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Dead To Rights : Reckoning FAQ/Walkthrough

by UnknownMercenary   Updated to v1.2 on
Dead to Rights: Reckoning FAQ/Guide
For the Sony PSP
Author: UnknownMercenary
Date: 11/24/07
Version: 1.2
- Changes:
- Update on the boss disarm glitch
- Added more detail to the walkthrough
- Added Challenge Mode section

Table of Contents
1 - Introduction
2 - Gameplay Tips
3 - Controls
4 - Point Breakdown
5 - Weapons Guide
6 - Campaign Walkthrough
7 - Challenge Mode
8 - Cheats and Unlockables
9 - Multiplayer
10 - Conclusion

1 - Introduction
Dead to Rights: Reckoning is pretty much a 3D slugfest from start to finish,
so get those itchy trigger fingers ready. To be honest, the terrible camera
and finicky target lock add to the challenge of the game, especially on Super-
cop mode (aka hard) and this game has a certain fun to it once you look past
the glaring problems with design. Anyway, if you're reading this guide then
you've already gotten a hold of this game. Enjoy reading!

2 - Gameplay Tips
General Tips
* Follow the arrow. If you don't know where to go, look for the green or grey
  arrow, or better yet, look for some green brackets, which will indicate the
  start of the next area.
* Your cursor changes color in accordance to the accuracy of your shot. Green
  indicates dead-on, yellow indicates good, red indicates hard to hit and grey
  pretty much means you're gonna miss. Shadow can't attack enemies that come up
  as grey when you target them.
* Abuse the R button. Seriously, this thing is the only camera control you will
  get, which kind of sucks. Hitting the R button will also make Jack Slate face
  in the direction of your objective.
* Never disarm if there are multiple enemies in the area. Something that they
  broke from the previous games is disarms - now enemies can and will fire on
  you at full speed when you are disarming. Don't do it if you can't help it.
* When surrounded, do a tackle disarm. To do this, dive head-on into an enemy.
  Jack will tackle them and then perform the disarm, and you have much lower
  chance of taking damage.
* Abuse Shadow. Your dog will be really helpful when you get surrounded 10 to 1
  and you can send him to maul enemies around corners that you can target but
  can't see. Very helpful in Supercop difficulty.
* Crouch! There's plenty of cover in every level, and it's a good idea to hit L
  and pop up once in a while to shoot. Use Triangle to roll while crouching to
  minimize the chances of getting hit.
* Crouching will improve the accuracy of all of the weapons, save for the dual
* Slow motion and going prone provide the best accuracy. Diving will make you
  more accurate (as well as giving you the benefit to hit enemies while they
  move like molasses) and going prone reduces the damage you take and seems to
  increase your accuracy as well. Slow motion is vital for using dual weapons,
  because otherwise Jack will spray all over the place while firing them.
* The game will automatically target the next enemy for you once you finish
  killing one. The crosshair will turn grey, so you won't be able to use
  Shadow on those enemies or see their health/armor status unless you hit R to
  target them specifically
* In order to preserve slow motion, once the area's cleared, hit Triangle to
  stop the slow motion during the dive.

General Boss Tips
* Keep moving and use cover. There's no rush.
* Use your lesser weapons to take out the boss's guards. Every boss will send
  goons after you, so take care of them first before concentrating fire on the
* Use Shadow to knock bosses down. It'll give you a good 10 seconds or so to
  rush in and fire away.
* If Shadow is out of stamina, you can knock bosses down by doing a diving
  tackle towards them, although you'll be putting yourself at great risk by
  doing so.

3 - Controls
The default control scheme of Dead to Rights: Reckoning is, to be honest, the
best out of the 3 available control options. You can change the controls so
that they resemble Chili Con Carnage, but they don't work as well since you
won't have easy access to the crouch button. Probably the only huge flaw with
the controls (aside from the lack of manual camera control) is the button used
to switch targets. Unfortunately it cannot be remapped at all, and it's better
to just hit the target button repeatedly to get a new target.

