Deepak Chopra's Leela (Xbox 360) Cheats

Deepak Chopra's Leela cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
The First Step (5)Unlock the second level of Movement 1, Origin.
Kundalini (10)Unlock all Sequences.
Origin (15)Finished all levels of Origin.
Life (15)Finished all levels of Life.
Power (15)Finished all levels of Power.
Love (15)Finished all levels of Love.
Harmony (15)Finished all levels of Harmony.
Intuition (15)Finished all levels of Intuition.
Unity (15)Finish all levels of Unity.
Wheels of Life (30)Finish all levels of all Movements.
Expression (10)Create a Mandala.
Flow (10)Finish one Sequence.
Journey (30)Finish all Sequences.
Leela (50)Finish all of Play.
Open (20)Finished all Guided Meditations.
Focus (20)Finished all Silent Meditations.
Light (20)Finished all Breathwork Practices.
Bliss (50)Finished all of Reflect.
One Thousand Petals (100)Finish all of Play and Reflect.
Overnight (10)Have 6 fully grown mushrooms at once (level 2 and up).
Green Thumb (15)Fill in all bare spots on a level (level 3 and up).
Breakthrough (15)Break all rocks in a level (level 4 and up).
Fiery (15)Make three volcanoes on one level (level 5 and up).
Rain Maker (15)Create 3 storm mountains in one level (level 5 and up).
Life Line (15)Use all checkpoints available in the level (level 3 and up).
Sustenance (15)Consume 100 Plankton.
Lengthen (10)Reach max tail length.
One Shot (10)Hit 4 floating ore with one fireball.
Share (15)Share a Mandala on Facebook.
Refinement (15)Refine 3 gems within 5 seconds (level 4 and up).
Will Power (15)Complete a level with the rock wall never reaching the lava (level 4 and up).
Boon (10)Explode 7 energy stones in a single level (level 5 and up).
Helping Hands (10)Have 7 lifts in play at once (level 1 and up).
Letting Go (15)Travel the entire length of the stage using only lifts (level 5 and up).
No Help (15)Complete a level without creating a single lift (level 4 and up).
No Bad Vibes (15)Complete a level without touching any negative energy (level 5 and up).
One Hit Wonder (10)Complete a screen of M5 by only activating the node once (level 1 and up).
Triplets (15)Activate 3 powerups in a level (level 1 and up).
Night Music (15)Have 3 active black holes on a screen (level 3 and up).
Across the Universe (15)Have a chain that lasts for over 10 reactions (Level 1 and up).
Farsighted (10)Complete four patterns without receiving a color change penalty (level 2 and up).
Clear Vision (15)Avoid all hazards in a level (level 4 and up).
Avoidance (15)Play for 3 minutes without picking up a single icon (level 4 and up).
Dedication (15)Complete an entire level only collecting one color (level 3 and up).
Frictionless (15)Fly for 2 minutes without passing through a gate.
Immanence (15)Pass through 10 gates.
Grasshopper (40)Return to guided every day for a week.
Proprietor of Peace (30)Return to silent every day for a week.
Meditation Master (50)Remain in Infinite mode for 1 hour.
Illuminated (50)Return to breathwork every day for a week.
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