[edit] Background

Deadpool is an action superhero game based on the Deadpool Marvel comics and crosses over with various other comic franchises from the Marvel Universe. The game includes famous characters from the X-Men series such as Wolverine and Rogue.

The plot for Deadpool is a meta-story with Deadpool 'forcing' the employees of High Moon Studios to make him a game; it sends him an assassination mission which ultimately, starts a longer journey to stop Mister Sinister and prevent his evil plot.

It was developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2013. It was re-released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015.

[edit] Gameplay

Deadpool uses guns and katanas as his default weapons to fight with in the game however he also has access to other weapons at certain points in the game. He is able to use giant hammers, plasma guns and he also has a short range teleportation ability. Players can chain combos together using a mix of melee and shooting based combat; a high combo chain will reward the player with DP points which are used to purchase new weapons such as shotguns and grenades or can be used to upgrade his current weapons. The game uses a lock-on targeting feature for guns; the player is able to lock the gun onto a specific target.

Later in the game, there are 'challenges' the player must complete. These have been set by Death and are small puzzles which are different to the rest of the game and the other levels.

The game frequently breaks the fourth wall as Deadpool converses directly with the player about various topics such as the game progression. This follows the meta-story nature of the game, where Deadpool forces the developer to create a game for him.

The campaign for the game takes around 7 hours to complete on the lower difficulty settings; there are various difficulty settings to complete the game with. There is also a wave-based arena mode for the player to fight in.

[edit] Features

Various difficulty settings – Replay the campaign and complete it on several difficulty levels

Combo attacks – Defeat enemies using combo attacks to deal massive damage

Upgrade – Get new weapons and upgrade existing ones

Teleport to victory – Use this ability for offensive and defensive

Arena Mode – Fight in the wave-based arena

[edit] Players Like

  • Great voice acting
  • Gameplay is simple
  • The Story is insane and suits the Deadpool character

[edit] Players Didn't Like

  • Too short
  • A little repetitive
  • The Story makes little sense


Deadpool brings his game-within-a-game to PS4 and Xbox One on November 17

Crotch punches are now possible on PS4 and XB1

Sep 01 at 5:22pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 7 comments
June NPD Number Crunch: 3DS tops Xbox 360 & PS3 hardware sales, The Last of Us wins big for software

3DS hardware sales grew 40 percent year-on-year for June, according to Nintendo

Jul 18, 2013, by Leo Chan | 6 comments
Deadpool pre-order perks aren't much, but Activision will host a party at GameStop with most pre-orders

Party "contest" aside, game will launch with a lower price

Apr 17, 2013, by Lydia Sung | 3 comments
As High Moon Studios wraps up development on Deadpool, Activision lays off 40 in "restructuring"

Development of other projects, including Transformers, uneffected

Apr 02, 2013, by Rory Young | 10 comments

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