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Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel FAQ/Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.3 on
Version 1.2 3/11/2013

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Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel
A Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Chapter One: Halward Manor
  004b. Chapter Two: The Manor Grounds
  004c. Chapter Three: Baltoun Village
  004d. Chapter Four: England
  004e. Chapter Five: The Halward Estate
  004f. Chapter Six: Paris
  004g. Chapter Seven: Fairing Point
  004h. Epilogue
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Death at Fairing 
Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel. This is the first game in 
the Dana Knightstone series. To contact me about this 
guide, please email me at

002-Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to solve the game's 
puzzles, rather than read how to solve the puzzles? You're 
in luck! I made a video walkthrough for this game, which 
can be found here:

The videos come complete with my live commentary.


Dead Characters

David Robertson: A man whose death at Fairing Point is the 
focus of the game. He was a stablehand who doubled as a 
painter, and he was in love with a woman named Charlotte 

Charlotte Halward: The woman who loved David. Since he was 
poor, she was under pressure to forget him and marry a rich 
man instead. Her heart was torn after his death.

William Eckley: One of Charlotte's suitors, who proposed to 
her after David's death.

Margaret Halward: Charlotte's mother, who is very 
matriarchal. She wanted Charlotte to marry William Eckley.

Joseph Sutherland: A man who worked alongside David in the 
stables. He was not a pleasant fellow.

Mr. Halward: There is a statue of a Mr. Halward, inside 
Baltoun Village. Presumably, he is related to Charlote. 

Living Characters

Dana Knightstone: The main character, who you play as. Dana 
is a novelist, and on a trip to Scotland, she encounters 
the ghost of David Robertson (as well as a few other 

Concierge: A helpful man who works at Halward Manor, when 
Dana visits.

Pub Owner: A man who wears glasses and works at the local 
pub. He wants to be mentioned in Dana's novel.

Receptionist: A woman who works at Town Hall, in Baltoun 
Village. She has lost her cat, Fluffy.

Wilfred: The butler at Halward Estate.

Ethel: The maid at the Halward Estate.

French Man: There is a French man who runs the gift shop at 
the museum in France.

Mr. Bradley, Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Clark: Guests at 
Halward Manor. They are never seen, but in the epilogue, 
Dana has a puzzle in which she sets up food for them.


To start the game, simply press "start game". A scene of 
Dana arriving at Scotland plays.

004a-Chapter One: Halward Manor

The game starts with an optional tutorial, which teaches 
you some basics about controls and how to do things in this 

For example, you can click on the concierge to talk to him. 
You can click on the table to zoom in on it, and you can 
click on the passport to add it to your inventory at the 
bottom of the screen.

After you do those things, click on the safe. This is your 
first puzzle. You need to open the safe with your mobile 
number. This number was on the table, and it is located in 
your notebook in the lower left.

The number is 6134. Press those numbers, then the enter 
button. The tutorial then ends. Put the passport inside the 
safe to get a newspaper. Click on it to read it.

It's the obituary of someone named David. The window then 
breaks open, and you have to fix it. Click on the window to 
close it partially.

You need the latch in order to fully close the window. 
Click on the bed for a puzzle. In this puzzle, you want to 
match the seven objects. The shoe goes with the shoe, the 
sock goes with the sock, the shirt goes with the shirts and 
the book goes with the books. The lipstick goes with the 
makeup bag, the camera goes with the camera case, and the 
headphones go with the music player.

Solving the puzzle will let you see an umbrella. Pick it 
up. Zoom in on the area under the bed and use the umbrella 
on the latch to get it. Use the latch on the window.

The latch needs tightening. Open the armoire and get the 
screwdriver, as well as the dustpan. Use the screwdriver on 
the half-open latch to tighten it. Now you can close the 

With the window closed, you can clean up the area 
underneath it. Use the dustpan to safely pick up the six 
glass shards. Use the glass shards on the mirror (left of 
the window). This is a jigsaw puzzle. You want to put all 
the puzzle pieces together, to form a complete image. Click 
on a piece to rotate it.

When all the mirror pieces are in place, the puzzle is 
done. David's ghost appears in the mirror. Back away from 
the mirror, then click on the ghost. It goes out into the 

Click on the door to go out to the hall. Talk to the 
concierge. Go downstairs (through the lower/right). Click 
on David's ghost, who leads you to the parlor. Go to the 

Click on David again. He points at a painting. Click on the 
painting, and he points at a fireplace. He will leave.

You have a few things you can do here in the parlor. First, 
grab the glue on the far left. Open the drawer on the far 
right to find a key that you can take. You should also take 
the blue footstool, in front of the fireplace.

Examine the minifridge on the right. You have to find 
fifteen water bottles. Three of them are in drawers. Get 
all the water bottles and use them on the fireplace to 
douse the fire. It's still too hot to play around with the 
fire remains, though.

On the left side of the room, against the wall, is a letter 
puzzle you can't solve right now. Another puzzle you can't 
solve is on the table.

Go backwards two screens, to the upstairs hallway. Open up 
the drawer here and pick up the matches. Put the footstool 
under the drawer, so you can get the fire poker on the 
shelf above the picture.

The picture looks a bit odd, doesn't it? Click on it for a 
puzzle. You can swap two pieces by clicking on one piece, 
then a second piece. Swap all the pieces to form one 
picture, of a woman reading a book. This is Margaret.

Go back down to the lobby. You have a few puzzles here that 
you can't solve yet, such as a picture puzzle left of the 
door, a note puzzle right of the door and the photo booth 

Against the wall of the stairs is a fuse box. Use the key 
from the parlor to open it. You have a fuse puzzle. Swap 
fuses, until every fuse is in the correct spot. When a fuse 
is in the right spot, it changes color and cannot be moved 
from that spot.

All the A fuses go in the A row, the B fuses in the B row 
and so on. All the 20 fuses go in the 20 column, the 25 
fuses in the 25 column, and so on. Some of the fuses are 
scratched, but you can figure out where they go through 
guessing and/or the process of elimination.

When all the fuses are in place, you have a switch puzzle. 
Flip the five switches in the proper order. The purple 
switch is first and the orange switch is last. The order of 
the other three switches is randomly determined.

Flipping on all of the switches restores power to the 
atrium. Go through the doorway to the left in order to 
reach this area.

The bust on the right is broken. Examine the area below the 
bust, and pick up the seven statue pieces. Use the glue 
(from the parlor) on the bust, then use the statue pieces 
on the glue. You have restored the statue of a man named 

The other statue in this room is locked with chains. The 
doorway to the conservatory is also locked.

Take the candle from the plants left of the doorway, and 
take the tongs from the base of the left statue. Leave the 
atrium, then go to the parlor.

