Def Jam Fight For NY Tips

Unlockables & Reward Points
Enter This names into the cheats menu, you'll get 100 reward points.
NEWJACK - 100 reward points
THESOURCE - 100 reward points
CROOKLYN - 100 reward points
DUCKETS - 100 reward points
GETSTUFF - 100 reward points
Codes For MH (All Cheats Work Once)

Completed Story Mode - STY572939
Unlock Eminem (No voice) - EMM512723
Machino Cap In SUS - SUS138658
Machino Cap 2 In SUS - SUS138654
Machino Cap 3 (Checkerd) At SUS - SUS138652
X's Junkyard Venue (Fight DMX) - HVU494656
DefJam Vendetta Venue (Fight Oldschool D-Mob) - HVU494652
Cheats for Unlock songs
LOYALTY - Afterhours by Nyne
MILITAIN - Anything Goes by CNN
BIGBOI - Bust by Outkast
CHOPPER - Chopshop by Baxter
CHOCOCITY - Comp by Comp
AKIRA - Dragon House by Chiang
PLATINUMB - Get it Now by Bless
GHOSTSHELL - Koto by Chiang
GONBETRUBL - Lil' Bro by Ricbyobyche
KIRKJONES - Man Up by Sticky Fingaz
RESPECT - Move by Public Enemy
POWER - Original Gangster by Ice T
ULTRAMAG - Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MCs
SIEZE Sieze - the day by Bless
CARTAGENA - Take a look at my life by Fat Joe
PUMP - Walk with Me by Joe Budden