L - Crouch
R - Target enemy/object
X - Attack
Circle - Disarm an enemy, prone dive (hit Circle during a dive)
Square - Use Shadow (when enemy is targetted)
Triangle - Dive, Slow motion dive (hold Triangle, hit again to deactivate),
           Roll (while crouched)
Up - Switch targets
Down - Holster weapons
Left/Right - Swap weapons

4 - Point Breakdown
* 50 points per punch/kick landed on an enemy
* 100 points per enemy takedown (includes Shadow's kills)
* 150 points per enemy takedown while diving
* 150 points per enemy takedown using the Fists of Flame cheat
* 200 points per enemy takedown while lying prone
* 200 points per enemy takedown (Criteria I am not sure about)
  (PAINFUL message comes on screen and the multiplier turns red)
* 400 points per enemy takedown using fists
  (on average... sometimes you get more or less depending on the enemy)
* 500 points per enemy disarmed
* 700 points per enemy disarmed by tackling dive
* 5000 points per boss character killed
* Punching a boss to death will give you a huge combo and point bonus

5 - Weapons Guide
The weapons in Dead to Rights: Reckoning are split into 3 categories: pistols,
shotguns and automatic weapons. Obviously, you won't start out with the good
stuff, but you'll find plenty of awesome guns later on in the game.

You get them automatically. Press Down to access your fists and punch the day
lights out of enemies. You can knock them down (including bosses if you're
crazy enough to try this) and you get 50 points per blow but all in all the
fists are pretty useless.

.45 Auto
Pickup ammo: 15
Total ammo: 90
Akimbo: Yes
The .45 Auto is the first gun you'll get. It has a medium rate of fire, and
is an all around good starting weapon.

Silenced Pistol
Pickup ammo: 15
Total ammo: 60
Akimbo: Yes
The silenced pistol definitely does more damage than the .45 Auto, and fires
slightly faster. Good for quick takedowns in early levels.

.50 DE
Pickup ammo: 7
Total ammo: 28
Akimbo: Yes
The .50 DE is a huge step up from the other two pistols. Very accurate and
more damaging, but slow to fire.

Pickup ammo: 6
Total ammo: 24
Akimbo: Yes
The best handguns bar none. Useful for the whole game, can take out even the
toughest of enemies in 2 to 3 hits.

Light SMG
Pickup ammo: 32
Total ammo: 128
Akimbo: Yes
Inaccurate and not very powerful, the Light SMG is suited for suppression fire.
Spray at a group of enemies to take them down in a flash.

Silenced SMG
Pickup ammo: 32
Total ammo: 128
Akimbo: Yes
Same as the Light SMG, albeit silenced.

Tactical SMG
Pickup ammo: 30
Total ammo: 90
Akimbo: No
The Tactical SMG is a huge step up from previous weapons. It's accuracy and
rate of fire make up for its relatively low stopping power.

Russian AMG
Pickup ammo: 30
Total ammo: 60
Akimbo: No
Everybody's favourite assault rifle makes an appearance in Dead to Rights:
Reckoning. Highly inaccurate, so don't use it outside of tight corridors.

Assault Rifle
Pickup ammo: 30
Total ammo: 60
Akimbo: No
A step up from the Russian AMG. Basically very similar but better in every

Sawn-Off Shotgun
Pickup ammo: 8
Total ammo: 32
Akimbo: Yes
Very powerful. Double the shotgun, double the fun.

Pump Shotgun
Pickup ammo: 7
Total ammo: 14
Akimbo: No
More powerful, more accurate. Use it on bosses whenever possible. Seems to be
more powerful than the auto shotgun.

Auto Shotgun
Pickup ammo: 8
Total ammo: 16
Akimbo: No
Absolutely devastating. The second best weapon in the whole game; makes up for
its lower damage value with extreme firing rate. Several enemies use this
gun and they'll kill you quickly if you're not careful.

Heavy AMG
Pickup ammo: 50
Total ammo: 50
Akimbo: No
The best weapon in the whole game, no question. It can rip through armor on
normal enemies and bosses in a flash and does mounds of damage. Quite a lot of
enemies use this gun in the second half of the game, so watch out.

6 - Campaign Walkthrough
NOTES: This walkthrough is written on Normal, but I've added parts that you
apply to Supercop mode, and it is written using the default control scheme. If
you're playing on Rookie mode, then most instances where I tell you to take
cover or be careful won't apply since you can soak up way more punishment in
that mode.