Use the fireplace poker (from the second floor) on the 
extinguished fire, then use the tongs on the fireplace. 
Pick up all ten pieces of paper. Use them on the table here 
for a jigsaw puzzle, where you need to put the pieces of 
the paper back together.

The finished paper has some holes in it, but it reveals a 
hidden cache in the floor here. Examine that part of the 
floor. You find a key and a piece of paper that shows 
statue parts.

Leave the parlor and go left to the atrium. Use the key to 
unlock the left statue. Now, move the statue's parts so 
they match the paper you found. The clues are listed in 
your journal: the head looks forward, the right arm is 
straight, and the left foot faces out. The right foot does 
not face out (it faces forward) and the left arm does not 
bend up (it bends downward).

When you have the statue in place, according to David's 
instructions, a hidden area opens up. It has a lever and 
slides. Take them.

Leave the atrium. Use the lever on the photo booth door to 
open it. Inside, you find five sticky notes. Take them, 
then exit the photo booth. Use the sticky notes on the cork 
board left of the photo booth for a puzzle.

In this puzzle, swap pieces to form a picture of the 
machine in the photo booth. Solving the puzzle reveals a 
small knob, under the drawing. Take it.

Go back inside the picture booth. Use the knob to open the 
device. Take the star from inside, then put the candle 
(from the atrium) in its place. Use the matches (from the 
parlor) to light the candle. Put the slide in the other 
side of the machine, and the four pictures are projected on 
the screen.

It seems that David was in love with the woman whose 
portrait he painted. Zoom in on the photo to see that David 
is holding a book.

Go upstairs and examine the bookshelf. Find the book David 
had. It is a red book with a lion's head decal on the 
spine. Inside the book is a lion's head which you can pick 
up, a note about marrying a man of good fortune, and a clue 
with symbols crossed out.

Go downstairs and to the atrium. Use the lion's head on the 
door here. You want to click on the symbols, according to 
the clue in the book. That is, you want to click on all 
symbols, except for purple stars, green butterflies and red 
waves. Solving the puzzle opens the door to the 

Here in the conservatory, you have a puzzle in the far 
right which you can't solve yet, and the way upstairs is 

You have six seed packets that you can find, scattered 
around. You can look inside a large jar, at the base of the 
stairs, for the seventh seed packet, along with a star.

Look at the window to find a third star and a bag of letter 
tiles. The window has Charlotte Eckley's name on it, with 
Eckley crossed out and replaced with Robertson. Did 
Charlotte wish to marry a Mr. Roberston?

Use the seed packets on the seed tray, in between the two 
benches. You want to put each packet in its respective 
container. The tricky part is that some of the labels have 
been damaged over time. When you solve the puzzle, you get 
an oil can.

Zoom in on the gate at the top of the stairs. Use the oil 
can on both wheels, so the gate can open. You can now go to 
this area. The box of art supplies is currently taped shut. 
Check out the box on the left for a fourth star, as well as 
some painting restoration instructions and a puzzle clue.

Leave this area and return to the parlor. Use the bag of 
letter tiles on the letter tile puzzle (against the far 
wall, on the left). You want to spell out the name 
"Robertson", from top to bottom.

Solving this puzzle gets you the final star and a brush. 
You also get a clue. Crisscross is blood colored, spots are 
sun colored and lines are the color of the sea.

Leave here and return to the conservatory. Now that you 
have all five stars, you can solve the puzzle on the far 
right. Zoom in on this area and use the stars in the slots. 
It's a two part puzzle.

The first part is coloring the five spaces correctly. The 
two crisscrosses should be painted red, the two spots 
should be painted orange and the one with lines should be 
painted blue.

The second part is rotating the five stars, so they match 
the picture from the paper on the cardboard box. Just go up 
the stairs in the conservatory to look at the paper again, 
or look at the copy of it inside your notebook.

Solving the puzzle gets you scissors and varnish. Go up the 
stairs here in the conservatory and use the scissors to 
open the box of art supplies. Well, more like box of art 
supply, because there's only one tool inside: a can of 

Take the solvent and go to the parlor. Put the solvent on 
the stand underneath the portrait, on the fireplace mantle. 
Use the brush on the solvent, then use the brush with 
solvent on the portrait.

This is a puzzle. You must restore the painting, according 
to the instructions from the paper on the cardboard box. 
Step one is to get rid of all the dirt, bugs and smudges. 
Click on all twenty of these things.

Step two is the glue things. Use the glue on all six tears 
in the canvas. The third and final step is to use varnish 
on the painting. It is fully restored, and a small area 
opens. Take the torn photo pieces from this area.

Leave the parlor for the lobby. Zoom in on the photograph 
left of the door to the parlor. Use the torn photo here for 
a puzzle. It's a jigsaw puzzle; move the twenty-four pieces 
around to form a picture of four people. When a piece is in 
the right spot, it can no longer be moved.

The final puzzle of the chapter is the label who each 
person is. Charlotte is in green, while Margaret is in 
purple. William is wearing red, while David watches from a 

If Charlotte and David loved each other, why was she with 
another man? Odd...

In any case, click on David's ghost to end the chapter.

004b-Chapter Two: The Manor Grounds

Dana wakes up the next morning, hungry to find out more. 
She also wakes up hungry for food, so she visits the local 

There are a few things here outside of the pub. There is a 
dirty sign, which is too high to reach. There is a barrel 
with something at the bottom, but it's filled with 
disgusting water, and the drain's handle is missing. There 
is also a grate on the side of the pub, which is locked 
firmly in place.

In fact, the only thing you can do outside the pub at this 
point is find two shotglasses. One is in the bushes, the 
other is in the roof/gutter of the pub.

Go inside the pub. You have three shotglasses you can get 
here. One is on the shelf behind the bartender, one is on 
the table by the concierge, and on is below the large, 
cluttered shelf of things against the back wall.

Talk to the Pub Owner, and he asks you to find his glasses. 
Click on the large, cluttered shelf of things against the 
back wall. There are twenty objects in this scene which 
don't belong in a bar. Click on all twenty items. One of 
the items you're looking for is the pub owner's glasses, 
which are on the statue.

Give the reading glasses to the pub owner, who thanks you. 
He says that David Robertson, the painter, killed himself 
in the 1800's by jumping off of Fairing Point. The stables 
that David worked at are just down the road.

Talk to the concierge to learn that it is rumored David's 
death was a murder, not a suicide. Sadly, it happened so 
long ago that there's no real hope of figuring out what 

On the table (not the one the concierge is at), you can 
find a puzzle box. It is made up of nine squares. You need 
to rotate and swap the nine squares, to form a picture of 
two men with a horse. When a piece is in the right spot, it 
snaps into place, changes color, and it can no longer be 
moved. Solving the puzzle gets you a shotglass and the 
information that the other man in the picture is David's 
poor stablehand.

