, before you really start the story
So here's what you do. Go into story mode, create your character, then back out. Go to beat down, load the profile you just created and select Free For All. For yourself choose a fairly high character. ( I usually choose Crow because he's quick and can counter easily) For your opponents choose some characters that you know you can KO easily (I use Crack, Sticky, and Manny). Make sure your fight lasts awhile and get as many bonuses as possible (the highest payouts are Blazin' Moves, First Strike, Bill of Health, and Close One that I can remember). Even on easy you should get a decent amount of cash. Keep doing this until you have the desired amount of cash on that profile and then bling it up on your fresh character. This is also the easiest way to get the King of Bling award. Do this then buy the most expensive jewelry you can find.