Dead to Rights review
Not that bad

The good:

Gameplay is pretty good.
Graphics were excellent.
Weapons were not bad.
Having an attack dog was pretty good.

The bad:

Storyline i pretty overused but that doesnt matter that much.


The story is your father was killed and you need to figure out who did it. You are a cop but you get framed and are sent to jail. You have several things you need to do in order to break out including beating up several dozen inmates. The hand to hand combat is pretty good even with the limited moves you have. Using weapons is pretty good and there are several really awesome gun fights. Alot of the missions are really no that hard but then there are some spots where it is extrememly difficult. If you have patience the game is really simple to beat. There are also some places that you have to puzzle type things in order to move on in the game. You have to defuse a bomb which could prove time consuming.

Overall I say the game is pretty good. And you can get it pretty inexpensive too so I highly recommend getting. Most good gamers should be able to beat it pretty fast so renting it just once might be all you nd to do.

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