The cuckoo clock on the wall of the pub is broken. The same 
is true of the electrical outlet which controls the sign. 
The shotglass shelf against the far shelf is empty.

Leave the pub, then go down the road. Take the shotglass 
from the tree on the left, and from the red flowers on the 
right. On the left is a wheel, covered with rope. Click on 
it for a puzzle. In this puzzle, you want to move the knots 
around so none of the pieces of rope overlap each other. 
There are multiple solutions. If two ropes overlap, they 
are darkened.

The post office box here needs some cubes. There is a 
shovel head, firmly lodged in the dirt.

Go forward to the stables. Here, there are a few puzzles 
you can't solve yet. For instance, the pipe on the side of 
the building needs water. The plaque needs letters and the 
door is locked.

One puzzle you can solve is the wheelbarrow puzzle. Start 
by finding the shovel handle lodged in the dirt. Pick it 
up, then go back a screen. Use the handle on the shovel 
head to get a shovel.

Go forward to the stables again. The wheelbarrow here is 
stuck in the mud. Use the shovel on the mud to free the 
wheelbarrow. Now it just needs wheels.

The wheel against the wall here needs spokes. Pick up all 
eight spokes, which are scattered around the screen in 
groups of two. Use the spokes on the wheel. Then, use both 
wheels (the one from this screen and the one from the 
previous screen) on the wheelbarrow.

Click the wheelbarrow to move it. The ghost of the 
stablehand appears. Click on him, and he upsets the 
wheelbarrow. Look inside it to find a shotglass and rust 

There is a building on the left here. Zoom in on it to see 
David, inside his hidden artist's workshop. A shotglass is 

You should have all ten shotglasses now. Return to the pub, 
then use them on the shotglass display case, against the 
far wall (left of the cuckoo clock). This is a puzzle. You 
want to swap shotglass pieces, so they match the 
backgrounds. Each shotglass is of a famous world landmark, 
like the Great Wall of China or the Statue of Liberty.

Solving the puzzle gets you a valve. Exit the pub and use 
the valve on the barrel. Turn it to empty the barrel. Now 
look at the top of the barrel. With the water gone, you can 
safely grab the thing inside, which is a box of metal 

Go back to the stables. Zoom in on the plaque by the door. 
Use the rust remover to clean it, then use the letters on 
the plaque. You want to spell out some words, by putting 
your letters in the blank spots. The words are "who took 
his own life".

Solving the puzzle gets you some bolt cutters. You also 
learn that David's death was murder.

Use the bolt cutters on the metal which keeps the stable 
doors locked, then go inside.

There is a ladder here which is tied up, and there a loose 
ceiling tiles. We'll come back for those things later.

Pick up the wrench, which is hanging from one of the 
vertical beams. Also pick up the puzzle cube, which is on 
the floor near the base of the ladder.

There are ten scraps of paper on this screen. Pick all of 
them up. Then, zoom in on the crates. Take the number two, 
then use the scraps of paper on the crates for a jigsaw 
puzzle. It's a sketch of David and his friend, at the 
stable rack.

Zoom in on the open stable here. This is a hidden objects 
challenge. Find all the items on the list, then click on 
them. They are all types of stable gear.

When you're done, use the stable gar on the stable rack, 
under the two windows. Examine the satchel for a hammer and 
chisel. David's ghost appears. Click on him, and he 
gestures towards the crates.

Click on the crates to move them aside. Use the hammer and 
chisel on the wall three times to knock it down. You can 
now go into David's hidden artist's workshop.

Here in the workshop, you can find many things. There is 
electrical tape on the back shelf, a long stick on the 
ground and four wooden easel parts scattered everywhere. 
Pick all of them up, and use the easel parts on the easel 
for a jigsaw puzzle. Put the parts into the outline to make 
the easel.

On the right side of the room, near the corner, is a chest. 
Open it up to find an unfinished painting and a crowbar.

Go back a room. See the ceiling tiles which are cracked? 
Use the long stick (from David's workshop) on the tiles to 
loosen them. This reveals his painting equipment and a 
puzzle cube.

Return to the workshop. Use the painting equipment on the 
worktable here. This starts a puzzle, in which you must 
find the twenty paint supplies.

When you're done, put the canvas on the easel, then use the 
paint supplies on the canvas. You have a painting puzzle. 
Click on a color, then click on an area to paint it that 
color. For instance, the circle spots should be painted in 
the yellow (circular) color.

You can't paint something the wrong color. When the picture 
is completely painted, David's ghost appears. Click on him, 
and he cracks the floor. Use the crowbar on the floor, and 
you find a dry rag, as well as a letter from David, to his 
beloved. Pick up both things.

Under the window here are some pipes. Zoom in on them for a 
pipe puzzle. You want to rotate the pipes so they all 
connect, without any open holes. There is only one solution 
to this puzzle, and when you're done, water goes through 
the pipes.

Leave David's studio and leave the stable. Zoom in on the 
pipe here to find the third puzzle cube. Also, use the dry 
rag on the water to get a wet rag, perfect for cleaning 

Go back a screen. Use the three puzzle cubes on the post 
box. You want to rotate the cubes here to form a picture. 
It is a red design, with black in the middle. Solving it 
opens the post office box and gets you a number seven.

Go back a screen, to the outside of the pub. Use the wrench 
(from the stables) on the grate here. Undo the bolts and 
you get a knife.

Return to the stables. Use the knife to free the ladder 
from the post it is tied to. Go back to the pub and use the 
ladder on the sign. Climb up the ladder and use the wet rag 
to clean the sign. This gives you two clock hands, which 
are at 5:00.

Go inside the pub. Use the electrical tape on the broken 
electrical cord, then plug it in. Go outside to see the 
pub's sign is on. Then number 10 can be found on the sign. 
Take it.

Go back inside the pub. Zoom in on the cuckoo clock. Use 
the three numbers on the clock, as well as the two clock 
hands. Press the red and blue buttons to move the clock 
hands. Set the clock to 5:00.

The cuckoo bird comes out, and it has a picture of David's 
funeral. Take it to end the chapter. Suspiciously, two of 
the mourners in the picture don't look very mournful.

004c-Chapter Three: Baltoun Village

Dana goes to the area where David (and his stablehand 
friend) was buried. You start off outside Town Hall. Go 
inside and talk to the receptionist.

She says the records room is shut, and she's too 
preoccupied with her missing cat to actually help you out. 

Leave Town Hall, then go forward to the town square, which 
has a fancy statue of Mr. Halward. Go forward again. In the 
bottom/left part of the screen, you find the pieces of the 
missing cat poster.

