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Living with Mediocrity


Dead or Alive is a series that has become well known for its fanservice just as much as its fighting mechanics. After its initial release with the original on the Saturn the sequel DoA2 has graced several platforms, including this incarnation on the PS2. Can this fighting engine compete with other big names in the market or will it suffer defeat?

Probably not surprising given its intended appeal, but the game is pretty to look at. You can find a variety of styles put in with an emphasis on fanservice, which thankfully doesn’t feel massively overdone even if you are getting panty-flashes ever...


Tekken is better


DOA2 is good, it has got great graphics for it's time and nice scenery, breakable scenery and multi level stages, even the characters are nice to look at...but that's it. In terms of game play, the game is not that great. It's too fast to even be able to make out what the characters are doing. You find yourself button bashing cos the moves all look the same anyway and it's also the best way to win. The story is too short too and the lack of character backgrounds make the game feel pointless other then a quick play with your friends.
All in all, it's not horendous however if you prefer a ser...


dead or alive 2 taking other fighting games dead

The good:

awesome graphics interactive arenas babes with big boobs and awesome combat

The bad:

you find anything bad about this i kill you


The graphisc are aswesome a pure masterpiece of cgi
and the characters fantastic in each and every attack showing that the entire arena doesnt have to look like a firework to give an a battle beauty talking of beauty the babes in this combat arena are hot even those of you who aren't complete geeks can imagine them naked.

However the characters are unbalanced in skill levels and combat power an example of this is gen fu playing as him is the easiest part of the game however against him you find yourself at the continue screen over and over again and the game is pretty short for it's genre

in o...


She kicked high enough for me!

The good:

?_? My God...It's full of stars

The bad:

Not enough characters, no plot, as with most fighter games.


I bought it for the chicks. (Though the reason I always give, is that it had combat that made Tekken's look like crap.) Which it does. I love the combat system the DOA series uses now, and of course, I loves them chicks. My only regret is not being able to unlock every costume or figure out that infamous code (which only partly worked with a bad GS code)

Anyhow, if you're into fighting games and chicks, well, this game is great in both of those areas.Unfortunatley, as far as fighting games go, storylines are miniscule and unimportant, and this is no exception. Graphics are great for early PS...


The babes

The good:

The girls, the fighting moves styles, costumes, and tag battle. Also the bounce... if you know what I mean.

The bad:

Short story, and short characters.


Nice girls and costumes. The bouncing breast. Graphics.
The fighting is hard, and very fun. There is a lack of characters. The babes are HOT!. The story is very short. Two thumbs up. The music is great. There is also a CG gallery. Player UPS, and you can watch saved fight ing scenes, and change angle and also zoom in. Zoom in by when the character is doing the fighting pose, press the eject on the PS2 and the game will freeze, then hold L1 and move the right control stick and zoom in by pressing one of the buttons on the right side. The game is ok for a fighting game. The babes are hot hot h...



The good:

an awesome fighting game one of the best ive ever played


It is great how it is unlike most fighting games how there are female and male fighters. The graphics are so perfect, the movement of the people are so realistic and all up it was great to play. The soundtrack was awesome to listen to. I especially like the special features and attacks of each character. Some of the fights are really hard. I like how you can use weopons unlike most other fighting games. But once you find out your characters special move then it is much easier. It is good how it isnt too easy to finish so it will last you a while.This is truly a hardcore game. I have played ...

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