6.1 - Beer Barn
Jump over the barrier and pick up the .45 Auto. Follow the tutorial. Shoot the
explosive barrel to trigger the appearance of some enemies. Once you kill them
more show up behind you, so kill them too. Once you've killed all of these guys
move to the next area. Dive forward and target one of the barrels, then shoot
them. Go over the ramp into the next area and blast all of the enemies. Try and
aim for the cars to conserve ammo. Move onto the next area and do the same.
There are some cars parked in front of the bar you can blow up as well. Move
onto the next area and kill the enemies that rush you. More will be waiting in
the distance. Enemies will ambush you from behind, so take care of them. Enter
the area with the green brackets to finish the level.

6.2 - Pink Starfish
Clear this area of enemies. In order to progress, go behind the dumpster the
one biker was hiding behind, and you should trigger more enemies. Once you kill
them all, you can progress.

Move onto the motel parking lot. Waves of enemies will spawn from the upper
floor and lower floor. Kill about 20 of them and then some enemies will appear
in a cinematic. Wipe them out and move onto the next area. This area is more
cramped. There are a few cars and some enemies, and shoot them all to bits.

Once you clear the area initially, some enemies will be highlighted by a
cinematic - kill them and go through the door they came from. More enemies
approach from your right down the stairs. Kill them, go up the stairs and
investigate the room. Pick up the armor item here if you need it. Afterwards,
go downstairs and blast the last waves of enemies. Blow up the cars and
gasoline tanks for extra efficiency.

A few waves will spawn from the gas station while others will ambush you from
motel rooms. Once that's done go to the back area and clear it out. Enter the
area with the green brackets to finish the level.

6.3 - The Grove
Waves of enemies will come out from the bar. Blast them all and then go in.
Kill the handful of enemies here and then take cover behind the counter,
killing waves of enemies that approach. Some will approach from the door behind
the counter, so watch out. About 5 waves will come at you, alternating from
behind the counter, the main entrance and the back entrance. After that move to
the back entrance, highlighted by the green brackets, and two enemies will rush
at you and hide behind the billiard tables. Kill them. Move down the corridor
killing enemies as you go and then go to the next area.

BOSS: Mubai, Biker Gang Leader
He uses twin sawn-off shotguns. You can avoid his fire pretty easily, just stay
at a distance. Damage him enough so that he runs off, and then some goons come
at you from behind. After you clear away this group, more come at you from the
garage area Mubai appeared from. Kill them. Move to the next area after all of
the goons are gone and grab the armor. Follow this alley, killing the two
enemies that await. Now you get to face him one on one in cramped quarters. Keep
away from his shotgun and you'll survive.

6.4 - Trainyard
Dive over the fence here and take out the three guys, and take out more that
come. Cut a swath of death through the waves of bad guys. A few will come out
from the derelict room behind the dumpsters. Once they're down more will come
from where the first group came, and then more come from the room. Kill all of
them, and then move onto the next area. As you maneuver down this alley more
enemies come at you. Waste them and you'll come across the train tracks. Target
the barrel to save yourself some trouble. More enemies ambush you from behind.
Kill them, and dive onto the crate to get the armor if you need it.

Move past these train cars to the next area and waste more guys. You've reached
another section of tracks and plenty of guys come at you. Use the cover and
dive between the crates. Once you take care of the first wave, more enemies
will come at you. Go past this next set of cars following the arrow. Up the
platform are more enemies. Follow this corridor into the next section of the
trainyard where more enemies will await you.

Head to the end of the tracks here being sure to use cover. More enemies come
at you once you clear the first group, and head up the platform here and clear
it out. There's some health in the train car, and an armor item hidden between
some cars on the tracks.

Watch the cutscene of the Triad boss running away and some enemies will ambush
you. Boo hoo. You'll need to backtrack and waste every single one of them. Kill
them, and their backup, and move onto the next area. Clear out this last alley
and the level is over.

6.5 - Back Streets
Nice entrance. Some enemies will come at you from the dumpsters. Waste them
and more will ambush you from behind. Once they're dealt with kick the fence
doors open and move onto the next alleyway.

