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Deathrow FAQ v2.3
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Deathrow FAQ

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		VERSION *2.3*

I. Introduction
II. Teams
III. Strategies
IV. Hints/Tips
V. Cheats
VI. Glitches
VII. Legal.... Stuff
IIX. How This FAQ Came To Be.....

			4:25 PM 8/3/03
		(best viewed on a 800x600 screen)

I. Introduction
	2219: the 1st official Blitz competition. After a bloody pre-selection
process, 14 teams are still in the running. They were picked for their drive in
combat and their sheer brutality. The cybernetic, genetic, and chemical
modifications made to the participants promise levels of violence never before
seen on TV. The credo of this new game is simple as pie: The show must go on!

II. Teams
	Sea Cats. Amphibian mutants created by the party to exploit marine
resources. Hardened by more than a century of submarine combat for the survival
of their species, they quickly showed that they were made of in the
pre-selection contests. Their legendary speed and precision shooting give them a
clear advantage in the arena.

	Protectors. A private militia much prized by the celebrities of New
Beverly Hills- have chosen thier finest gaurds for this prestige team. Their
sophisticated equipment makes them highly mobile in the arena. They're dazzingly
victorious. They strike first, and they strike hard.

			5:08 PM 8/4/03

	Convicts. The worst scum of the galaxy-the most hardened criminals,
sentenced to death for the most abominable acts. The penitentiary governers
lured them on with the promise of freedom, but it's mostly out of sheer blood
lust that they enter the arena. For these guys, it's victory or death.

	Crushers. Miners whose metabolisms have been modified to withstand the
extreme gravitational force of Saturn. The BDA noticed their colossal strength
when they fought ruthless tournaments in the miing towns. It's now giving them a
shot at the real gold mine. They're ultra-powerful and determined, and they'll
crush the bones of anyone who gets in their way.

	These are the first four teams that you can pick from once you start
out. I suggest you start with the Crushers.

III. Strategies
	There are 3 effective strategies that have been proven. The first, and
the one best suited for the Crushers is the all-out attack strategy (up twice on
the directional pad). This will make all of your teammates (except the goalie)
go out and beat the sh!t out of the opponent. This is NOT reccomended for the
Sea Cats. Alll you have to do is while you buddies are beating the enemy, you
	The Second strategy is the all-out attack KO. Remeber, using the Sea
Cats for any kind of fighting is a bad idea. Set the strategy to all-out attack,
disregard scoring and beat the living daylights out of your opponent. No matter
how many goals they score, if you KO them all, you win. Also remember most
players on the other team have 3-4 injury markers which means that you have to
beat them up 3-4 times. When they start limping, they are on their last leg and
head for the nearest health. KO them before that. Some teams have 5 injury
markers and thats the goalie. It doesn't matter if you don't KO him first,
because after 3 rounds of 3 KOs the whole enemy team will be limping, because
they lack the funds to heal all of their members.
	The third strategy is the best one for the Sea Cats. Keep the strategy
at N and just score and score, jumping when you shoot the disc.

IV. Hints/ Tips
	The KO strategy is extremely effective. So effective that you can beat
the game in close to two days using it. Also using the punch+kick button makes
you grab your opponent, and do a wicked move on him. When he goes down kick him
repeatedly until he is injured. When he gets up, do it again and so on. Save you
Unlock credits for the Mercs or Sentinels.

V. Cheats
	Enter SouthEnd (case sensitive) as your profile name (NOT your conquest
name) and it will unlock everything.

VI. Glitches
	I found that with the Crushers, when an opponent goes down and you try
to kick him on the ground, instead of stepping on him, you kick in the air.
Getting closer and then kicking fixes it.

VII. Legal.... Stuff
	This material is made by me. Don't use it as your own.
	Sites Permitted to Use This FAQ:

IIX. How This FAQ Came To Be....
	Well, I was sitting on my chair, playing Deathrow and listening to AC/DC
when I suddenly compiled all of the above information in my mind. Over two days
I typed it out (Because I got the idea at 4PM yesterday, and I was a little busy
so I couldn't finish it.) Now that I am almost done, in retrospect, this game
was very fun, and a sequel is in order.

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