Go back to Town Hall and give the cat poster to the 
receptionist. She asks you to fix it. This is a jigsaw 
puzzle. The word "MISSING" is on top, with a picture of the 
cat underneath. At the bottom is "FLUFFY", with a phone 
number underneath.

Time to make copies of the cat poster. Examine the 
photocopier. The wires here are all tangled up, so you have 
another puzzle where you need to move things around and 
ensure that no two wires overlap. When you're done, the 
photocopier turns on.

The photocopier needs paper. Take the four sheets of paper, 
scattered throughout this room, then use them on the 
photocopier. Use the cat poster on the photocopier and make 
four copies. Show them to the receptionist. She asks you to 
post them around town.

The first poster should go on the cork board, behind the 
receptionist. The second one goes on the outside of the 
town hall building. The third one goes on the street sign 
(the one on street level) in town square. The fourth poster 
goes on the sign near the bridge.

When you put the fourth poster in place, you get a hammer. 
Fluffy also appears! Click on her, and she runs away. We 
need to fix the bridge so we can get to her.

Go to the area outside town hall. Zoom in on the crates. 
Use the claw hammer to undo the nails and take the board. 
Inside the crate is a saw and some rope.

Go forward to town square. Use the saw to cut off the sign, 
which is hanging by a rope. Pick up the sign.

Go forward to the bridge. Use the saw to cut off the branch 
in the lower/left. Use the branch on the board, which is 
floating in the river. Now zoom in on the broken bridge. 
Put the three planks here, use the nails on them, then use 
the hammer to secure the nails.

Go across the now-completed bridge. The stablehand's ghost 
is here, and he wants you to go inside. Zoom in on the hole 
here to see that Fluffy dug her way into the graveyard. A 
handle is here in the hole; pick it up.

Also at the graveyard grate is a pair of boots (on the 
left) and a flashlight (on the right). Take both of them.

Go back. Use the boots on the muddy river bank on the 
right. This is the bank closer to the graveyard. Going 
there starts a puzzle. You want to make matches, of the 
various stones, going from 1 to 8.

1: two circles
2: four circles
3: two circles, one triangle
4: two triangles
5: one triangle, one crescent
6: two crescents
7: two triangles, one crescent
8: two crescents, one triangle

At the end, two handles are left. Take them.

Go to the graveyard gate, which has two locks. You have two 
handles. Use the handles on the two locks to open the 
graveyard gate. Go inside and click on the ghost, to see 
him destroy David's gravestone.

We should fix that. Find the three pieces of the 
gravestone. One is sitting on a grave to the right, and one 
is in the blue flowers on the left. See the basket of 
flowers? Zoom in on it. Remove the flowers to find the 
final gravestone piece. Pick it up, and pick up the basket, 

Use the gravestone pieces on the broken gravestone. This is 
jigsaw puzzle. Solving it lets you see when David died.

The grave on the far right belongs to Joseph Sutherland. 
Dana deduces that he is the stablehand. Sitting on his 
grave is a pair of shears.

Look into the small cave on the left. It's dark, and there 
is meowing coming from there. Use the flashlight (from the 
graveyard gate) here to find Fluffy. Put the basket down 
here, and use the rope on the basket.

Fluffy won't go into the basket. Go back two screens, to 
the river. Use the shears on the catnip here. Go back to 
Fluffy and put the catnip in the basket. Click on the 
basket to lower it to Fluffy, then click on it again to 
pull her up.

Return to town hall and give the cat to the receptionist. 
The woman will now let you into the records office. Before 
going in there, pick up the feather duster in the 
lower/left part of this screen, if you haven't already. You 
can use it to dust off the display case here.

Go into the records office. Use the feather duster on the 
three cabinets here. The middle one is the one you're 
looking for, so click on it.

This starts a puzzle. You want to arrange the folders by 
date (and by color, when you have multiple folders from the 
same year). When you put a folder in the correct spot, it 
can no longer be moved.

Once you're done, Dana takes the folder from the year of 
David's death. Use it on the drafting table here and zoom 
in for a puzzle. Find and click on all nine things that are 
related to David. The most important thing is his suicide 

Put the suicide note on the other desk here. Put the note 
from David (from Chapter Two) on the desk as well. You need 
to compare the notes. Click on the sixteen letters (on the 
suicide note) which are tampered.

David's suicide note was a fake! David's ghost appears. 
Click on it, and he knocks over a briefcase. If you zoom in 
on the case, you'll see it's covered in ink.

Take the fish net from the wall here, then go outside town 
hall. See the aquarium in the window? Use the fish net 
here. Find the twenty coins in this scene (three are inside 
the treasure chest and two are by the rocks in the 

Go into the town hall and use the coins on the pirate 
statue to get a key. This key unlocks the display case. 
Inside are some coins and a picture.

Return to the graveyard. Use the coins on Joseph's grave. 
You want to arrange them, so the match the picture from the 
display case. A copy of the design is in your notebook. 
Solving the puzzle gets you a special screwdriver.

You also see that Joseph's grave is filled with money. 
Wasn't he supposed to be a poor stablehand? That's what the 
concierge said in Chapter Two.

Return to town hall and examine the painting. The plaque on 
the painting has two screws. Undo them with the screwdriver 
to get ink remover.

Go to the records room. Use the ink remover on the ink 
spot, on the briefcase. You have a puzzle, to spell out the 
proper message. It is "MDCCCXCIV", which was on the plaque 
of the painting.

Inside the briefcase is David's autopsy report, which shows 
he was shot. W. Eckerly wanted this report to be destroyed.

Also inside the briefcase is a badge. Take it and go to 
town square. Use the badge on the lapel of Mr. Halward's 
statue to get a photograph of Charlotte and William in 
England. This must be where we should go next!

004d-Chapter Four: England

Dana arrives at the Halward Estate in England. Charlotte 
lived here.

On the right side of the screen is a tree. Examine it to 
find half of a pair of shears. Charlotte's name, once 
carved onto the tree, has been crossed out. There is also a 
carving here, which is missing a piece.

A sticky note is in the lower/left. Pick it up. Zoom in on 
the doorbell (left of the gate). Use your sticky note on 
the note here to learn that the doorbell is broken, so you 
must use the ringer.

Pick up the four pieces of the ringer, scattered around the 
screen. Use them on the ringer, which is right of the gate. 
Charlotte's ghost appears. Click on her twice, and she 
opens the gate for you.

Go forward to the garden. It's rather nice here, but you 
can't do much in this location. Go forward to the front 
door of the mansion and knock on it. The butler says he 
cannot let you in for a tour, as you do not have an 

There are five pieces of yellow paper here. Pick them all 
up. Then, zoom in on the tea table. Click on the teapot 
pieces here for a jigsaw puzzle. You want to make a teapot, 
with a design on the front. When you finish making it, it 
is added to your inventory.