There are more cars here as well as enemies; save ammo by shooting the cars.
Continue down this back alley and more thugs approach. Introduce them to some
hot lead, and then dive over crates here. You'll trigger a cutscene. Dive back
over to the other side and take out these fools - one of them has an Auto
Shotgun, which will come in handy later.

Grab the armor and dive back over the crate/ramp thing and grab the health, and
then move onto the next area. The next alley is sparsely populated by enemies,
but then you'll be ambushed by a small group. You can take care of them pretty
easily, and then the next few alleys also have few enemies. When you reach a
dead end with a door and a sign labelled "ICE RINK", the level is almost over.
Just kill this last Triad and head for the "ICE RINK" entrance and you will be
ambushed. Take these fools out and try to enter "ICE RINK" again to end this
short level.

6.6 - Under Rink
Talk about claustrophobic. Head down the stairs and blast these fools, then
go down the hall. Do not go down the stairs and into the small boiler room
though - the extremely cramped quarters and loads of enemies with shotguns and
Light SMGs that will spawn are killer. Just rain fiery death from above, and
once it's clear head downstairs and into the next area.

Move to the next area and clear the corridor, and make sure you kill the guy
in the little cubicle, who can be hard to spot due to the finicky camera. This
next part is tricky. You'll be in tight quarters in another boiler room and
get shot up alot. Take the stairs up and then blast the enemies below to avoid
frustration. After they all die, more will burst through a door downstairs.
Kill them and then go into the little control room and hit the switch to turn
off the gas that is impeding your progress. Some more thugs can now come in,
though. Waste the bastards and exit this room.

Go through these doors into the next area - nice and open with plenty of cover.
A whole bunch of enemies will come at you, so just crouch behind the bins and
take them out one by one. Another wave or two will come and a few of them will
hide behind the zamboni, and once they stop spawning move to the next area for
a nice showdown.

BOSS: Hino, Triad Leader
Hino is packing dual Light SMGs, but that shouldn't pose much of a threat.
There's plenty of cover to use in this garage. Send Shadow out and then use any
shotgun you have to take out his armor before damaging him directly. When he
runs away, goons will pour out from the stairs above you. Kill some of them and
Hino will appear again. After two waves of goons he'll face you directly.

6.7 - Rooftops
Two guys come at you, and the one trailing has a shotgun. Kill them both and
another pair of enemies will burst through some doors to your left. Kill them
and move to the back part of this area where more enemies await. Once they're
dead you get to backtrack to the first area to kill more. Back-backtrack again
and kill this last pair of enemies. Grab the armor here and head into the main

You'll enter some sort of boiler room. Enemies will be below hiding behind
cover, as well as above you on the stairs. Take them all out and move onwards
into the apartment hallways. Clear them out head to the end of the corridor
to find a health item and yourself being ambushed from behind. Kill them and
head outside back onto the rooftops.

You'll enter a little area with a narrow overhang and a set of stairs. Clear
out the enemies on the ground, then the ones on the stairs, and finally the
ones that spawn from the door in the narrow alley, and then go through the
door to a large open area. There are lots of vents and steam pipes here you
can use for cover, but the catch is that the enemies be hiding behind them as
well, so you'll need to pop out of cover periodically or use Shadow quite a

Take out all of the enemies, and more will burst out of a room at the far end
of this area. Kill all of them and then head inside and flip the switch so you
can move onto the next area. Down this alley are some enemies, including one
with an Auto Shotgun.

Go past this area to another alley with crates. Behind each stack of crates
is an enemy. Head back into the building into a tiny apartment where more
militia thugs await. Exit the apartment and clear this hallway and then head
into your apartment to watch it blow up. What a twist!

6.8 - Villa
2 enemies will rush upstairs quickly, just around the corner. Blast 'em, and
one more will ambush you on the stairs. Once outside, you'll be in a little
courtyard with a handful of enemies. It's pretty cramped, and they'll all be
heavily armed. Wipe them out and more burst out of a door. Waste these chumps
and head on inside into the villa. If need be, before heading inside, navigate
yourself behind the burning garbage cans to find some armor.

Head to your left where a pair of enemies will, and once you murder them some
more come from behind. Kill them, and head to the very end of this corridor to
grab health if you need it. Otherwise, head down the corridor in the opposite
direction, killing the enemies you find here and then entering the next area.

