Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore review
She kicked high enough for me!

The good:

?_? My God...It's full of stars

The bad:

Not enough characters, no plot, as with most fighter games.


I bought it for the chicks. (Though the reason I always give, is that it had combat that made Tekken's look like crap.) Which it does. I love the combat system the DOA series uses now, and of course, I loves them chicks. My only regret is not being able to unlock every costume or figure out that infamous code (which only partly worked with a bad GS code)

Anyhow, if you're into fighting games and chicks, well, this game is great in both of those areas.Unfortunatley, as far as fighting games go, storylines are miniscule and unimportant, and this is no exception. Graphics are great for early PS2 stuff. Music is generic, as it is with most fighter games. As said, combat is great, and there are various game modes, team mode being ,y favorite. Also supports four player tag team just in case that's a goody for ya.

Learning curve is about a few hours, a bit for each character and the like. I'm not into fighting games too much though, and sold the game. It's only 20 bucks now, and is the only DOA game available for PS2, so if interested, try giving it a rental. Er..and set the age limit to 99 plz. ;D

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