Go back, to the garden. Now, instead of going forward to 
the mansion, go right to the cottage. Click on the door, 
and the maid talks about her list of chores.

You have the list of chores (the five yellow papers from 
the mansion door). Use them on the clipboard. This starts a 
puzzle, where you must swap the slices to make a full 
drawing. From top to bottom, it is watering plants, 
trimming flowers and cleaning the birdhouse.

Click on the door again, and the maid appears. Dana 
volunteers to do the chores for her.

Let's start with watering the flowers. Go back to the 
garden. Look inside the birdbath for a watering can. Now, 
go back to the cottage and step inside.

In the cottage, you can get a pool net (right of the 
window) and the other half of the shears (left of the 
window). You can fill the watering can with water from the 

There are two wilted flowers (in pots) outside the cottage. 
There are three flower pots in the garden, two by the 
manor's front door, and two by the manor's front gate.

The second chore was trimming flowers. These flowers are on 
the left side of the garden. Use the shears on them. This 
is a challenge, to find seven roses, sunflowers and 
bluebells. When you're done, you get a bunch of flowers.

The final chore is cleaning out the birdhouse. To do this, 
you have to use the pool net on the large pool in the 
garden. This starts a challenge, where you must find and 
click on all twenty bugs and dead leaves. That gives you a 
carving piece.

Go back to the manor gate. Use the carving piece on the 
carving, on the right. This gives you sealant. Go to the 
garden and zoom in on the bird bath. Use the sealant here 
to fix the bath, then use the watering can to fill it with 
water. The bird comes to take a bath.

Go to the outside of the cottage. Now that the bird is 
taking a bath, you can zoom in on the birdhouse and empty 
it. Clear it out to find a crown and a dirty spoon.

Go inside the cottage and use the flowers on the flowerpot 
on the counter. A puzzle starts. You want to arrange the 
flowers, so they match the painting. Keep in mind that the 
painting is a mirror image of the flowerpot.

When you're done, Charlotte's ghost appears. Click on her, 
and she points at the painting. It's a painting by David! 
More importantly, there is a hidden note here. Click on the 
corner to find the note and a cabinet key. Use the key on 
the cabinet here to get a crown.

Leave the cottage. When you've done all the chores and 
retrieved the cabinet key, the maid appears. She says that 
if you make tea, the butler will be happy.

Go back into the cottage. Talk to the maid to get a tea 
guide. Use the spoon (from the birdhouse) on the sink to 
clean it. Zoom in on the tea tray. Put the spoon, water and 
tea guide here to start the tea puzzle.

This puzzle is to make two. First, put two spoonfuls of red 
things into the pot. Then, add a spoonful of green things. 
Add water, milk, then sugar. Done!

Go to the front door of the mansion and put the tea on the 
table. The butler appears and gives you a green crown. He 
mentions the lions in the garden.

Go to the garden. You should have three crowns, one for 
each lion. Each lion has a puzzle crest on it. Solve the 
puzzle by rotating and swapping the tiles, in order to form 
a picture.

The blue crown goes on the lion with the crest of a wave. 
The green crown goes on the lion with the crest of a plant. 
The orange crown goes on the lion with the crest of the 

Finishing with the lions causes a flowerpot to move, 
revealing a compass. Zoom in on it. Rotate the rings to 
finish the picture. This results in you getting a key, as 
well as half of Charlotte's response to William's proposal.

Return to the front door of the mansion. A secret 
compartment is left of the doors, at the base of the 
entryway. Use the key here to open it and find the picture 
of William proposing to Charlotte. Then, go into the 
mansion to end the chapter.

004e-Chapter Five: The Halward Estate

You start in the hallway. Talk to the good butler to learn 
that he will get some of Charlotte's personal effects for 
you. Charlotte herself will appear after this. Click on 
her, and she goes to the ballroom.

The door to the ballroom is locked, as is the door to the 
room to the right. This door needs four angels. One of them 
is left of the left doorway; pick it up, then go through 
the door.

You're in the library. A second angel is in the 
bottom/right part of the large window. A disc is above the 
center back window.

There are six bookends, scattered throughout the library. 
Find them all, then use them on the rightmost bookshelf.

This is a puzzle. You want to rearrange the books, so that 
there is a picture on each shelf. The top shelf is a wiener 
dog, the middle one is a red building, and the bottom one 
is a fish.

Solving the puzzle gets you a book. Use it on the bookstand 
here for a jigsaw puzzle. Make the picture of a little girl 
(Charlotte?). When you're done, you get an oval.

Flip to the next page of the book. The second half of 
Charlotte's letter is here! Put your half of the letter 
here. It seems that Charlotte rejected William's proposal. 
Flip the page again to see a cryptic message for a chess 
puzzle, written on the back of the letters.

Leave the library. Use the disc on the door to the 
ballroom. This starts a repeat-the-pattern puzzle. Four 
different colors will light up. Click on those four colors, 
in the exact same sequence. Do this three times in a row, 
and the door will open.

Go forward to the ballroom. Examine the painting on the 
left. It has a cat looking at a snail, a rabbit looking at 
a bird, and a rabbit looking at a different bird.

Flip open the four latches, on the four corners of the 
painting. This reveals a puzzle. Click on the puzzle. Here, 
you want to rotate the nine tiles (by clicking them), so 
every cat is next to a snail, and every bird is next to a 
rabbit. Solving the puzzle gets you an oval.

There is an oval lying against the gramophone here. There 
are also two angels here, by the pillars next to the red 
curtain. That makes four angels in all. Go back to the 
hallway, and use the angels on the door to the right.

You have a puzzle. Move the angel heads, so they are a 
reflection of the angels below. Solving the puzzle opens 
the door.

Look at the armoire here for a puzzle. You want to click on 
the eight knobs here. Each knob rotates one of the eight 
discs. Rotate the discs, so they match the design of the 
armoire. Solving the puzzle gets you another oval.

Examine the chess table for a jigsaw puzzle. Put the six 
chess pieces together. Once you're done, another chess 
puzzle appears. You want to rearrange the pieces, according 
to the instructions from the notes in the library.

The order is this: knight, wall, king, queen, woman, wall, 
and poor man. Solving the puzzle gets you a key for the 
jewel case.

Go back to the hallway and use the key to open the jewel 
case (against the left wall). Zoom in on the case and take 
all twenty rings.

You get rings. Use them on the ring box (at the bottom of 
the jewel case). Now, you want matches. Click on a ring, 
then click on the matching ring. Find all the matching 
rings. At the end, the only ring left is William's ring, 
the one he proposed to Charlotte with.