Go onward and you'll enter a large open back area with some dumpsters
a platform and some stairs. Hordes of enemies will be on the platform and
behind the dumpsters. Waste them, and about 5 more waves will spawn. They'll
alternate from the door ground entrances, and then they'll spawn from the
entrance at the top of the stairs. There are some armor and health items here.

Once you clear all the waves, go upstairs into the next complex. Head down this
corridor wasting enemies as you go. You can find a health item at the end of
the hallway, and a group of enemies will ambush you from behind. Kill them and
the next area opens up, where you'll enter a room with a demolished floor. 3
enemies are going to be downstairs waiting. Blast them, and then jump down and
hit Circle to examine the map and end the level.

6.9 - Old Church
Go down the stairs. One militia thug will come up. Take care of him, and then
sweep the rest of this basement area clean, and proceed outside. Take care of
more enemies here, and then hit the switch.

Yet more enemies come at you. Go through the opened gate and into this
cemetary-like area. Some militia dudes will pop up in the distance, but it'll
take a few seconds for them to show up so target the barrel first, and then
fire as soon as they show up. Deal with two more groups that ambush you from
behind before proceeding into the next area and dealing with more of these
mooks. Once the first wave goes down more come at you, but they're pretty
lightly armed.

Finally, head into another area that leads directly to the old church. Three
waves of heavily armed militiamen will come at you. Grab the armor and health
here before heading inside.

BOSS: Militia Leader
This is going to be your first challenging boss fight. This guy is packing a
Heavy AMG and more health than the previous bosses. You'll start off on the
main level of the church. You'll be using Shadow a lot during this fight, and
there are several explosive barrels on the ground level you can blow up to
damage the boss. When he runs, enemies will come from either the ground or
top level. The boss's entrance is randomized, so sometimes he won't appear on
the same level as you. A few times he'll either take cover behind the various
stacks of crates, or behind the safe behind the church podium. Kill him and
the level ends, but it's too bad you can't pick up his Heavy AMG.

6.10 - Abattoir
One enemy will charge at you immediately and another hangs back. Kill them and
another enemy comes at you from behind. Once you kill him, more enemies with
heavy weapons will ambush you from a side door. Waste 'em and move onto the
next area. There's a lone enemy here. Disarm him, or just plain shoot him in
the face. More enemies come out from the door in the back of this meat room
once you kill this first one.

Head through these doors after killing them and navigate the corridor, killing
the two enemies waiting for you here. This next area is challenging. Basically,
hordes of armed goons will rush at you from various spawn points. The first one
is in the fenced off area behind the stairs. The next few will alternate
between the backroom past the fenced area, the side room, and the doors at the
bottom of the steps. There is one health pickup and one armor pickup here, plus
another at the top of the stairs. After you clear about 5 waves of Cabal thugs,
you can move forward up the stairs and into the next area of the abattoir.

Head down the corridor here killing the enemies that await and take the ramp
down and enter the doors. Waste the thugs in the loading dock and move down the
corridor into the next loading dock. 5 or so Cabal thugs await here, and a few
of them are hiding behind crates. Waste them and more will bust through a door-
way. Kill them all and then go to the green brackets to exit the level.

6.11 - Dockyard
3 Enemies show up downstairs. Kill them and then go through the garage door
and enter the office area. A whole bunch of enemies will be waiting for you
behind the desks, and some hide behind cubicles. Kill them, and then take
cover as another group will ambush you from the far entrance. Once you take
them out one last group comes from the door to the right of your entryway.
After you clear out the office complex, blast the enemies waiting in the next
corridor to pieces. You can use the overturned desk as cover. As soon as you
jump over the desk, more enemies ambush you from behind. Deal with them, and
you'll probably want to replenish your armor with the armor pickup here. Move
onto the next area for a boss fight.

BOSS: Mika, Cabal Leader
Mika uses dual Revolvers, which don't do too much damage, but she's got plenty
of deadly guards to help her. Damage her enough to make her run, then you'll
have to navigate through the stacks of crates to get to her for a clean shot.
Around the first corner is a Cabal enemy with a Heavy AMG, so kill him and
take it. Around the next batch of crates are a whole bunch of enemies... and
a barrel. You know what to do. After that, just blast Mika without interference.

