Deadly Arts Cheats

Deadly Arts cheats, and Codes for N64.


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Bonus Stage
Beat the game in "TAG TEAM" Mode with the difficulty set to VERY EASY with only one character (don't let anyone join you) in under 21 minutes. You'll get a new stage next to the ring with a Tokyo Theme to it.
Land On your hands
When in combat and someone sends you flying on your back, before you land: slide your finger back and forth across the C buttons (all four of them.) If done correctly, your fighter will land on their hands and roll backwards to avoid any unpleasant follow-ups.
Rotating character pictures change color
Before selecting your player, hold the L button and press left or right on the digital pad. The rotating character pictures will change color indicating the trick worked. Keep holding L and select your character.
Unlock Yami or Hikiri
Enter the Reiji secret character code. When your life bar is about one-third full, press R and L together and he should transform into Yami or Hikiri.
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