Go right to the patio. On the right wall is a picture of a 
swan, with a red border. Zoom in on it. Use William's ring 
on the picture to open it. You get a letter from William, 
as well as an oval.

Go back to the library. Zoom in on the desk. Put William's 
letter on the desk, and put the fake suicide note on the 
desk. There are eleven words which appear in both letters. 
Click on them.

The words are "I", "nothing", "me", "there", "is", "on", 
"earth", "I", "I", "you" and "farewell". The handwriting 
for both notes is quite different, which proves that 
William is not the one who wrote the fake suicide note.

The butler appears, saying that he found Charlotte's 
personal effects. Go into the hallway. Charlotte's box is 
on a table here. Open it, by rotating all the tiles to form 
a picture. Inside the box, you find sheet music and a key.

Go right, to the patio. You should have all five ovals 
here. Use them on the door here. You want to rearrange the 
five ovals, so the roman numerals match up.

III = I + II
XVI = X + VI
XI = VI + V
XIV = IV + X

The door to the music room opens. Here in the music room, 
you want to use the items from Charlotte's personal 
effects. Use the key on the gun display case for a jigsaw 
puzzle, in which you have to make two guns.

When you're done, use the autopsy report on the display 
case. The gun here is a match for the one that killed 
David! Click on the gun, and Joseph's ghost appears. Click 
on him, and he destroys it.

Look at the wrecked gun display to get a knife.

There are five piano keys, scattered around the room. Find 
them and use them on the piano. Use the music sheet on the 
piano, too. This starts a repeat-the-sequence puzzle. 
Repeat three sequences to get coins.

Use the coins on the music box here (which is the case near 
the gun display case). This starts a puzzle. Rotate the 
five knobs to change the piece of music. You want to make 
it so the five parts match, forming one continuous picture. 
The ability to read music will not be a help for this 
puzzle. Solving the puzzle gets you a record.

Go to the ballroom. Use the dagger on the curtain to find a 
painting. Zoom in on it for a puzzle. Here, you must find 
all the various items listed on the bottom of the screen. 
It seems that everyone had fun at the dance, except David, 
who is sitting in the corner.

Charlotte appears when you're done. She wants to dance. 
Click on her, and she points out a flower vase.

Look at the flowers to find a crank. Use the crank and the 
record (from the music room) on the gramophone. Turn the 
crank, and Charlotte will dance to a specific floor tile.

Examine this tile. This is another puzzle, where you click 
on a tile to rotate it. Rotate the tiles to form a complete 
picture. Dana will lift up the tile to find a picture of 
Charlotte in Paris.

The butler and maid reappear, and they wish Dana well as 
she goes off to Paris. The Halward estate there is now a 

004f-Chapter Six: France

We're in France! The café here needs salt shakers for its 
display. Go into the red phone booth here to get a salt 
shaker, along with a zipper.

The door to the side of the museum is locked, so go in the 
main entrance. Charlotte is here! Click on her, and she 
goes upstairs.

We'll follow after Charlotte in a little while. First, take 
the salt shaker on the magazine rack, then zoom in on the 
front desk. You can use the zipper on the pencil case here 
to get a cutter.

Zoom in on the pencil sharpener. This is a puzzle. Click on 
a ring to rotate it. Rotate all the rings, to form a 
complete picture. You want to work from the inside, to the 

The pencil sharpener is good, but we need a pencil to 
sharpen. Go through the doorway to the right, which is the 
gift shop. Talk to the man twice to learn that he is giving 
away free souvenir pencils. Take one, from the coffee cup 
in front of him.

Return to the front desk. Use your pencil in the pencil 
sharpener. Then, use it on the small piece of paper by the 
phone. Do this twice to learn that the museum's phone 
number is MU SD LION.

Go upstairs now. Click on Charlotte, and she goes through 
some plastic. Grab the rag (which is hanging under the 
right window) and use it on the plastic to clean it off. It 
turns out that the plastic is quite thin, so you can use 
the cutter on the plastic to open it.

Go into the gallery, through the plastic. Take the 
lightbulb (from the wheelbarrow) and use it on the lamp 
(right of the ladder). Then, click the switch (on the left) 
to light up the room.

Once the room is lit, you can see a salt shaker on top of 
the ladder. You can also see the newspaper clippings on the 
back wall. Use the cutter on the newspaper to find a 
picture. Dana wants to get a magnifying glass to examine 

Go back to the gift shop. You can now look at the display 
case, for a hidden objects scene. Find all of the objects. 
One of them will always be the magnifying glass, under the 

Use the magnifying glass on the man in order to pay for it. 
He mixes up the receipts and coins. This starts a puzzle, 
in which you must move the various coins around. Each 
receipt has three coints.

22: 8, 2 and 12
31: 6, 7 and 18
55: 15, 17 and 23

The man thanks you for sorting the coins and lets you leave 
with them.

Go back upstairs. Use the coins on the piggy bank display 
here, to get a key. Use the key on the toys display for 
another hidden objects screen. This time, the object which 
will always be there is the scrapbook, on the far left of 
the middle shelf.

Use the scrapbook on the stand, on the left side of the 
room. This starts another puzzle. Swap the picture pieces 
around, in order to get seven complete pictures. Each 
picture has a unique edge, which can help you determine 
which picture goes where. Solving the picture gets you a 
phone card.

Leave the museum and go to the phone booth. Use the phone 
card on the booth, then call the museum. As you found out 
earlier, the number is MU SD LION, or 68 73 5466.

Go back in the museum. The phone is ringing. Go to the gift 
shop and tell the man about this. While he goes to answer 
the phone, you can take his key card.

Leave the museum. The key card opens the garage door on the 
far right. Use the card here, then change the symbols to 
form the correct code. This code was written on the outside 
of the piggy bank; a copy of it is in your notebook.

In the garage, examine the gray box in the upper/left. It 
has matches and a wheel. Take both of these things. The 
second wheel is in the back, on the second-from-bottom 

Use the wheels on the stepladder. You can now click on the 
stepladder to move it. For instance, you can move it to the 
back shelf. Do this, and you can climb up the ladder to see 
the paint cans. The fourth salt shaker is in front of the 
pain cans, so take it.

Move the stepladder to the right, so you can see the 
display case. It has a colored code on it.

Leave the garage. Use the salt shakers on the salt shaker 
case, in the Café de Coin. You get a puzzle, in which you 
have to move the salt shakers to form a picture.

The bottom row, from left to right, is boy, woman, dog and 
fire hydrant. The top row, from left to right, is red 
fruit, orange fruit, gray shoe, pink shoe, blue bird and 
green bird.