BOSS: Mika, Cabal Leader (ALTERNATE)
Instead of rushing head on into the area, you can dive onto this first stack of
crates and pipes. Shoot the guards in the crate maze, and then do a prone dive
forward onto the next stack of crates that should be directly in front of you.
There are three in total, and you want the middle one. Once you land you'll be
nigh invulnerable to attacks and you can blast away at Mika and her goons at
peace. The only stickler is that you will be standing up again once Mika's
running away cutscene plays out. You can just dive to the adjacent stack of
crates, and even dive onto the hanging lights in front of the inaccessible

Right after she dies, and after all of the other guards in the area have been
killed, you'll get ambushed by a group of enemies. Take care of these jerks by
shooting them in the face repeatedly. Head into the next hallway and clear it
out, and then move outside and head towards the boats to end the level.

6.12 - Mansion
Waves of Cabal thugs armed to the teeth come at you. Use your rifles or the
Tactical SMG to take them out from a distance, and Shadow as well since you'll
need the ammo they drop. Try not to lose too much health or armor here since
you're in short supply replenishment items. You can find health scattered at
the front entrance, and an armor item in the corridor on the right side of
the mansion. The first wave of Cabal thugs comes from the main entrance. The
next comes from the left side of the mansion, and the one after that comes from
the right. The last wave comes from the garage, and they're the most well
armed. After you're done, Whisper will show his cowardly self.

BOSS: Whisper, Part 1
The mastermind behind the kidnapping, and apparently Jack's arch nemesis,
Whisper is the toughest boss you'll face. You'll be fighting on his mansion
grounds, so there's plenty of open ground but you can use the garden in the
centre of the map as cover. Whisper has a Heavy AMG and the most health points
of any boss in the game, and he's a good shot too. He'll wander around the
entrance of the house and the garden. Crouch, and pop out to fire a few quick
shots - if you stay out too long the Heavy AMG will eat through your armor.
Bodyguards will be on both sides of the house entrance should you try to get
too close.

When you get him down to low health, he'll run and about 4 more enemies armed
with Heavy AMGs, Assault Rifles and Auto Shotguns will appear. Clear them out
and then grab the health and armor in this area if you saved it. Move to the
next area and clear it of Cabal bodyguards before moving onto the end game.

BOSS: Whisper, Part 2
Whisper will have replenished his armor, but you can take care of that. Sic
Shadow on him, then blast him with your Auto Shotgun or Heavy AMG until a
cutscene appears. He'll keep running around like a lemming. Ventilate Whisper.

Watch the nice cutscene of Jack rescuing the hostage...

BOSS: Maxine
Surprise! The hostage was Whisper's daughter, and was used as bait to lure you
out and get you killed. Now that you've killed her father, she'll try to kill
you. She's got an Auto Shotgun, but she doesn't have too many health points.
You have some room to move around, so keep some distance between you and her
and just blast her to death. You can make very quick work of her if you have a
shotgun; you only have to get her to about 25% health before the fight ends.

Enjoy the ending. Congratulations, you've beaten one of the shortest games ever
made. Seriously, this took me an hour to beat. This game was made for replaying
though, so have fun beating your records, playing with cheats or completing the
challenge modes, where you basically have to beat the game without dying.

7 - Challenge Mode
Challenge mode is the same as the campaign mode, except for 3 main differences:
* You cannot die, restart a level or restart from a checkpoint
* You start every level with only dual .45 Autos
* You cannot save until you beat the whole game in one sitting

Obviously, knowing where all of the health and armor items are is very vital,
and disarming and using Shadow comes into play often since you'll find yourself
without ammo in a lot of situations. Of course, when you get to a difficult
section near the end of the level you don't have to worry about ammo conserving
at all, since you start the next level with your base weapon set.

From scratch, you have Rookie Challenge Mode already unlocked. Once you beat
the campaign on Normal, Normal Challenge Mode is unlocked. Finally, after you
beat the campaign on Supercop, Supercop Challenge Mode is opened.