The cabinet door opens. You have a series of buttons. Press 
them, to change their colors. You want their colors to 
match the paint splotches from the garage. That's red, 
orange, gray, pink, blue and green on top, with yellow, 
black, brown and purple on bottom.

Solving this puzzle gets you a key. Return to the garage. 
Use the key on the display case in the upper/right to get a 
paint brush and paper scraps.

Move the stepladder to the back wall. Climb it to see the 
paint cans. Use the scraps on the cans for a puzzle, in 
which you must figure out which scraps go on which cans. 
Solve the puzzle to get paint thinner.

Return to the museum and go upstairs. Go into the gallery. 
Use the magnifying glass on the painting on the back wall. 
You need to find all twenty-five errors in the painting, 
such as the hangman's noose or the panda.

Once you're done, you can see another painting beneath. Put 
your paint thinner next to the red tray (below the 
painting), and dip the paint brush in the thinner.

You now have a paint brush with thinner. Use it on the 
painting to strip it away and discover the real painting, 
which is of Charlotte and David. Back away to see 
Charlotte, mourning over his death.

Click on Charlotte, and she knocks the painting aside, to 
reveal what is behind the frame. Zoom in here to get a 
winder. Go back a screen and use the winder on the music 

This starts a puzzle. You want to match the musical score 
on the bottom, with the notes as they appear on the 
rotating disc. The starting line is delineated on the disc; 
the first chord has two notes, while the final chord has 

Solving the puzzle gets you a photograph of Charlotte on 
her death bed. You now have six photographs. Go through the 
plastic sheet to the room with artwork, and use the photos 
on the red display area in the corner.

Your challenge here is to arrange the photos in 
chronological order. First is the photo of David, 
Charlotte, William and Margaret. Next is David's funeral. 
Third is Charlotte arriving in England, followed by William 
proposing to Charlotte. Fifth is Charlotte arriving in 
France, followed by her death.

The display opens up, to give you a weights puzzle. Swap 
weights, until the two sides of the scale match each other. 
One side has the largest piece, along with the second 
smallest and third smallest piece. Solving this puzzle gets 
you a ring and a piece of paper.

Go back to the main floor of the building. Light the candle 
in the corner here, using matches from the garage (found in 
the upper/left shelf). Use the blank letter on the candle 
to reveal a hidden message, which proves that Margaret 
Halward paid Joseph (the stable hand) to kill David.

004g-Chapter Seven: Fairing Point

Talk to the Concierge, who says that he left some items 
here at Fairing Point, so you could use them. That's nice 
of him! He then drives away.

The first item, on the left, is a purple cloth. The second 
item is the painting easel, left of the base of the stairs. 
Left of this is the painting.

Pick up the box of paints, by the right side of the base of 
the stairs. There is a puzzle here. You want to mix colors, 
to form paints.

Red and yellow are orange.
Yellow and blue are green.
White and red are pink.
Blue, yellow and red are brown.

Go up the stairs, to the top of the cliff area. Left of the 
tree is a nice area. Put the easel here, then use the 
painting on the easel. Put the paint jars on the easel, 
then click on the painting for a puzzle.

You did this puzzle earlier, when you painted the picture 
(in chapter two). Click a shape, then click an area which 
is marked with the same shape. For example, the tree leaves 
which have triangles on them should be painted the color of 
the green triangle.

When you're done, examine the carving on the side of the 
tree (in the painting). Why does it not exist today? Zoom 
in on the side of the real tree (the one not in the 
painting) to see a knife.

Use the purple cloth on the knife, so Dana can grip it. Use 
the knife here several times, until you see the message 
with David and Charlotte's initials. It has an arrow, 
pointing down and to the right.

Follow the arrow to a point in the ground. Clear off the 
leaves here to find a box. It says "veritas" (which is 
Latin for "truth"). Put the invisible ink letter inside, 
then back away. David appears. Click on him.

David reads the letter and stands by the cliffside. You can 
now zoom in on the veritas box to get a lion's head. Take 
it and go down the stairs.

Use the lion head on the small stone table here. This is a 
puzzle. There are four spots here, marked with flowers. You 
want to move the correct four lion heads to those spots.

The spots match with color. For example, the bottom/right 
spot is a sunflower, which is yellow and black. Move the 
yellow and black lion onto the sunflower spot. The other 
four spots are the white and yellow lion in the lower/left, 
the blue and while lion in the upper/left, and the red and 
yellow lion in the upper/right.

When you move the four lion heads to those spots (the other 
lion heads don't matter), the table opens up to reveal a 
slot. Use Charlotte's ring on the slot to bring Charlotte 

Click on Charlotte, and she goes to the top of the cliff. 
Go up the stairs, and click on either David or Charlotte to 
end the game. 


The epilogue is a bonus chapter, which comes with the 
Collector's Edition of this game. You can select it from 
the main menu, once you complete the game. The epilogue 
takes place in Halward Manor, just like the first chapter.

Examine Dana's laptop to find a note, which says she 
doesn't know the full story. That's true. What happened to 
William Eckley, after he proposed to Charlotte and got 
rejected? Also, what happened to Margaret?

On the wall here are some floor plans. Inside the armoire 
is a tack remover, and a bell is on the teacart. Take these 
items, then leave the room. Go downstairs to the lobby.

Use the bell on the counter and ring it. The Concierge 
appears. He says he has no idea who left the note on Dana's 
computer. He also says that he has a box, which is 
difficult to open.

This is a puzzle. You want to swap and rotate the tiles, to 
form a picture of someone wearing a jester hat and a mask. 
When you solve the puzzle, you get a mysterious key.

Time to get some items. Zoom in on bulletin board here, and 
use the tack remover to remove the tacks so you can take 
the second set of floor plans. You can also take the string 
that is sitting against the bulletin board.

Take the magnet, which is on a chair in the lobby. Dana 
ties the string to the magnet. You can also open up a 
drawer behind the counter of the lobby to get a hammer and 
a chisel, if you want.

Return to Dana's room upstairs. Zoom in on the floorboards, 
in the lower/left. Use the magnet with string to retrieve 
the item trapped here; it is a steel brush.

Leave Dana's room. Do you see the tapestry on the left? 
Click on it to remove it. Ah, there is a hidden door here! 
Use the steel brush to clean off the lock, then use the 
mysterious key to open the door.

This is William's room. Click on him, and he looks at Dana. 
Click on him again, and he leaves the room.

There's not much you can do here now, besides collect the 
gems scattered throughout this room. Find as many as you 
can. Then, leave the room and go downstairs. There are 
three gems by the flowers on the table.

Once you enter William's room, the Concierge will open the 
door to the parlor. Go inside. There is a rag on the chair 
to the left and some polish by the fireplace wood.

On the table is a dial, as well as a paper which talks 
about the time that Halward Manor was put up for auction. 
You can zoom in on the fireplace mantle for another scene 
with gems. You can zoom in on the base of the dagger 
display for even more gems. Once you find all the gems, you 
can't zoom in on the mantle anymore.

Talk to the concierge if you want to, then go back upstairs 
to William's room. Use the rag on the cabinet (in the 
corner) to clean it, then click on the cabinet for a 

In this puzzle, you want to find related objects, such as 
pen and ink, rose and vase, and cannon and cannonballs. 
This gives you two knights. You can use the knights on the 
knight cabinet (on the right side of the room).

Some of the knights are dirty. Clean them off with the 
polisher. You then get a puzzle, where you have to find 
matching pairs of knights. Click on one knight, then 
another. If their shields match, they leave the screen. If 
not, they turn around. Keep clicking knights until you find 
all the matches.

When you're done, you find some old floor plans. Use your 
floor plans on the floor plans here.

This starts a puzzle. The bottom floor is on the left, and 
the top floor is on the right. You want to swap the various 
pieces, so the six pieces on the left are of the bottom 
floor, while the three pieces on the right are of the top 

You have to do this puzzle twice. When you're done, Dana 
notices that there is a hidden room in the upper floor. 
It's hidden behind the bookcase. Leave this room, then 
examine the bookcase. It's missing a book!

Go downstairs and into the parlor. Talk to the Concierge. 
He will find the book, while you set up for the guests. 
Look at the cabinet here for a hidden objects puzzle, in 
which you must find everything on the list.

Solving the puzzle gets you some dishes. Leave the parlor. 
Zoom in on the door to the atrium, which is on the left. 
Use the key from the Concierge to open this door. Go into 
the atrium, then go forward to the greenhouse.

Zoom in on the pot here to get shears. Then, use the shears 
on the excess foliage here. Cut it twice to find two dials. 
Combined with the dial from the parlor, this makes three.

Zoom in on the seed packets. You can find jewels in the 
seeds. Click on all the seeds to remove them and reveal 
where the jewels are. Find all seven jewels to finish.

Finally, you can use the dishware on the table here, like 
the Concierge requested. You need to sort the various items 
on the table, to fit the various requests left the guests.

Mr. Bradley should have toast, steak, a red drink, and salt 
with pepper. Mr. Alexander should have the fruit meal, a 
vegetable side dish with lettuce, coffee and pepper. Mrs. 
Clark should have salt, a side dish with strawberries, a 
white drink and some food I don't recognize as the main 

Once done, return to the Concierge for the book. Go 
upstairs and use it on the bookcase. This gives you a 
puzzle, where you must arrange the books in a certain 
order. I freely admit I do not understand what this order 
is. The clue says that each row must add up to the correct 
sums, but you'll notice that the second row of the solution 
does not add up properly.

13 =  9    4
   3 -2 =  5
10 =    8  2
   15 = 15

Put the books in that order to open another puzzle. Move 
the gears around, so none of the straps overlap. There are 
multiple solutions. Solving this puzzle opens the doorway 
to Margaret's room.

Go inside and click on William. He highlights the wall. 
Click on it to see some paper dolls. This allows you to 
search for paper doll parts. They can be found on the 
coffee table area and on the dresser. One of the, on the 
dresser, is behind the ticket which shows that Margaret was 
sent to an insane asylum.

In addition to paper doll parts, you can find many gems in 
Margaret's room.

When you have all the paper doll parts, use them on the 
wall. This starts a puzzle. Dress up the five dolls, like 
the five characters. Once you solve the puzzle, William's 
picture changes into a picture of his bust.

Go downstairs, to the atrium. Click on William's bust. It 
moves aside, to give you a puzzle. For this puzzle, you 
must flip the switches in the proper order. This order 
appears to be randomly determined; the order I got was 4 2 
1 6 3 8 9 5 10 7. Once you flip all the switches, the other 
statue in the room moves, and part of the wall is 

Examine the statue, to get the last set of jewels. If you 
don't have all forty jewels yet, you must have missed some 
in one of the locations: the lobby, the parlor, the atrium, 
the garden, William's room and Margaret's room. Go to those 
locations and use a hint to find any jewels you may have 

The highlighted part of the wall in the atrium can be 
destroyed, using the hammer and chisel from the drawer in 
the lobby. Inside, you find a copy of Margaret's code. 
Return to William's room and zoom in on the painting of 
Charlotte. In the corner of the painting is a ledger, 
written in code.

Use Margaret's code on her ledger. This starts a puzzle, 
where you must decode the name. Click on a spot to change 
the letter which appears there. The name you want is 
"Joseph Sutherland".

The story is making sense now. Margaret paid Joseph to kill 
David, as we learned in the main game. After this, Joseph 
continued to extort money from Margaret, to the point where 
she was so broke that she was going to resort to selling 
Halward Manor to get enough money to pay Joseph. This would 
explain why Joseph's grave was filled with money.

Solving the puzzle causes a locket to appear to the left of 
the painting. Take it, and go to Margaret's room. Provided 
you have all forty jewels, you can use them on the trunk 
for a puzzle.

This puzzle is simple enough to understand. Put the jewels 
around the edges, arranged by color. The top/left jewel is 
large and red, and the top/right jewel is small and blue. 
Along the top row, therefore, the jewels go from large all 
red, to medium half-red and half-blue, to small all blue.

A small sound plays, whenever you get a jewel in the place. 
Arrange them in the right spots.

Once you finish the jewel puzzle, you get a dial puzzle. 
Put the three dials here. With the first part of the 
puzzle, you want to push the buttons to make animals appear 
on the dials. According to the mantle in the parlor, the 
animals are a cat, a rabbit and a bird.

The second part of the puzzle is rotating the dials, so 
each animal has the right amount of food. Click on an 
animal's picture for a clue. The cat has three fish and one 
water, the rabbit has two water and two plants, and the 
bird has three worms and one water.

The trunk opens and a book is inside. Use the lion locket, 
from the portrait of Charlotte in William's room, on it. 
You have a puzzle, where you must press the eight spokes in 
the proper order. The first and last spokes are listed.

When you're done with that, you have one final puzzle. This 
is a jigsaw puzzle. Swap tiles here to form two pictures. 
Pieces snap into place, when you have them correct. The 
left picture is of Margaret, who went insane with grief and 
regret, after her daughter's death.

The right picture is of William, who put an end to Joseph's 
extortion. William saved Halward Manor and had Joseph 
ejected. So William Eckely became the unlikely hero of 
Halward Manor, by saving it from auction after Charlotte's 

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