My Stats for Rookie Challenge Mode:
Time Taken: 54:42
Score: 448550
Highest Combo: 40500
Longest Combo: 9
Shot Accuracy: 76%
Number of Disarms: 113
Number of Dog Kills: 56

8 - Cheats and Unlockables
Unlocked during Normal playthrough
* Biker 2 multiplayer skin - Beat "Beer Barn"
* Bar mulitplayer arena - Beat "Pink Starfish"
* Biker Boss multiplayer skin - "Beat The Grove"
* Triad 2 multiplayer skin - Beat "Train Yards"
* Jack Slate 2 multiplayer skin - Beat "Back Streets"
* Triad Boss multiplayer skin - Beat "Under Rink"
* Militia 2 multiplayer skin - Beat "Rooftops"
* Militia Boss multiplayer skin - Beat "Villa"
* Cabal 1 multiplayer skin - Beat "Old Church"
* Cabal 2 multiplayer skin - Beat "Abattoir"
* Mansion multiplayer arena - Beat "Dockyard"
* Whisper multiplayer skin - Beat "Mansion"
* Normal Challenge Mode - Finish Normal campaign

Unlocked during Supercop playthrough
* Superdeformed cheat (big heads, guns and feet) - Beat "Pink Starfish"
* Infinite ammo cheat - Beat "Train Yards"
* Infinite adrenaline cheat - Beat "Back Streets"
* Incredibly fit dog cheat (Shadow has infinite stamina) - Beat "Under Rink"
* No damage cheat (invincibility) - Beat "Rooftops"
* All weapons cheat - Beat "Villa"
* Fists of Flame cheat (set people on fire w/ melee) - Beat "Old Church"
* Cabal Boss (aka Mika) multiplayer skin - Beat "Dockyard"
* Maxine multiplayer skin - Beat "Mansion"
* Supercop Challenge Mode - Finish Supercop campaign

All of the cheats unlocked on Supercop campaign can be found under the cheats
sub-menu in the options menu. You cannot set records or continue the campaign
when playing with cheats activated. Superdeformed cheat can be used during

Enter "DoggieStyle" (no quotes) as your profile name to unlock everything
automatically. Not that unlocking it all by yourself is hard to begin with;
this code is for those of you who really are that lazy.

Boss Disarming Glitch
This is an interesting glitch I found, and I haven't been able to reproduce it
since it happened. While playing "Mansion" on Supercop, I managed to finish
the second part of Whisper battle when I tried to do a prone dive. I shoot
Whisper enough to trigger the cutscene of him running away and then right after
the cutscene it showed me killing Whisper with a disarming move. Quite amusing
to watch Whisper get shot in the head by his own Heavy AMG. Ever since then
I've tried reproducing this glitch, to no avail. I've tried prone dives and
tackling dives, but nothing happens. Trying a regular disarm, will, of course,
leave you out in the open switched to hand-to-hand combat. If you happen to
reproduce the glitch, then email me since I'm interested.

I've managed to reproduce this glitch. You have to be shooting a boss during a
shootdodge and be more or less over top of them (or in very close proximity to
them) and I think you either hit Circle right before the cutscene of the boss
running away, or during. It's really hard to reproduce; in total I've only done
it twice.

9 - Multiplayer
Dead to Rights: Reckoning is the first Dead to Rights game to have multiplayer,
and as far as I know the first commercial game to attempt this (The Specialists
mod for Half-Life isn't bad). It's pretty basic, though. You get two modes:
deathmatch and last man standing. Instead of having slow motion as a power-up
or forcing everybody to slow down, you can set gamespeed. I recommend 75% for
some nice Matrix-like deathmatching, since 50% is too slow. You can set whether
or not to have akimbo weapons as well, since some of the akimbo combos are
quite powerful. You might also want to disable weapons like the Revolver, Heavy
AMG and Auto Shotgun since they can be pretty cheap.

Multiplayer with 1 UMD Trick:
I haven't personally tested this out yet, but it's been reported to work by
various sources. Simply start a server, and then once that's done, take the
game UMD out of your PSP and pass it to your friend(s). Have them start the
game and join your server; repeat until you get the desired number of players.
You will require the UMD once the hosted game ends, though, and it's been
reported to cause PSPs to freeze up.

10 - Conclusion
I hope you found this FAQ useful, and if you have any tips, email me at:
unknownmercenary [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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